10 Elegant and Cost-effective Bathroom Design Ideas

Cost-effective Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas

Envision the foamy sensation of a warm bubble shower against your body. It feels relaxing as well as decadent. When you open your eyes, you should have the same feeling of relaxation after seeing your surroundings. However, if your current bathroom decor does not make you feel pampered, maybe it is time to add a bit of glamor to your bathroom. The bathroom is a space where we spend the most intimate moments of our daily routine, so it should be built with luxury and comfort. However, for most people, a bathroom renovation can prove to be quite costly. Hence, they might think hundreds of times before taking the step of bathroom renovation. If you are one of those people, keep reading to find cost-effective bathroom decorating ideas – that appear expensive. 

Choose modern knobs and handles.

Little details in the bathroom like doorknobs, light fixtures, handles, towel racks, amongst others, require comparatively less investment. So, rather than replacing cabinets and drawers, consider substituting this small hardware. For making the procedure simpler, check whether the new screw alignment is similar to the holes drilled on the old cabinets. This step will eliminate the cost of creating new holes. 

Choose bright and light colors.

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Your bathroom area is for relaxation and calmness; hence, you should opt for bright and light colors. Colors like soft mint-green give a natural and serene feeling. Wooden floors make the bathroom appear gigantic and spacious. To give your bathroom a classic look, you can also opt for colors like soft grey or soft pink. 

Grout color

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Using grout is the fundamental foundation of tiling a bathroom. Tiling the entire bathroom can add a massive cost to the bathroom renovation. So, opt for ceramic subway tiles; however, sometimes their finished look is not very satisfactory. For such times, you can use grey grout material to highlight the features of the bathroom. 

Upgrade the sink faucet

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If you are completely renovating your bathroom, then it is ideal to buy a new sink faucet. You can opt for a small corner sink that can do its job well and gives you plenty of space. The current trends include mounting the sink on the wall – they are a great idea as they make your bathroom appear lavish, modern, and stylish. Another advantage of a wall-mount sink is that it allows for washing the bathroom space effortlessly. 

Paint the walls and interiors yourself 

Painting only the interior of your bathroom yourself is manageable as compared to painting the entire house. Most of the bathroom wall is taken up by additional things such as cabinets, tiles, mirrors, showers, and bathtubs. Hence, only a small amount of space remains at the end that can be painted by self. However, word of caution is that you will have to paint the area gently and carefully without splashing the paint on windows, tubs, showers, sinks, and mirrors. Another point to take into account is the moisture. As mildew and mold grow with ease in a bathroom and temperature changes often, it is better to buy high-quality paint with a satin finish.   

Refinish your tub rather than replacing it.

If you are looking to save costs, then avoid replacing your bathtub completely. Consider only adding a few finishing touches, repairing cracks, and cleaning the yellowish surface. Refinishing the bathtub is much cheaper, and it looks better as well. 

Consider low-cost materials that appear like expensive ones.

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There are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing plumbing fittings – brass, nickel, bronze, and more. The least expensive of them all is chrome. Chrome is easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily too. The material provides a traditional and stylish appearance to your bathroom space. Another alternative to making your bathroom appear lavish is trying extravagance vinyl flooring instead of solid wood plank flooring. High-quality quartz and laminate counters are vibrant substitutes for authentic stone. 

Use elegant shower curtains.

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You can go for stylish options when enhancing your polished bathroom. Rather than ordering fancy glass doors for the shower area, opt for a bright white curtain. One method to deceive the eyes into believing that a small bathroom is much larger than it is – is to fix the shower screen as high as feasible. Many professionals provide these valuable tips when it comes to choosing and hanging shower curtains. As high you hang them, as taller your bathroom is perceived. 

Larger tiles format

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Buying tiles can be costly, especially when you hire professional help to do the job for you. To save funds, you can opt for limiting the usage of tiles on floors or choose large tiles to cover up the entire bathroom space.  

Another idea is to cover up just one wall with tiles and painting, the rest of the area. Nowadays, tiles come up with beautiful and expensive artistic designs that can make your bathroom appear lavish and elongated. Artistic tiles are noticeable and economical as well.  

Make use of mirrors.

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Mirrors can be used as decor accessories in the bathroom. You can create a vanity space by covering an entire wall with mirrors of your tiny relaxing space. The appearance of patterns, lights, and an open door will enlarge the appearance of your showering space. You can also add multiple patterned mirrors to the bathroom space. 


Given the high costs of renovation, a bathroom renovation can prove to be miserable. However, you can go for the aforementioned smart and budget-friendly tips – that will provide you with a bright, functional, and clean bathroom. One additional idea to make your bathroom appear lavish is to add as much light to your bathroom as possible. If needed, you can add extra accent lighting over the cabinets and the ceiling.  

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