20 Bedroom Seating Ideas For Your Home

bedroom seating ideas

Bedroom Seating Ideas

With so much happening in the house, your bedroom is a sanctuary and a peaceful place. It’s sort of like the “weekend” of your home—the room you’re going to unwind in at the end of your working day. There are a lot of ways to make a seating area in your bedroom! You’re going to want to think about what your needs and expectations are, the shape and size of your space, how you can use the home furniture that you already own, and other considerations to come up with a design strategy for your bedroom.

1. Seating for Two With a View

Seating for Two With a View
Source: Unsplash

This kind of seating area looks relaxed and lounge-like—a perfect concept for spaces that can fit in bigger furniture. The setup is the best spot to drink your morning coffee, read a book or just sit in the sunshine. 

2. Cozy and Compact

Cozy and Compact
Source: Unsplash

It makes a comfortable seating area even though there isn’t a lot of space here—and with a bookcase, it creates a nice reading nook. There are also extra seats at the foot of the bunk, and the footstools could be used to arrange blankets, put on your shoes, or put up your legs when you’re reading!

3. Simple and Streamlined

Simple and Streamlined
Source: Unsplash

This master bedroom has a long bench for a lounge area at the bed end. It provides a polishing effect which manages to make the bed appear finished as there is no footboard. The bench doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be used to spread out the sheets or to hold the covers and throw-pillows.

4. A Place to Read

A Place to Read
Source: Unsplash

The lounge idea is perfect for reading and relaxing in the master bedroom. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it’s perfect for a smaller bedroom where you want another seating option. 

5. Bedside Manners

Bedside Manners
Source: Unsplash

This elegant bedroom seating design includes a martini table and a bedside chair. It offers a spot to sit down, drink coffee or tea, and get absorbed in a wonderful book. This is a really sophisticated look and blends with the whole style of the master bedroom. 

6. Up On A Throne

Up On A Throne
Source: Unsplash

This master bedroom sitting concept is enjoyable and efficient! The bedroom is turned into a sleek, multifunctional space by adding a shelf. Space may be used as a work space or vanity, but it doesn’t take up about as much space as a complete piece of furniture. 

7. Tucked Away

Tucked Away
Source: Unsplash

This kind of seating area is perfect if you want to make use of a clumsy nook or odd space in your master bedroom! It’s not going to act as a lazy reading nook, but it’s a casual, practical and economical way to connect a desk/vanity to a smaller bedroom!

8. End-Of-The-Bed Sofa

End-Of-The-Bed Sofa
Source: Unsplash

Please remember that this concept takes up more room and may not be as versatile as a chair. However, it provides ample seating space for two, blends right into the elegant theme, and makes excellent use of the long bedroom area. 

9. Bench with a View

Bench with a View
Source: Unsplash

This is the best way to set up a usable seating space. It provides a lot of surface seating which can be more versatile and less pricey than a chair.  While it’s not furniture that you could always lean back on or lounge/read, it’s a comfortable and space-saving  addition. 

10. Loveseat Oasis

Loveseat Oasis
Source: Unsplash

You probably need additional floor space to make the setup work. It provides enough seating for 1-2 people if you have enough space to make sure the bed isn’t crowded. A love seat adds warmth and makes the master bedroom more of a multipurpose space.

11. The Corner Nook

The Corner Nook
Source: Unsplash

This retro reading nook can seat only one, and it isn’t the perfect option for couples—but if you only need one nightstand and one chair, it’s the ideal setup. 

12. One Pouf, Two Pouf

One Pouf, Two Pouf
Source: Unsplash

Getting two poufs incompatible designs but entirely different looks is a perfect way to add personality to a neutral color scheme, or a minimalist style bedroom. They’re incredibly versatile, and you can transfer them around everywhere you need them. 

13. Solo Seating

Solo seating is practical for people who have an occasional desire to sit down or put things down. It’s somewhat more of an artistic attribute because it’s not very efficient like a lounge chair.

14. Chaise Style

Chaise Style
Source: Unsplash

This wide chair is the ultimate lazy lounge spot. Remember that this is a huge piece of furniture which takes up substantial space. It’s only a one-seater, but if you have dogs or kids that want to snuggle with you when you’re reading or enjoying your morning coffee, it’s a perfect option.

15. Formal Proportions

Formal Proportions
Source: Unsplash

The two comfortable and modern chairs match in proportion to the width of the room, providing a wonderful place for two people to sit down and talk or relax. It’s perfect for small and medium bedrooms, since the chairs don’t take up a lot of space. It looks plush and cozy, but the symmetry makes it formal and elegant so that it can fit into a range of designs! 

16. Bay Windows For Two

Bay Windows For Two
Source: Unsplash

This arrangement provides a more private bedroom seating area that’s perfect for intimate conversation, reading, or just relaxing in the sunshine!

17. Nightstand Seating

Nightstand Seating
Source: Unsplash

This look is a brilliant idea to optimize floor space, as it allows seats to be tucked up under the desk. It’s a trendy, casual and compact sitting environment.

18. Elevated Bench

Elevated Bench
Source: Google

As a sitting area, it’s much more relaxed and formal than a traditional bench. It’s a perfect idea to sit quietly at the end of the bed, appearing casual but yet providing an elegant and refined look to the place. The pouf provides a spot to put your feet up. You can even use it as a side table. 

19. Rest and Retreat

If you’ve a lot of spare space in your apartment, try these big upholstered armchairs. They provide seats for two, so each person has a big chair to kick back and get cozy in. This style of sitting is extremely soft and soothing, as long as you have space for furniture parts like this.

20. Trendy Side Chair

Trendy Side Chair
Source: Unsplash

You can add a single dining chair next to your nightstand for a simple, understated reading nook if you really need to maximize space in your master bedroom. 

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