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Modular Kitchen In Kochi

The modular kitchen in modern terms is an updated and innovative design that has a set of cabinets and drawers used for the multifunctional purpose. The set of modular kitchens is designed for the kind of kitchen area. The modules have various varieties and qualities to offer to the owners. Not only in different shapes and sizes, but these modules also come in various colours, styles, patterns, and materials. The variation in the design and materials affects the costing that fluctuates with different modules. Modular kitchen in Kochi is providing its customers with a huge range of layouts to select for their kitchen.

The modern or modular kitchen range is becoming popular everywhere due to its multifunctional advantages. They are far better than the conventional kitchen and are easy to fix since it comes assembled.

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  • What is the plywood you will be using?

    Based on the customer preferences and budget, we recommend ply. We work with BWP (Marine Ply - 710 Grade), BWR ( 303 Grade ), HDF, MDF, etc. We also have ready-made designs using engineered wood (particle board).   

  • What is your interior design process in Kochi, Kerala?

    We encourage you to share your floor plan and we can give an estimate. Once you approve the estimate, we charge you 10% of the estimate, and the design process starts. We design your 2D layout and 2D elevation and once you approve this, we give you the final 3D rendering. The design process takes about 30 days.

  • Do you provide a warranty?

    All modular furniture comes with up to a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. It covers :

    De-lamination or peeling of laminates.

    Surface bubbles on the laminate surface.

    Fitting issues such as gaps or overlaps.

    Rust warranty on hardware.

    Warranty on appliances and allied services will be the same as that offered by the original manufacturer of the components.

    Any issue must be directly addressed to the manufacturer as indicated by them.

    Manufacturing defects of kitchen accessories  

  • How long does it take to finish the complete interior design work?

    Usually, the projects are completed in 3 weeks - 45 days and handed over. Based on the complexity, we will communicate the project completion time at the start of the engagement itself. 

  • What is the cost of interior design in Kochi, Kerala?

    The cost will depend upon varied factors like carpet area, materials used, accessories, etc. Our economy packages starts at 2BHK - 2.60 Lakhs*, 3BHK - 4.38Lakhs, 4BHK - 4.75 Lakhs*. Check your interior design estimation using our easy to use calculator - Click Here 

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Modular Kitchen In Kochi

A modular kitchen with its different designs helps you to choose according to your need. For example, you can choose large pullout cabinets while others select shelving and drawers style. The area is a matter to discuss while selecting a style. The length, breadth, and space are measured carefully for a specific set.

There are some people who willingly use the wall to fit upper cabinets or countertops. This idea emits the most stylish form and increases the space for storage and keeping things handy. The modular kitchen designers are styling the cabinets not only with different sizes but with different materials. People sometimes opt for a full wooden set while others choose wood with materials tiles and marbles. The sleek designs are common in every form. The modular kitchen in Ernakulam has ample layout for its customers to select the material for coating and polishing purposes.

Forms Of A Modular Kitchen

There are different layouts according to space like L-shaped, G-shaped, U-shaped, parallel kitchen, or straight. The costing also varies with the various installation of appliances and equipment. Not only the functional items expenditure differs with colour pigmentation, light, floors, and others.

The most expensive part in a modular kitchen is the cabinetry system that has separate places for everything. The pullout cabinets have drawers to keep things easily accessible and organised. The various storage systems can be used for keeping crockery, plates, etc. The cabinets are in fact the most attractive feature of a modular kitchen. The storage can be increased with adding shelves both open and closed for keeping cutlery, plates, glassware and more.

Types Of Modular Kitchen

The popularity of modular kitchens relies on the fact that it offers a varied range of kitchen furniture. This furniture comes for every kitchen area small or big, narrow or broad. The styles make it easy for the customers to select a style that suits their needs and area. The different styles are formed keeping in mind the position of doors, windows and spaces in walls. There is six common modular kitchen layout, they are:

Parallel or galley shaped kitchen:

The parallel kitchen is the most functional one, the two long work areas face each other and there provides a lot of storage spaces. Due to its proper parallel position, the movement becomes easy and things are easily accessible.

L-shaped kitchen:

This type of kitchen is the most popular. Due to its shape, the kitchen area is spared with an empty floor to install a dining table within the kitchen area. This shape is ideal for a small kitchen area.

U-shaped Kitchen:

A big kitchen area supports this kind of layout. It provides a work triangle with an excessive storage system from floor to tall units. Due to enough spaces, it allows more than one person to work easily.

Straight kitchen:

The kitchen area has no working triangle. The style is preferable for a small family. They are good for storage but not with a huge cabinetry system.


One will never say no to this type of modular kitchen if there is enough space. Unlike other layouts on the island kitchen, the peninsula is fixed at the centre of the kitchen area. The peninsula modular kitchen is an advantage for any kitchen space as it has one more storage system that could be used for dinings also.

Island kitchen:

The most contemporary among all forms, it is beautiful and well-equipped with a cabinetry system. They are merged with L-shaped or parallel kitchen areas.

With the organised and efficient layout, the modular kitchen is becoming more popular day by day. However, to get the best in form, you must go for the right interior designing company.

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