20 Wardrobe Organizing Ideas to Clean Up Clutter in Your Home

Wardrobe Organizing Ideas

There is nothing better than a clean, organised wardrobe. Not only does it streamline your morning routine, but all the extra space also gives you an excuse to expand your wardrobe (or just to reimagine new combinations, now that you can see everything clearly).  Try some of these wardrobe organization and storage ideas to declutter your wardrobe and make the most of the space. There’s something here for every budget and style.

1. Keep Floors Clear

Keep Floors Clear
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Not everyone is cut out for exposed shelving. Keep the floors clear for a clutter-free, elevated environment, if you are a minimalist. A leaning floor mirror and an armchair adds some dimension to this entire look. 

2. Tuck it Away

Tuck it Away
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If the space is multipurpose, tuck everything behind the closed wardrobe doors. In this Gail Davis- designed closet, the little vanity is a fun little surprise that also keeps you organized. While the striped penny tile floor complements the navy paint, the orange mirror picks up on the warmth exuded by the curtains and the wallpaper accents

3. Install a Wall Shelf

Install a Wall Shelf
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You can display your prettiest items in your bedroom to double as decor if you have run out of room in your wardrobe. If you want to make it an étagère, add a multi-level wall shelf. Like in this case, designers have painted the wall shelf white so that it blends in with the wall and doesn’t take up much of the real estate. Want an extra trick up your sleeve? Using brackets as an extra place to hang things helps you make more of your wall space.  

4. Get Creative With Bulky Clothes

Shoe organizers – although primarily handy with shoes – can also be used for bulky items like sweaters (if you don’t want them to accidentally stretch out on a hanger). You should also roll the sweaters before you stow them away. 

5. Use Trays for Your Jewelry 

Put your fragrances and jewelry on a tray and always leave some room for flowers. This makes it easily accessible as well and gives a polished vibe.

6. Use the Vanity 

Use the Vanity
Picture: Collected

Use your vanity drawers for smaller items such as wallets, accessories and jewelry. It will be even better if you have a drawer organizer. 

7. Try a Clothing Rack

Try a Clothing Rack
Picture: Collected

A freestanding clothing rack will be a good solution irrespective of whether you don’t even have a wardrobe in your bedroom to begin with or if your tiny wardrobe is already packed to the brim. Besides, having your clothes out in the open will force you to keep them organized and nice, instead of in a wardrobe avalanche pile. 

8. Organize Seasonally

Organize Seasonally
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Put your out-of-season clothing in plastic organizers, or opt for rolling crates if you have empty space under your bed. This storage solution requires no power tools. In fact, all you will need is a bed skirt. 

9. Hang your Purses

Hang your Purses
Picture: Collected

For hanging purses in your closet on the hanger rod, shower hooks are perfect. In fact, this trick ensures that the handles do not misshapen. 

10. Organize Thoughtfully

Organize Thoughtfully
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Setting your wardrobe into zones based on the way you think about it is the best way to go about wardrobe organization. For instance, when you are getting dressed, do you first think in terms of garment type, or occasion, or by season? Keep this in mind while arranging your clothes. 

11. Keep your Shelves in Shape

Keep your Shelves in Shape
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Shelf dividers are absolutely lovely. Not only do these handy organizers have the ability to keep different items separate, they also prevent piles from toppling over. This way, you can stack your sweaters way higher.

12. Wicker Baskets

Wicker Baskets
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Storage baskets look chic on open-shelves, as well as keep your junk out-of-sight. Besides, they are also pretty inexpensive. 

13. Style your Wardrobe

Style your Wardrobe
Picture: Collected

Some easy ways to add character to your wardrobe are adding a piece of art, a mirror, fun colors or a wallpaper. Stay away from books, stuffed animals and flowers. These items collect dust and will make your clothes feel less fresh. 

14. Create a Jewelry Wall

Build custom organization systems to prevent your jewelry from getting tangled. For example, in this wardrobe you can keep them on a tray on one of the shelves or hang them on the wall. 

15. Hang Strategically

Hanging up clothes without even thinking about it is the easiest way to end up with a disorganized closet.  Hang blouses, tops, and skirts above built-in shelves, and pants and long dresses when nothing is underneath – to keep things sectioned off. 

16. Use Wasted Wall Space

Try this trick instead of hanging belts, scarves and other accessories on hangers and taking up valuable rod space. You can create a personalized display for your collection by attaching a towel bar to an unused space. 

17. Try a Shoe Organizer

Try a Shoe Organizer
Picture: Collected

Boots are generally considered the most troublesome elements of a wardrobe. This is because they seem to topple over at the slightest touch. You can safely house five pairs in the “footprint” of one with the help of a special boot organizer.

18. Use an Entire Room

You can turn a part of your office into your wardrobe if you have a space issue. You will have an entire room to stash your stuff in, that way. 

19. Hang your Rod Higher

Hanging your rod higher not only keeps your coats and gowns from dragging through floor dust,  it also frees up space for a second row of clothing or a hamper. Let this wardrobe from A House in the Hills give you some inspiration. 

20. Put Shoes on the Door

This is the best part about owning high heels. They are designed for this ingenious storage hack.  To squeeze extra storage out of your closet, hang rails on the inside of your door. We hope we’ve made wardrobe organization simpler for you with the help of these ideas and hacks. Happy organizing! 

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