Space Saving Furniture Ideas For Your Home

Space Saving Furniture Ideas

As time goes by more people are gravitating towards houses with a small area. One-bedroom apartments are a favourite, especially amongst recently employed. While the space is limited, people would like to have the basic furniture.  Following are some furniture ideas which can help you reduce clutter and save some space.   

Benches/Storage Benches

Though benches seem to fit in a garden or classroom environment, their ample seating space and versatility have made them a home decor trend. There are many variants of benches available. You can get them all wooden for a natural look or get a cushion for better comfort. Benches with storage make for a great addition in your homes. It could either be open in front or top. You can keep extra cushions and cushion covers along with children’s toys in this space.  

Storage Stools

Storage stools are a fun and easy way to store all of your children’s toys. These are collapsable stools made of laminate or cardboard. You can easily fold the outward cover on top of it and it’s ready for you. They come in prints which will suit a sophisticated living room or your child’s bedroom. 

Two-Seater Sofas

Source: unsplash

3 seater sofas have been the seating standard for many homeowners. However, since everyone likes sitting near the ends of the sofa, the middle seat goes vacant. Instead of a three-seater, go for a two-seater sofa. It gets completely utilised, opens up some space, it is comfortable and more intimate than a three-seater.  

Coffee tables with Nested Stools

Source: Pexels

The nested stool trend has recently made landfall in the interior decor realm. This coffee table and stool combo are so designed that the stools can completely be engulfed by the table once placed underneath it. You get the stools with or without cushioning. It is a great addition to outdoor sitting areas, in gazebos or on the balcony. 

Shelves and Desks

Wall Desks

Image Source: unsplash

Desks anywhere other than the study or children’s room take up a lot of space and don’t get much constructive use out of it. The best alternative to this is wall desks. These are convenient wall mounted desks with some shelf space on them. They are a good area to stop and work on your laptop for a few minutes or jot something down on a piece of paper. While these can be mounted at standing height, you can lower to a sitting height and add a chair.  

Wall Shelves

Source: unsplash

Souvenirs and other collectable decor help give a room some character. However, showcasing them is tedious work. You require large shelves and showcases which take up more space than necessary. Floating or wall shelves are a good alternative. They are simple planks of 2 by 4 which can be mounted equally spaced wherever you want your display to go. They are easy to place and adjust according to your collectables. You can either go for a simple-looking plank or something more ornate.  

Corner Mounted Shelves

Corners are the worst utilised part of the house. No furniture fits it well and there is always some area which goes unused. Corner shelves are a great way to utilise this area. You can decide the amount of stuff you want to place and choose the height. This helps utilise that space while clearing up a lot of areas that a conventional shelf might take. 


Trundle Beds

It is difficult to have friends over for a bash in a one-bedroom apartment. It is even tougher when you need to find a place for one of your friends to spend the night. Trundle beds are designed to look like a normal bed, but under it, a compartment opens up to an additional bedroom with a capacity of one. It is a perfect fit for children and having guests over for the night.  


Source: Pexels

Sofa-cum-beds is a trend which has fallen in and out with people. In a time where 1BHK housing is on the rise, sofa-cum-beds are back in. They look like any other 3 seater sofa but remove the cushions and there is a folding out bed. This bed is very comfortable and can fit two adults and is perfect for a last-minute guest. 

Bunk Beds

Source: Pixabay

You don’t need to sell this idea to anyone. Bunk beds have been a craze ever since they hit the market. They are very popular amongst kids and primarily marketed for them. They are a classic saving space strategy. It leaves a lot of room for your kids to play around in the room. Along with saving space, they are a lot of fun. One variant of it is adding a small slide to the other side for kids to play on.  

Moon Chaise Lounge

Moon Chaise Lounges are the perfect example of a multi-tasker. These chairs are so designed that individual pieces can be joined in multiple ways to create furniture based on your needs. The pieces can be arranged to create an easy chair, bed or a desk. They generally come in bold and bright colours which are perfect for your living room or the kid’s playroom. 

Full Wall Bed Kit

Source: unsplash

Full wall bed kits are one of the best ways to combine a shelf and bed. While the bed faces out, a small cabinet and drawer combination will be installed along the walls. They can either be used as a semi wardrobe to hang your ties, scarves, belts etc or as a side table. It’s convenient and does not take much space 

Collapsible Dining Table

Collapsible dining tables are a great way to save some space. These tables are designed to expand from four-seaters to a six-seater. A complex mechanism underneath the table with ease expands the table into a six seater to accommodate your family and friends. While the mechanism is complex, even a child can easily expand or contract the table. 


We are living in an era where we believe in decluttering. While a household requires some basic amenities to make it feel like a home, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. The above-mentioned furniture is perfect for someone looking to get the most out of their furniture.  

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