16 Best & Budget-friendly Living Room Accessories

Budget-friendly Living Room Accessories

Budget-friendly Living Room Accessories Ideas

Looking for some budget-friendly living room suggestions? We work tirelessly in our living area, as the term implies. It’s also where we unwind, socialize, and have our morning cup of coffee (and wine every night). It’s also where we eat supper from a plate without shame and stay awake all night binge-watching boxsets.

There are many easy DIYs and inexpensive changes you can apply to the family room without spending a fortune, from hanging a sheet of wallpaper to repainting your current furniture. But where do you begin when you’re trying to design a living room and your cash is tight? We recommend starting with our budget-friendly living room ideas and changes that are low-cost but high-style.

1. Rearrange and Accessorize your Furniture

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You might be able to refresh your living area sans spending a lot of money if you rethink the design. So, instead of sticking to a certain old layout in the living room – coffee table in the midpoint, couches bumped up against a certain wall, TV placed at a single end – simply pull your decor away from the walls; and use a painting as a central focus (instead of the TV); or simply organize and clear out some home furnishings to make the space feel larger.

2. Shop Inside Your Home

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Browse throughout the house to see if there’s something you could borrow from other areas. Take a peek in your attic or basement to check if any abandoned items could be restored to be used again, or check if a furniture remaining in the bedroom might function much better in the loungeroom.

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3. Use Artwork

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Fabric wall decals are an easy and inexpensive way to spice up a plain wall and give a touch of trendy bohemian flair. If you have a gorgeous bed cover lying in a closet someplace, you may not really have to purchase something new for picture frames.

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4. Add Greenery

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Plants are a no-brainer addition to your creative toolkit. They give a room color, form, and (essentially) life. Bigger house plants, on the other hand, can be costly, so organize groups of little plants at various heights to give the sense of a space full of greenery.

5. Power of Paint

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Grab your DIY tracksuit bottoms and start painting for one of the simplest living room concepts on a budget. There is plenty of good-quality, low-cost paint available, but unless you really need to save money, buy a tiny pot and color one wall or a few alcoves for a splash of color.

6. Removable Wallpapers

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Removable wallpaper is a show stopper for architectural commitment-phobes or tenants. You could now acquire fantastic wallpaper, wrap your walls inside it, and then remove it a few years down the line and still retain your investment.

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7. Wall Murals

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A wall mural is a fantastic low-cost living room option. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours plastering one to the wall or drawing one yourself; there are plenty of large-scale prints available that can be hung up within minutes. Plus, if you’re decorating a rental house, wall murals are ideal because you may choose an alternative that isn’t as irreversible as wallpapers or paint.

8. Gallery Walls 

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Gallery walls, a concept that has truly lasted the test of time, are a terrific way to fill a white wall and offer a space much-needed individuality for a low price. You can frame photographs, album covers, paintings, and even textile cut-offs or scraps of wallpaper.

9. Variety of Cushions

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Cushions are the most adaptable of all the soft furnishings. A few new pillows, which come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and textures, might be all your living area needs to feel renewed.

10. Use Rugs

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Rag rugs, jute rugs, Persian rugs, and sheepskin rugs are all popular choices. To bring variety to the area, mix textures, colors, and patterns. Adhere to a simple color scheme and utilize muted carpets, including jute, as a foundation to strike the appropriate balance amid an avant garde vibe and full-on carpet store.

11. New Upholstery

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New upholstery does wonders for a drab furniture item. Restoring or refinishing older couches and armchairs may drastically transform their appearance and is a terrific low-cost living room option. Reupholstering huge furniture pieces can be costly, but draping wraps over seat cushions, as shown above, is a great way to save money.

12. Lighting

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Living room illumination is something that could be easily upgraded and does not have to be expensive. By stacking your lights, you can avoid having your space feel like an overly-lit operation theater. Combining your lighting this manner will helped in creating pools of light that can instantly shift the vibe of a room.

13. Paint the Floorboards

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Painting your flooring is a simple summer project that won’t break the bank and will radically transform the aesthetic of your home. If you’re courageous enough, we love the black flooring in this living room, which is very trendy right now.

14. Use Storage Options

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Although functional storage isn’t the most thrilling affordable living room concept, keeping your clutter under control and utilizing organization to add personality may completely change a space. Keep changing what you store in them on a routine basis, and add paintings, photographs, flowers, books, and periodicals to give your living area a fresh look.

15. Spend Strategically 

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Invest in items that serve as the centerpiece of your space, elements that can be built around. It may be a costly mustard yellow couch or a stunning decal. If you really like it and think it will entirely alter a room, it’s usually worth it.

16. Go Secondhand

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Not only would it be comparatively cheaper to purchase used furnishings and decor, but it’s also a fast and simple way to inject some individuality into the living space. Don’t get swept up; make a checklist of what you’re looking for and make a mental note of the dimensions you’ll need.

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