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Parallel Kitchen - A Classic Kitchen Layout That Offers A Great Culinary Experience

One of the most efficient layouts which make the business of cooking easy and interference-free by being very high on convenience is the parallel kitchen. It is also a great kitchen layout for small apartment dwellers who work with limited space and yet look for functional ease. Driven by its benefits, are you planning to incorporate a parallel kitchen design in your abode? If so, take assistance from our expert interior designers at ZAD!! 

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Best Parallel Kitchen Interior Designers

Unlike the kitchens of the past that were solely for the purpose of preparing food, modern-day kitchens are the central hub of home life by really being so much more than just a culinary space and acting as the family’s new living room, dining place, social area, home office, etc. So, in any home, laying out a kitchen, by understanding how it is going to be used, is vastly important these days. With the modern-day kitchens open to a variety of options, how will you get deciding the most viable layout for your kitchen? If your thoughts are mainly focused on increasing the speed and ease of cooking, then consider incorporating the parallel kitchen, otherwise called galley kitchen, layout in your home. It is one of the most efficient and classic kitchen layouts that are popular among the homeowners who take the business of cooking for real and in all seriousness.

In a parallel kitchen, the cabinets and countertops run in two straight parallel lines, on opposite walls, with a passageway between them offering ease of movement. 

Advantages Of Parallel Modular Kitchen

  • Parallel kitchen is perfect for compact homes and small apartments. 
  • The parallel lines offer plenty of storage space and countertop space.
  • Provides efficient cooking zones
  • No hassle of corner cabinets and hence the storage is easy to reach.
  • It takes up less floor space. 
  • This kitchen layout is best suited for one-cook homes.
  • The passage in between the walls provides good free space to move around the kitchen. 
  • It is open to a variety of styles and finishes.
  • Offers the optimal kitchen work triangle between the stove, sink, and fridge.
  • All cooking essentials, from spices to pans, will be in your direct line of sight and within your arm's reach. 
  • The passageway between the two wings can give you the perfect movement and access and help reach all zones of the kitchen with minimal walking distance. 
  • With minimum steps, it also simplifies and speeds up your cooking process.
  • With cupboards reaching up to the ceiling and making full use of the vertical space, you can increase the utility of the kitchen more.
  • This kitchen is easy to clean and requires less maintenance.
  • Has a good deal of design flexibility.
  • The countertops on each wing can be of any length.
  • In this layout, one can easily get arranged the appliances, sink, and other functional items without creating clutters. 
  • Installing modular pull-out units and drawers can make the storage space more flexible.
  • Gives better organizing power and hence you can work more efficiently.
  • As cabinets are installed only on two walls of the kitchen, it is comparatively cheaper than three-walled kitchen layouts. Hence, this kitchen layout does not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Ideal for homes with kids and pets. Yes, adding a baby gate on one end of the kitchen is all it takes to keep the kids and pets away from the hot hob and dangerous electrical kitchen appliances.

Parallel Kitchen With An Island

If your kitchen has a lot of room, then you can have an island installed in it. The inclusion of an island can serve many purposes like storage, prep, chopping, and serving. Before installing an island, it is essential to decide the width and depth of it based on the availability of space in your cooking area. It is because if your island is too big, your kitchen will feel cramped and also the working triangle will get disturbed. In case, if your island is too small, you will have difficulty in accomplishing the above-mentioned tasks – i.e. storage, prep, chopping, and serving. When turning the island into a dine-in area, cramming in too many seats should be avoided so that people will not be elbowing each other when they dine. 

Installing a parallel kitchen may look easier on the eye, but it does demand considering a host of parameters, technical know-how and kitchen designing knowledge. So, to make sure your parallel kitchen is high on both looks and functionality and to get results that you will be happy with for years, ensure you get assistance from our professional interior designers at ZAD. Our experts will certainly get your idea of parallel kitchen live with the most innovative designs in the most spectacular way. 

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