Due to Coronavirus outbreak, we have paused all face to face meetings till situation improves. Till that time, we request customers to share their property layout and pictures with us and we will help with design and estimation.



We, at ZAD, offer professional online 2D and 3D interior designing service, which will help you visualize the actual scene of the interiors of your space, by letting you work one-on-one with our virtual interior designer who can pull your room together in your style and budget by perfectly capturing your Pinterest worthy dreams and the vision you have for your space. Curious to try it? Get started here.


One of the biggest hurdles of interior design is visualizing exactly and precisely how your new space will look like once it finishes getting its makeover. However, our interior designers, at ZAD, have quickly entered the world of 2D and 3D interior visualization to provide you with a view that encompasses all aspects of an undeveloped space and present your interiors in a better light with one step closer to reality. With this form of presentation, our well-trained team of experts take interior designing to unparalleled heights and help you visualize the whole picture of your space and get a clear overview of your project even before it actually starts.

Benefits of online interior design

  • Quick and easy consultation from the comfort of your sofa
  • Location-independent and convenient communications over email or phone
  • No time commitments – all on your schedule
  • Easy tracking of your project’s progress
  • Flexibility of exploring various possibilities and trying out hundreds of combinations
  • Paperless process with digital shift
  • Fast turnaround times
  • No heavy price tag involved (unlike traditional interior design)
  • Secure payment to ensure your money is safe
  • No threat of human to human contact
  • Get designs done from the handpicked expert designers across India
  • Get design ideas sent straight to your inbox without physical meetings


  • You can get a virtual tour of our space even before it actually gets its shape.
  • Can get a wholesome impression and a true visualization of what your design will look like.
  • Get useful insights into the technical aspects of the design
  • Can provide a fabulous structure to your empty space
  • Offers you the flexibility of trying out hundreds of combinations
  • Can closely look at the interior from every angle.
  • Can have multiple design options and layouts
  • Unlimited opportunities to improvise the design
  • Helps experiment with various styles and colour schemes
  • Can customize your floor plan as you envisioned it to be
  • Can virtually arrange the furniture to fit the space
  • Your process of design approval becomes very smooth and hassle-free
  • The realistic visualization helps avoid costly mistakes, thus saving your pocket from financial drains.
  • Can make any kind of amendments in the design as per your requirements
  • The digital format of the renderings can be shared easily, thus saving you the time and effort needed for actual face to face meetings

Why ZAD Interiors


Experienced team

The professionals in our team have been in the industry for more than 25 years.

Guaranteed works

We ensure that every aspect of your project gets completed on agreed time and budget.

Free consultation

Our design experts are on hand to provide you with consultation sessions for free of cost.

Reasonable price

With no hidden charges, we make it truly affordable for you.


Any brick and mortar structure, from residential buildings to commercial buildings - like villas, apartments, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, coffee shops and cafés, spas and saloons, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories and industrial buildings, etc.

It depends on many parameters like the input data shared, the complexity of the project, the number of design options requested, the number of iterations, etc.

Yes, of course. With details like the floor plan and architectural plan, it is possible to provide 3D design for the modular kitchen.

Following will be needed: Room size and measurements, design needs, your preferences for colour, layout and texture, timelines required for deliverables, budget allocation, any sketches / possible ideas that you already have, photos or videos of current conditions, inspirations, and any information that is specific to your project.

No, shall not be. However, the visibility of the floors, windows, doors, other openings and fixtures should be ensured. Also, keeping the obstructions minimal is important to understand the space and its functional needs more easily