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L Shaped Kitchen Offers A Hassle-free Cooking Experience

The L-shaped layout is the most popular and the most ergonomic kitchen configuration which any cook will instantly fall in love with. Determining if this layout is right for your kitchen will be largely influenced by your floor plan and the space availability. Eager to get your kitchen design journey started? Reach out to your qualified interior design experts at ZAD. 

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Best L Shaped Kitchen Interior Designers

The most important feature for easy cooking is a good kitchen layout. With ample free space for storage and adequate foot space for moving around, the kitchen layout should offer a comfortable atmosphere where cooking can become a fairly easier and much convenient affair. One such kitchen layout which makes cooking effortless with chef-friendly features is an L-shaped Kitchen layout. If you are a beginner or a new kid on the block, this terminology may look a bit cloudy. So, let’s get into this cloudy terminology now. What is an L shaped kitchen? It is nothing but the floor plan of the kitchen in which the cooking area constitutes two walls that run perpendicular to each other forming a right angle or “L” shape, as the name suggests. So, if you are gearing up for a great kitchen makeover or a simple quick upgrade of your cooking area, get designed an ideal L-shaped kitchen that best suits your floor plan, lifestyle and budget from our expert interior designers at ZAD through multiple detailed meetings.

Advantages Of L Shaped Kitchen

  1. Offers an easy and efficient workspace 
  2. Helps you enjoy more counter space and generous floor plan 
  3. Works well for small and medium kitchen space 
  4. Provides a lot of design flexibility
  5. Can be easily tucked into corners
  6. Provides adequate storage space
  7. Ideal for open floor plans
  8. Has sound ergonomics
  9. Allows equipment, cabinets and appliances to be installed along the perpendicular walls with an open area in the centre - thus traffic can flow freely through the space
  10. As it is an open space concept, it allows for multiple entries and exits
  11. Grants easy working triangle to move easily between the sink, oven/cooktop and refrigerator
  12. Can easily accommodate two cooks at once
  13. Cabinets and appliances can be approached from about any angle
  14. Need not move too far to reach different zones
  15. As they have two open ends, making the kitchen open to another room like dining is super easy
  16. Gives options for an island or additional storage, thus maximising the available space
  17. Sleek and adaptable layout with high functionality
  18. Budget-friendly and economical 

Noting these upsides of an L-shaped Kitchen can help you understand why they are so popular among the masses.

Layout Options For L Shaped Kitchen

As an L-shaped kitchen provides a lot of design flexibility, there are multiple design options for it. It can also adapt itself to any size and style because of its versatile nature and hence, you can adjust the layout based on your needs and necessities. Some of the common layout options are

Basic L Shaped Kitchen

This is the classic layout with two walls running perpendicular to each other, with one typically longer than the other.

Small L Shaped Kitchen

In culinary spaces, where square feet are minimal, small L shaped kitchen design tends to be the most common. 

Double L Shaped Kitchen

The double L-shaped kitchen design can be arrived at by having a basic L-shape layout at one end of the kitchen and adding another L-shaped island opposite to it. This layout works well only if the kitchen has ample floor space. 

Broken L Shaped Kitchen

Sometimes the L can be broken by a walkway or doorway leading to the adjacent room. Though such a layout cuts off counter space and cabinetry, it can still provide an easy working triangle by permitting free traffic flow. 

L Shaped Kitchen With Island

This layout adds an island inside your culinary space and grants you some extra space for storage, dry-working as well as dining purposes. With the inclusion of an island, not only space gets bigger but also the interactions that you enjoy with your family and guests in your kitchen as you cook.

With a wide range of layouts, an L-shaped kitchen gives you the liberty to use your culinary space as per your convenience and suitability. So, if your home already features an L-shaped kitchen or if you are planning to use one during your kitchen refurbishment, consider yourself lucky! 

In case, if you are looking for a team who can get the perfect L-shaped kitchen designed for your home, connect with our professionals at ZAD; your kitchen will be a blend of beauty and functionality for sure!

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