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Sliding Wardrobes – The Ideal Storage Option For Space Cramped Rooms

In present times, sliding wardrobes are massively welcomed in contemporary homes, especially in places where space is not a luxurious commodity to enjoy. Of course, if one wants to do a lot with a limited amount of space, then there is no better way than turning to a sliding wardrobe whose doors open and close horizontally along the tracks, without opening outwards and taking up the floor space. 

Want your wardrobes to slide out? Connect with our experts at ZAD. We custom-design and install highly functional and aesthetically appealing sliding wardrobes that suit everyone’s needs and necessities, all well within the budget and time frame. 

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Best Sliding Wardrobe Interior Designers

Outfitting your bedroom rightly with the right wardrobe is highly essential to make your room a haven of luxury and comfort. But, the unfortunate fact is that not many rooms enjoy the benefit of the right wardrobe. Due to the wrong configuration and lack of space, many wardrobes are bursting with clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty essentials, jewellery, and whatever else that can be crammed in. A simple way to make the most of the space in your room and boost the storage space is with sliding wardrobes. Besides this, if you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of opening and closing doors and want to stay away from the creaking noises they generate, then the sliding wardrobe would be your comfort.

Advantages Of Sliding Wardrobes

Saves Space

Sliding wardrobes are ideal for rooms that are cramped on space. As their doors open and close sideways by sliding on tracks that are fixed in channels at the top or bottom of the closet frame, they do not require any front space clearance and hence, you need not surrender even a centimetre of floor space to your wardrobe doors. For instance, if the space between your bed and your wardrobe is tight, then installing a sliding wardrobe is definitely a space-saving idea. But this doesn’t mean that these wardrobes are not suitable for spacious and large rooms. Whether space is plenty or at a premium, sliding wardrobes make for incredible storage solutions and allow the room to be used to the utmost.

Promotes Easy And Efficient Storage

With sliding wardrobes, storage is never a concern and you can easily stow away your clothes, shoes and other accessories by including internal storage solutions from floor to ceiling. To make use of every single inch of space and also to bring a sense of order and organisation, incorporate clever organising solutions like hanging rails, shelves, boxes, racks, drawers, etc. They not only help with smart organisation but also keep visual and physical clutter at bay. 

Facilitates Quick And Easy Access

With sliding doors, you can easily reach every nook and cranny of the wardrobe and comfortably access any item with sleek operation. Imagine if you are a working professional, your mornings will always be hectic and getting ready for work may not be an easy-breezy job with storages that have to be deeply dug to reach your set of formals. However, with sliding wardrobes, this job of getting dressed will become a light duty as everything you need will be close to your hands and reaching your accessories will be straight and smooth – no digging and questing required. Mirrored doors can make this duty even more light and can also create the illusion of more space and make your room seem bigger.

Helps Maintain Quietness

An added benefit of a sliding wardrobe is it can be opened and closed gently and quietly by using high-quality soft-close systems for sliding doors. This helps to keep the annoying noises that disturb your sleep at bay and maintain a quiet environment within your bedroom.

Gives Your Room A Modern And Customised Look

Sliding wardrobes can easily make your room more appealing and alluring with a sleek and neat look. With a vast range of materials, colours and finishes, these wardrobes come with a wide range of styling and customisation options. With such extensive choices, you can completely personalise the wardrobe to your tastes and preferences and also match the decor of the rest of your room.

Serves Multiple Purposes

Sliding wardrobes can be built to take on a multitude of roles and serve a multitude of purposes with multifunctional attributes. Bedrooms are not only the places that can enjoy the benefits of sliding wardrobes but also corporate offices, narrow hallways, home offices, etc. Sliding wardrobes with mirrored finishes can serve as your dressing mirror and also act as a decorative accent to spice up the look of your room. 

If you wish to give your room a modern look or if you want to make the most out of your cramped space or just if you are bored with the conventional wardrobes, gravitate towards sliding wardrobes of modern times. But, how do you go about designing and installing one in your space? Our interior designers at ZAD are here to help you out and take upon themselves the responsibility of installing an ideal sliding wardrobe that will best meet your storage and functional needs. Connect with us today to get started. 


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