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Enhancing the interiors of your kids’ room is both very delightful and challenging. The superhero theme and Disney princess theme which you spent weeks and months designing yourself suddenly become yesterday’s story for your kids. Don’t they? To keep up with their ever-changing interest, bring in some timeless interiors which they will never be tired of looking at. But, where can you find them? At Zad Interiors!

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While most rooms in your home are designed with formal themes and minimalistic interiors, there is something special about a kid’s room – this small world always needs to be designed with ideas that are fun and fashionable - all from superhero themes to fairytale backdrops. But, the creation of such a creative room for the little personalities requires tremendous planning right from choosing a perfect place to designing and decorating its interiors. However, this process of implementation might seem simpler if you seek the help of an interior designer.

Giving your kid’s room a clever design and a wacky look that goes well with his/her funky imagination is no easy feat. So, with customized creativity, our interior designers at ZAD always roll out modish ideas that suit the very specific visions of how your kid wants to design his/her room – all from the entrance to play zone without missing a single factor and getting into the nitty gritty of the intricate details. 

It is no surprise that the kid’s room is the place where your little one will study, rest, play, grow up, develop his/her creativity, and also give free rein to his/her imagination. Understanding this, our interior designers churn out ideas that are flexible and adjustable, that can be easily transformed to adapt the growth of your child, that stimulate your kid’s imagination, and most importantly that matches well with his/her activities and age – toddler or teen or anything in-between. 

Out of all the rooms in a home, a kid’s room is often the messiest. It is because those herds of animal toys, fleets of toy cars and Barbie dolls, and stuffed soft toys never find a place to sit and they easily get disorganised. Being a parent, turning this messy place into something magical and clutter-free is more often than not what you wish for. Capturing your thoughts, our team of interior designers at ZAD incorporate ample storage space with wall cabinets, and floating shelves, and bring in some clever storage tricks to tuck in those toys and maximise the environment, so that when you walk into your kid’s room, you don’t get a feeling that a cyclone has swept through it.

Wall decor and fun quotient go hand in hand in any room, especially a kid's room. From bunnies to bees, space to jungle, Disney princes to superheroes, floral to cartoons - a fantastic range of wall decor designs, that fascinate the little-munchkins, can be used to pep up the fun quotient inside a kid’s room. Are you wondering how to go about doing such a wall décor? It definitely doesn’t lie outside the realm of possibility when our incredible team of interior designers is here to help. With a clear understanding of what theme your kid leans towards, we determine what designs should get on the walls of your kid’s room which, in turn, can gorgeously spruce up its interiors. 

Choosing the right lighting solutions for your kid's room is one heck of a task. Yes, with the availability of various forms of light fixtures like the down lights, back lights, spot lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights, task lights, night lights, etc., the selection of a particular light fixture gets overwhelming and most parents are left in the dark in the task of getting it right. If you are one of them, fret not! Just tap on us. Our masters can layer all three lightings - accent, ambient and task – and create a cohesive and functional lightscape for your kid’s room which can give out a prettiest presentation just at the flip of the switch. 

There is a general misconception among a few parents that a good interior design always comes with a heavy price tag, which impedes them from knocking the doors of an interior design firm.  At Zad, our expert interior designers can arrive at the high-end look you dream of within the boundary of your budget, without burning a hole in your pocket. 

How did your room look like when you were a kid? We hear you say plain and boring. But, do you wish the same for your kid? If no, rope in an interior designer from ZAD and make your kids room uber stylish and undeniably cool. 

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