11 Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom


Bathroom Renovation

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the only room in the kitchen with the most fixtures that are used in a house. As a result, it is also the room that can become outdated and suffer the most from wear and tear. To determine whether your bathroom is in need of a renovation, you might want to take a look at it first. Here are 10 reasons why you might want to undertake bathroom remodeling to assist you in your decision. 

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

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Your bathroom starts to look more and more dated, as colours and fashions change. Additionally, the plumbing starts to fail, the odour builds up from an old carpeted floor and even worn-out fittings and the fixtures age. Besides that, the tiling, the colours, the toilet and even the fittings such as the faucets could make it obvious that the bathroom is decades old. Additionally, the possibility remains that you the bathroom has begun to bore you and you’d like to try something new to brighten you up at the start of the day. A renovated bathroom will not only spill over into the master bedroom and give it a new look and feel but it will also be clean and inviting.

Solve Plumbing Problems

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Over time, plumbing issues that develop over time can become progressively worse. It could start with a leaky tap that transforms into more water leaks, causing the floor to rot. The bathroom develops an odour, paint peels and tiles break. Now might be the time to tackle bathroom remodeling and eliminate all those annoying little problems in one swoop with new plumbing that works efficiently rather than continuing to live with these problems.

Add Value to the Home

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Although the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, it is also one of the most important. A house with a renovated bathroom becomes more valuable. While a prospective buyer could be put off by an old, confined or unsafe bathroom, nothing attracts a prospective buyer more than a clean and up-to-date bathroom. 

Ensure Safety

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Along with age, certain hazards in the bathroom that younger people do not face, come up. Such hazards also become apparent to those recovering from sports injuries or accidents as well as those recuperating from hip or knee replacement surgery. A bathroom remodel enables you to install safety features such as a walk-in shower, slip-resistant flooring, wider bars and entrances to hold on to when leaving or entering the shower. 

Add Another Bathroom

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Generally, older homes only have a single bathroom. By adding a guest bathroom or an additional bathroom, you could bring your older home up to the standards of today’s newer properties. Experts say that if you add a bathroom, your home’s value could increase by as much as 20%. 

Improve Energy Efficiency

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You can install several features during renovation that will cut your energy bill almost in half. Among them are low-flow toilets, underfloor heating and fixtures aimed at saving water. Installing windows that will help to avoid having to turn on the fan for long periods of time to prevent walls gathering moisture, mirrors from fogging up and generally will provide more air to keep the bathroom clean and well-ventilated. 

Make the Bathroom More Functional

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Fluctuating demands on the bathroom are often influenced by life changes. For example, the need for a bathtub becomes apparent when younger children arrive, and until then the shower is sufficient. However, the bath is no longer functional as people age. They use only the shower because it is difficult to get into and out of a tub. In the same way, two sinks are a better alternative than a single small one. 

Build a Personal Escape

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A renovated bathroom with its soothing and warm colors, soft lighting and a soaking tub enables a busy person to escape and relax, away from the demands of the working world or the children, for a while. Similarly, a clean and attractive bathroom can help you prep up for the day ahead. 

Remove Mold and Mildew

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In a bathroom that is not well ventilated, water leaks can cause mold to build up and floors to rot, not only on the walls but also on the floor. Often the mold and mildew continue to build up over the years because they cannot be seen. For people with respiratory problems or who are allergic to mold and suffer a wide variety of symptoms, the presence of mold can cause complications when exposed to it for even short periods of time. You might be required to renovate your entire bathroom in order to remove mold. In severe cases, floors might have to be removed and replaced or the walls might have to be removed. 

Create a Bigger Bathroom

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In almost all cases, older bathrooms are smaller than those of today. Not only will enlarging a bathroom make it more modern, but make it more pleasant and easier to use. Adding additional space for storage by adding cabinets or by expanding or redesigning an existing bathroom could be another reason to enlarge a bathroom. 

You may have Asbestos

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There is a chance that you will have asbestos if your home was built in the 1980s or 1990s. All traces of asbestos must be removed before the renovations can continue if you commence renovations and asbestos is found. Before commencing renovations it is recommended that you ensure an asbestos test is done  so you know what will be required if asbestos is found. In addition to that awesome, newly renovated bathroom look, the renovations will ensure that all the asbestos is removed.


Renovating your bathroom in your home can be as simple as replacing a few fixtures to starting from scratch and gutting the entire room. The amount you spend on remodeling will be determined by your budget. However, in most cases even the most drastic remodeling is worth the cost as the impact on the value and attractiveness of the entire house will improve.

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