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An office is a place where one works, meet with clients, entertain guests and sometimes relax. It deals with many kinds of work from morning till late evenings and even further if needed. So, its design and rooms should provide the workers with the best facilities and comfort. On the other hand, an office must be well equipped with modern gadgets and machines with good chairs, tables and desks.

The modern layout of an office needs thorough planning with the help of best designers. Nowadays, there are different layouts that may vary from small to big and in different styles. But before planning to get an office done one must approach office interior designers in Kochi for a well designed and technology forward. A peaceful environment helps the employees to get along with work easily and thus, boost the overall production of the company.

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  • What is the plywood you will be using?

    Based on the customer preferences and budget, we recommend ply. We work with BWP (Marine Ply - 710 Grade), BWR ( 303 Grade ), HDF, MDF, etc. We also have ready-made designs using engineered wood (particle board).   

  • What is your interior design process in Kochi, Kerala?

    We encourage you to share your floor plan and we can give an estimate. Once you approve the estimate, we charge you 10% of the estimate, and the design process starts. We design your 2D layout and 2D elevation and once you approve this, we give you the final 3D rendering. The design process takes about 30 days.

  • Do you provide a warranty?

    All modular furniture comes with up to a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. It covers :

    De-lamination or peeling of laminates.

    Surface bubbles on the laminate surface.

    Fitting issues such as gaps or overlaps.

    Rust warranty on hardware.

    Warranty on appliances and allied services will be the same as that offered by the original manufacturer of the components.

    Any issue must be directly addressed to the manufacturer as indicated by them.

    Manufacturing defects of kitchen accessories  

  • How long does it take to finish the complete interior design work?

    Usually, the projects are completed in 3 weeks - 45 days and handed over. Based on the complexity, we will communicate the project completion time at the start of the engagement itself. 

  • What is the cost of interior design in Kochi, Kerala?

    The cost will depend upon varied factors like carpet area, materials used, accessories, etc. Our economy packages starts at 2BHK - 2.60 Lakhs*, 3BHK - 4.38Lakhs, 4BHK - 4.75 Lakhs*. Check your interior design estimation using our easy to use calculator - Click Here 

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Leading Office & Commercial Interior Designers In Kochi

The offices need a lot of setting in all forms and without the help of a skilled interior designer, it would be not possible for an accurate and proper planned space. The interior designer at first must collaborate with the owners for a proper understanding of work as any places are designed according to the purpose. The designers must figure out the functionality of the office and then proceed accordingly.

Proper planning of architectural and construction ideas to bring out sufficient functional portions is crucial. The interior designers of offices will thus provide the owners with the best facilities that are available in modern days.

For commercial spaces, lighting holds one of the most important factors. The positioning of the light along with the brightness matter since it is directly linked with the eye-stress of the employees. Too much artificial light may make the situation worse. To avoid this, make sure there is sufficient space for natural lighting to come in. The lighting system must be bright enough to make the work easy and less stressful.

There are many office interior designers that are opting easy circulation of air. It helps the workers to stay in a better environment. For instance, if a cabin is small, one may feel suffocated sitting in there for long hours. The best way here is to provide a window. Also, make sure the circulation of air is enough to cope with the population even without air-conditioning.

Another important thing is to include a natural environment to boost the well-being of the workers. nature-friendly furniture. Too much electronic presence may make the worker feel like a robot! A touch of natural elements such as plants, flowers, etc. will ease their minds.

With the help of well-skilled and intelligent designers, the work in the offices is becoming less tiring. The designers have come a long way in projecting various tables, chairs, desk, sofas, multipurpose cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc. to make the employees feel like home. Bean bags and one seater sofa are in trend. Also, while designing the interior of the office, the designer must throw in a sick room where the employees can relax in case of minor health issues.

Colours is the core of interior decoration. Nothing will feel good with the absence of proper colours. Gone were the days when office colours were limited to sober shades of blue, grey, white and peach. The designers, after studying the moods of the employees have come with a better colour layout to enhance the excitement of the workplace and energise the workers.

As offices are commercial space the interior designers must be well acquainted with the availability of finance. They must work according to the available budget and hence, satisfy the client with the ability to perform in the less budget. For this, one can consider the best office interior designers in Kochi, who are working hard to please the clients with their layout. Moreover, if you are availing the interior designing service for your office, you must ensure your own likes. 

These are some of the ways in which an office interior design layout produces a productive commercial space with their professional visionary and intellect. Go for the best interior decorators in town and make your office stand out among the rest.

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