Living with Your Parents? Room Decor Ideas for Parents Room

Room Decor Ideas for Parents Room

Room Decor Ideas for Parents Room

Our parents are the most important people in our lives. As they have fulfilled all our needs as children, it is our duty as grown-ups to provide them with the same. If you are living with your parents, you have understood that their needs are different than that of a young adult. Following are some of the ways that you can better decorate your parent’s room.

Attractive colour scheme

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As their age starts to show, parents are more likely to spend more time in the bedroom. It is their haven where they feel most comfortable. Therefore, you should think about painting the interior with some attractive colours. Use a colour scheme that helps elevate their mood. Warm shades of brown, gold, orange and yellow brighten the room. If they have a favourite colour, lean in that direction but nothing too dull. 

Bed with Optimal Height

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A bed is the core of a bedroom. It is what ties the entire room together. For adults above a certain age, one needs to make sure that the bed is the right height for their comfort and security. When sitting on the bed, your parents’ feet should rest on the floor comfortably with the knees being at right angles to the floor. The optimal height is 20 to 23 inches from floor to top of the mattress. 

Slip-Resistant Flooring

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The most serious injury that elderly parents are susceptible to is a fall. This is very common on floors with smooth surfaces. It is advised to remove smooth tiles and add anti-skid flooring techniques like laminating and wood. If you’re not keen on changing the tiling then you can add carpeting to the floor or just add a big rug. 

Room to Walk

Coordination reduces as people start to grow older. It is important to give them enough space to walk. One way of doing this is by reducing furniture clutter. You can place the wardrobes along the walls and avoid unnecessary furniture like sofas and tables. The walkways to the door and the bathroom should be clear. If adding furniture, go for minimal and small pieces like side tables, drawer chest and reading table. 

Here Comes the Sun

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Since parents are more likely to spend their mornings in their bedroom, they lack access to the early morning sun. Make sure to have an east-facing window so that they can be greeted by the rising sun. Other than brightening up the room, it also helps fight mould and pathogens which are bound to cause respiratory problems. Add adequate lighting along with dimmers for night time. Make sure to use white bulbs for areas which are used for reading. 

Add a Little Greenery

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Bringing plants into the room is known to improve the overall appeal of a room. Watching a plant grow is a great way to enhance your mood. Green is also a colour which is easy on the eyes. Plants like aloe vera, succulence, English Ivy, Peace Lily, and money plants are known to purify the surrounding air and thrive indoors. You can place the plants in the room or if you have an attached balcony create a miniature garden. 

Everything in Reach

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The elderly have difficulty in finding and reaching for things, especially if they have just woken up. Make sure that everything they need is available within a few feet of where they are sleeping. Best way to do this is by using a side table. They should drawers with enough space to keep an emergency call button, medication, phone, water and late-night snacks. 

Ease of Use

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Elderly develop many medical issues over the years. One common is joint and muscle pain. When creating an ideal room for them, make sure to keep ease-of-use on your mind. When installing hardware, gravitate towards lever-style handles rather than doorknobs. Use large door knobs and open shutters wherever feasible. Whatever hardware you go for, make sure they move smoothly and with minimal effort.   

Scenic Murals

A blank wall which is painted in your favourite colour may not always stimulate the joy that you would like in your room. If your parents are more into a scenic view then you can create a mural on one of their walls, preferably the one facing their bed. You can either commission an artist to paint something specific or buy wallpaper with a scenic picture on it.  

Double Up on Comforters

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Parents in their later age are known to feel the temperatures at extremes. While hot days are manageable, cold days cause them joint and bone aches. Make sure to buy more than one comforter or buy a comforter capable of keeping them warm. You can also add a small throw for their bed which they can wrap around them while sitting and watching the television.  

Comfortable Bed Sheets

A bed and mattress may be the best in the market, but bed sheets make all the difference. Make sure to buy multiple bedsheets preferably cotton, with a high thread count. You can either buy patterned or blank bed sheets, whichever best suits your parent’s liking. 


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A daybed is a good option if your parents have a room with large floor space. They are a good alternative to a reading space and can be used to entertain friends and family. They are also large enough if your parents want to squeeze in a quick 20-minute shut-eye during the day.  

Hidden Hamper

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As reducing clutter for more walking space is something to strive for, a hidden hamper is a good option. This way you can reduce the amount of furniture in the room and hiding away the dirty clothes also gives a tidy look to their room


Old age is a difficult time for our parents. Daily tasks don’t come to them as easy as they do to youngsters. The one place that they consider their safe space is the bedroom. It is our duty as children to make this safe space as comfortable to them as possible. The above-stated ideas will not only make their lives easier but also help them enjoy their room better.

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