20 Bohemian Furniture Ideas For Your Home

Bohemian Home Furniture Ideas

Bohemian Home Furniture Ideas

Boho décor, known for its cosmopolitan sensibilities and focus on unusual yet vibrantly coloured artefacts, is a great way to showcase your originality and love of many cultures inside your own house. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best bohemian décor ideas. Since the core of bohemian design is really about taking chances and defying the norms of interior decoration, it’s enticing to embrace this design in a chaotic, anything-goes manner.

However, according to interior designers, the trick to obtaining the current boho look is to start with a neutral background and add on purposefully gathered items for an eclectic yet unified effect. Here’s a rundown of the most basic furniture ideas that we think will help you channel your boho side out in the most artistic manner. 

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Bring Warmth In

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The warm and inviting feel of boho décor are well-known. To achieve the appearance, use a mild colour scheme with neutral shades, but add a few heavy elements including industrial steel, dark-hued wood, and thick fabric embroidered with classic designs.

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Balance the Old and the New

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Contemplate furniture wisely when harmonising styles. Sharp lines, darkened wood, and traditional materials like linens or cotton in subdued hues look more contemporary, whereas suede, light-colored timber, and jewel-toned fabrics feel more boho. To find the appropriate balance, mix & match parts.

Go Vintage

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To add flavour, weave in old items. The mix of contemporary and antique will give your space a sophisticated, diverse vibe that you can’t mimic. Opt for recycled products and light hues in furniture pieces for a bohemian vibe.

Choose Patina

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Provide pre-loved furniture with a captivating patina a new lease of life—weathered wood, wrinkled leather, and tarnished metal spring to mind. For a stylish yet boho appearance, pair these items with more modern decor and a splash of green.

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Layer in Texture

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Use textured carpets and handcrafted textiles like shibori, suzani, Mexican, African muck cloth, waxed cloth, and prickly silk to add splashes of colour. Tribal designs, lace, and tassels are among the accessories that offer another dimension of texture. To keep everything poised and stylish, juxtapose with elegant modern pieces.

Global Eclecticism

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By adding materials and keepsakes from all over the globe into your design, you can celebrate all cultures. Don’t be hesitant to mix up pieces from many cultures, but before you settle on specific objects, learn about their cultural importance as well as what they might represent to you.

Use Art

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Paintings are one of the simplest ways to add bohemian style to your room. Textural features such as crochet hangings, embroideries, and rugs are all classic boho décor that may emanate an ultra-chic vibe. Bins, bowls, wreaths, and framed images are among other options.

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Deck Up the Floor

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Choose the appropriate rug for your room. Antique Persian, Moroccan, indigenous, Southwestern, and organic material rugs such as jute and sisal are also prominent bohemian-feel rug types.

Select the Right Curtains

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Soft and flowing sheers will add a boho touch to your look. Contemplate drapes with clear boundaries in a heavier hanging fabric, such as linen, or roman shades if you’ve exhausted your boho options.

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Layer Up

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To achieve the appearance, use toss pillows, blankets, pouffes, and piled rugs. If you really want to inspire sitting on the floor in authentic bohemian style, don’t overlook the floor.

Stay Close to the Ground

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Replicate a classic discussion pit by using low-lying furniture such as deep couches and daybeds, as well as a low-lying coffee table or loveseat to pair. To avoid the space appearing too sunken, choose materials in light colours.


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Greener features, both in furnishings and design, will instantly bring a boho vibe to your room. Wicker, cane, and bamboo are long-lasting, environmentally responsible furniture options, while braided and wooden accents provide a natural touch.

Stay Muted

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Bright and strong saturated hues are frequently used in boho style to create an inviting atmosphere. Adhere to a pleasant, earthy theme inspired by the natural and subdued tones of your favourite bright colours to keep things stylish and elevated.

Tile Elements

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Tiled components such as fireplace frames, mosaics, and showers add a cosmopolitan flavour. For a more textured aspect, choose handcrafted artisanal tiles like zellige pattern, or a more ornamental trend tile to create a point of focus.

Chaotic Order

For a very boho feel, arrange ordered stacks and clusters on surfaces. Organising stray things on shelves and in bins will give the room a more purposeful sense and keep it from looking too cluttered.

Metallic Accents

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Increase the contrast by adding metallic accents to all of the natural bohemian pieces. Consider mirrors, metallic furniture, and gleaming light fittings and decor. Metallic materials will provide a bit of glamour while earthy, textured features will be balanced.

Choose Greens

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The boho aesthetic celebrates the influx of life, whether it’s a potted cactus or a bouquet of freshly-cut greens. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged indoor jungle—just one shrub or bouquet will suffice.

Dehydrated Decor

Go no further than dried palms, pampas grass, and other dry greens for an earthy touch that requires no further maintenance. Dehydrated décor is popular in boho interiors, but it’s stylish enough for every style and gives an otherworldly touch to any room.

Use Aromatherapy

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If your furnishings and décor are more conventional or trendy, use candles and perfume to create a welcoming, eclectic ambience. Aromatherapy stimulates additional sensation, furthering the vibe you want to convey in your room. Scents like cardamom and florals, particularly, will evoke a bohemian feel.

Proper Lighting

Light fixtures made of natural materials, such as braided seagrass, capiz shells, and curved rattan, can give this otherwise modern area a bohemian feel. Boho touches, such as colourful scarves or a tassel garlands, can also be added to modern lights. However, to avoid fire concerns, stay far away from light bulbs or any ornamental things.

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