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Kashmiri Home Interior Design Ideas

Home Interior Design Ideas

Kashmir has been essential for the Silk Route trades that took place during the 18th and 19th century. The many traders passing through this region left behind skills and art from their native lands which combined to form the Kashmiri style of artwork we love today. Their complex patterns woven in silk and wool are a must-have for many home decorators. Following is some for the ways you can get a piece of Kashmiri decoration to your home. 

Kashmiri Home Decor – An Insight

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Kashmiri home decor is all about their artwork. Kashmiri artwork revolves around the creative handicrafts that are created by local artists. These artists believe in keeping their artwork pure and created everything by hand. Most of these art styles can be retraced to Kashmiri heritage situated in towns like Budgam, Srinagar and Ganderbal. 

Kashmiri artwork can be recognised by their rustic yet vibrant use of colours and complex patterns that adorn them. This art style is an amalgam of the multiple cultures that have passed through and situated in Kashmir. Perfected over the years, Kashmiri craftsmanship is considered to be one of the most complex art forms in India, if not the world. 

The most recognised forms of Kashmiri home decor are their carpets, copper & silverware and kashida, which is the local style of embroidery. 

1. Papier-mache Artwork

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One of the most recognisable forms of Kashmiri art is their Papier-mache. This art form can be traced back to the Mughal period artisans. According to the history books, Mughal ruler Akbar was one of the biggest patrons of this art form. The process of creating papier-mache art is painstakingly long and each piece takes weeks to be created. It requires a meticulous eye to complete each work. While most of these pieces adorn many mosques, you can get these pieces home. 

Papier-mache artwork like wall hangings, lanterns, decorative bells and goodie boxes are a few examples of Kashmiri decor for your home. The bells can be hung at your home entrances and balconies while goodie boxes can be used as decorative pieces on your dining tables or hold sweets for your guests. Since the papier-mache patterns are very complex and vibrant, one piece is enough to tie the entire decor together. Overdo it and the artwork may feel overwhelming and overpowering.   

2. Kashmiri Carpet

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While pashmina shawls have their appeal, Kashmiri carpets are a must-have for every interior decor enthusiast. Sticking to their original form, Kashmiri carpets are designed in bright rustic colours which are laid in intricate patterns by hand. The carpets are made using silk or wool in a knotted tufted weaving technique. You can talk to your seller and design the carpet with whichever material suits your need.

These carpets are a rare commodity and purchasing one will add a flare to your home interior. They are known to add a rustic ambience to rooms. Due to their patterns, these carpets pair perfectly with a minimalistic design. The carpets come in small, medium and large sizes and are best placed in the middle to act as a centre around which the decor revolves. 

The best way to identify a good carpet is its thread count. When buying, ask your dealer what is the number of knots per square meter. Higher the number, greater the value and durability of the carpet. While Kashmiri carpets are expensive, they are a good investment. If looking for a cheaper option, you can ask your seller about Namdas carpets which are ix of cotton and wool  

3. Walnut Wood Carving

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Walnuts grow in a dry and cool climate, therefore it makes sense that Kashmir has a large ecosystem of them. While the fruit these trees bare are coveted, the carvings made out of the trees are also in great demand. The carvers of Kashmir make delicate and ornate pieces which the region is known for. However, the tree that they prefer comes from the Doon Kul region which is harvested only after it matures to the age of 300 years. 

Walnut tree is known for its hard and durable nature along with its close grain texture. These properties help carvers create a beautiful and intricate structure with ease. Most of the standard artworks come in the form of grapes, tree branches, pears, lotus and roses. 

These carvings come also come in the form of furniture like carved sofa sets and side stands. These, when placed in natural light, bring a lot of warmth to the room.  

4. Kashmiri/Kashida Embroidery

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Every piece of Kashmiri embroidery is adorned with an intricate flowery pattern which is known as Kashida by the locals. This needlework style involves a single long design which is very distinguishable. The practitioners of this art form are very rare therefore these pieces run on the expensive side. However, each piece is so extraordinary and rare that purchasing it is a great investment. 

5.  Aesthetic Corner

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Kashmir is renowned for there aesthetic sense inspired from the time Mughal Empire. Their aesthetic style leans more towards maintaining luxury and class. If you have a cosy corner in the house, it is the best place to set up your Kashmiri elegance. Layer the space with wooden easels, Mughal painting and a diwan or ottoman in a rustic red colour. Use plump cushions and faux fur blankets to tie the entire feel together. Make sure you get lots of sunlight to accentuate the colours. This space can be used to host small soirees, having your morning coffee or reading a book.   

6. Boat House Inspiration

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Kashmir is famous for its boathouses. These houses are designed to accommodate two people and are ladened with every piece of art that Kashmir can offer. Your living room is the perfect place to recreate the boathouse look. Start with a big floor seating arrangement right next to the windows. The seating style should canopy and create with handwoven fabrics. Finish the loo with a Persian style rug and cushions on the floor. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea and enjoy the feel of your boathouse.  

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