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Admit it. For many the concept of kids’ bedroom interior design often ceases with a colourful bed cover and a vibrant wall. But, is it always about the shades? No, when the world of interior designing is brimming with an incalculable number of ideas for prettifying a kid’s bedroom, why get stuck with the shades? So, what can you do to spruce up your kid’s bedroom? Just tap on our interior designers - the possibilities are endless at ZAD.

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There is nothing more pleasant than fitting out a bedroom for your kid that is more appropriate to his or her interests; that guarantees his/her safety; that helps him to be independent; and especially that doesn't scrimp on his/her style. Of course, this is a wonderful thing to take up; but, it can also turn into a real headache if you cannot explore the world of exciting design possibilities and bring the best bedroom design that well fits your kid. So, if you are starting with a clean slate or planning for a complete renovation, relying on our professional interior designers at ZAD can save you the headache medicine.

Bedrooms are for sleeping. If they make the occupants hyperactive or weaken their calming association, it will drift the occupants away from the mood of relaxation and make it harder for them to find some deep sleep. So, a sleep-conducive environment is crucially important for any bedroom, especially the kid’s bedroom. It is because this kind of environment has a lot to do with your kids’ bedtime like how quick they sleep, how long they sleep, and how deep they sleep. This, in turn, evokes different emotions, and enhances certain strengths which directly affect the little ones’ growth and development to a great extent. So, designing a sleep-friendly bedroom for your kids is a perfect way to improve their bedtime and eventually their progress. And this is what our interior design experts at ZAD exactly do. Yes, from picking the right lighting solution to choosing non-over-stimulating colours, our experts absolutely stack the right deck to create an optimal sleep environment for the kids where they don’t fight sleep but gently drop off. 

With so many inspirations around, at the click of a button, creating an amazing bedroom for your kid may look very appealing to you. But have you ever taken a minute to think – How to plan for real life? How to personalise the design? Where to source the needed resources? Who are the professionals to be brought on-board? What will be the time needed for its execution? And to be very honest, the answer would be mostly no. In reality, the two words that rightly describe the process of interior designing a room are - Time consuming and Effort involving. Yes, it demands one’s time and effort. But, with your never-ending client calls and personal life commitments, allocating time for all these tasks may drag your idea of creating a picture-perfect kid’s bedroom to months and years away – this time wasted can even turn your toddler into a teen!!

But fret not. When you have our interior designers on-board, this scene will be completely different. Having dealt with plenty of projects before yours, they are well acquainted with each and everything that goes into designing a flawless space, with all requirements met - from sourcing the right materials to co-ordinating the schedules of labours to meeting the deadline. 

Though every kid's bedroom deserves to be vibrant and lively, the style with which it has to be designed ultimately depends upon the kids’ gender, desires, personality and even the space allotted. More often than not, kids themselves come up with their own ideas for their space. Needless to say, some kids love their bedrooms to be decked with superheroes theme, and some with minions theme and a few with the classic Disney princess theme. And a year after, a completely new one - may be pirate ships and jungle scenes!!!  So, designing a kid's bedroom requires one eye to be focused on the future. Hence, our designers incorporate clever ideas and themes that grow with your kids and never get an expiry date in their hearts. 

The bedrooms which shelter kids always demand to be designed in a way more whimsical than other rooms in the home. Designing such kid-friendly zones need more daring colour choices to make, distinctive styles to play with, and clever details to be included. So, if you are looking for high design ideas for your quickly growing little ones, count on our interior designers at ZAD. The rooms will be as unique as your kids are!!

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