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Modular Kitchen Cost Estimator

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3Material & Finishes

Step 1 - What We Are Offering

Kitchen Measurements

Enter the Width


Choose a kitchen layout that satiates your needs and fits well with your home’s floor plan, design and flow. Your kitchen can take one of the following layouts like: L-shaped layout, Straight layout, U-shaped layout. Before settling on a particular layout, make sure it does not disturb your working triangle that connects your hob, fridge and sink. Also, do enter your kitchen's measurements by considering the layout selected above.

Step 2 - Select Preffered Design & Color

Step 3 - Select Material, Baskets & Finishes


Pick out the right material for your kitchen cabinet by putting a little thought on the aesthetics you wish to achieve, everyday wear and tear the material will undergo, and also your cleaning habits, and maintenance schedules. It is good to invest in the best material that stands well against sagging, warping and damages by water or moisture so that your kitchen will not lose its shape even after years of use.

Choose Basket Type

Choose the right basket type that meets your needs and requirements - at the same time without overdoing your budget. Before settling on one, take into consideration the quality, durability, warranty, replacement benefits and also customization options.

Choose Finishes Type

Select the best finish that can give your kitchen a good look and also a better functionality. First start with your countertops, then consider the cabinetries and choose the ideal finish that can pull your space together.

Step 4 - Select Kitchen Appliances (Optional)

This step is completely optional. Whether you want to upgrade all your kitchen appliances or need selected replacements, be sure to consider the layout and size of your kitchen, any architectural or structural constraints, and how you use your kitchen, and finally select the appliances you wish to add to your kitchen.

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Modular Kitchen Cost Calculator

Modular kitchens are the freshest trend for a more practical and more functional culinary space. When you are up for this new-age kitchen installation, discussing its cost is the most dominant part of the entire planning process. This is obvious because from materials to accessories, many factors add up to the cost of your modular kitchen. So, having a good cost estimate and budget management in place is essential to take your project on the right route and prevent it from falling apart due to the budget that has spiralled out of control. But, without a clear-eye view of what’s involved, and no inside out knowledge about modular kitchen designs and price, you might have a hard time estimating the cost and finalising your budget. In that case, how do you get the real clue about how much it will cost to get the modular kitchen of your dreams? Our modular kitchen cost calculator comes as your answer.

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