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Special Touches Can Make Your Divine Corner An Ideal Room Of Worship

Yes, your pooja room can get a designer touch too! Be it modern, traditional, or transitional – giving the right look and right vibe to your sacred space can make it an epicentre of positive energy for your entire home and usher prosperity and wellbeing in abundance into your family! To make all these happen in harmony, hiring an interior designer will be advantageous.

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In every Indian household, the most pious and auspicious space is its divine corner which is the Pooja room. This space can be designed in a plethora of ways with a multitude of styles and a myriad of designs, each inducing a feeling of serenity and tranquillity gloriously. But the task of designing such a flamboyant pooja room by tying together everything is harder than you think. Yes, from deciding the style that best suits your prayer space to sourcing the materials and products, to co-ordinating the labourers and their schedules, to getting the final picture, every single work deserves a lot of your time and effort. To make your design journey pleasant and painless, consider hiring a professional interior designer who is capable of pulling off the entire work in a simplified and creative manner.

Pooja Room Interior Designer

A major challenge in filling the pooja space with spiritual ambiance lies in the selection of its lighting solutions. From spotlights to ceiling lights, to pendant lights, to panel lights – the options for brightening up your prayer space is absolutely unlimited. With such endless choices, your mind might probably end up with the question of “What sort of lighting should be used for my prayer space?” Relying on a qualified interior designer can bring a solution to that as well. He can bring unique lighting solutions that best suit the style of your sacred space and provide an ethereal glow to it. Besides adding a lighting solution that well matches your style of the pooja room, he can also include light fixtures that project interesting patterns and designs and add a touch of grandeur and an illusion of depth to your divine corner. 

These days, so much customisation can go into designing your divine corner. Whether your place of worship is a small niche in the nook of your living space or one elaborate room with a grand entrance, its design can be completely tailored to your taste and preferences by including the elements that reflect your inclinations. Hiring an interior designer can make the process of creating such personalised pooja space that echoes your thoughts and ideas smooth and simple. 

With the birth of young shrunken apartments in modern cities, the concept of separate and dedicated pooja rooms for some quiet moments with the inner shelf has almost vanished. This has also given rise to the idea of wall cabinets and portable pooja units that can easily sit in any compact corner of the home without taking much of the floor space. But these units often fall short of grandeur and pleasant ambiance which makes one compromise on its looks and appearance. However, when you rope in an interior designer, even this small corner can get an eclectic vibe or fit for a magazine kind of look with just at the execution of some of their brilliant decor ideas. 

Pooja rooms and vastu-shastra (spatial orientation) go hand-in-hand. Designing your pooja room according to the principles and concepts of vastu-shastra makes your space get charged with positive vibrations which, in turn, will energize your mind, body and soul every morning during your prayer time. So, while designing your pooja room, you need to pay sheer attention about - Where should be the pooja room located in your home? In which direction it should face? What should be its structure and layout? Where should be the windows placed and in which direction it should face? Where should be your religious books, lamps and pooja related items stored? etc. However, when you hire an experienced interior designer, designing such a vastu compliant pooja room is super easy as he would have already been mastering this skill for years. 

If you want to avoid the strenuous jobs of scouting for the resources, finding the best brands and prices, managing the schedules of various professionals, tracking the money spends, and most importantly enhancing the tone of your pooja space extravagantly, consider hiring an interior designer. When an interior designer is on board, he can bring the best professionals and quality products through his reliable connections across the industry and pull off the things professionally without missing out on a single factor.

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