9 Kitchen Basket Types That Help to Organize Your Modular Kitchen

modular kitchen basket

Kitchen Basket Types

Baskets have long been a part of our culture, and they could simply be included in the broad diversity of designs available for modular kitchens. Baskets are popular as decorations in both archaic and modern cultures due to their structure and variety.  Kitchen baskets are constantly on the checklist of kitchen essentials because they help organize and beautify the space. Kitchen baskets of various shapes and sizes are available in the market, depending on their intended use. 

Kitchen Basket Types
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Modular kitchens are mostly about organizing, as well as what goes within the cabinets, instead of on the outside, which is just what makes them look orderly. Choosing the correct baskets is essential for a clutter-free kitchen experience. 

Benefits of using baskets in a modular kitchen

1. Maintaining Hygiene

Today’s kitchens are built to assist you to keep a clutter-free and clean appearance. The use of baskets guarantees that your kitchen is well-organized and sanitary, which is important given that it is where food is cooked. Cleaning such a kitchen consumes less energy than cleaning a conventional kitchen.

2. Space Management and Utilization

Baskets help you organise every corner of your kitchen and can be positioned according to your needs and to make it easier to get vegetables, spices, and other daily-use goods. Baskets as well as other modular kitchen accessories such as shelves, organizers, and bins can be used in every part of the kitchen. The items’ design enables maximum space use.

3. Cost-effective 

When compared to having a typical kitchen built, when a person is employed to put every component in place, these kitchen baskets are much more cost-effective.

Here’s a list of the 9 most efficient kitchen baskets to help you get the most out of your time in the kitchen.

1. Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

Stainless Steel Wire Baskets
Source: Flickr.com

The plating on these baskets is exceptional, and they usually come with a rust-replacement warranty. They can be placed in pre-made casings and do not require any modifications to fit in. These baskets feature a solid structure and promise excellent ergonomics, effective storage, and simple access; thanks to a rich weave of steel wires. They’re also well-designed to accommodate a variety of culinary objects, featuring inlets like a thali inlet, a plate inlet, and a cup inlet, and so on.

2. Multi-Purpose Basket

Multi-Purpose Basket
Source: pixabay.com

As the term implies, a multi-purpose basket can contain a variety of items such as cutlery, cups and saucers, thalis, plates, and jars in accordance with our Indian necessities, and it has a load bearing capacity of 30 – 50 kilograms. It comes in three different heights: 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm respectively.

3. Larder Basket

Larder Basket
Source: bldnxt.in

Double clamps attach the baskets for the larders to the door. The quantity of baskets in the larder is determined by the desired number of levels. A set of basket hangers is utilised for each level to attach the baskets to the framework. Larder baskets are typically stainless, chrome-plated steel baskets featuring a double-railing and a rust-free replacement warranty.

4. Detergent-holder Baskets

Detergent-holder Baskets
Source: Google

It has a compact but robust frame made of strong wire. It also includes a one-of-a-kind plastic base to prevent spills and detergent corrosion to the wires. In comparison to steel-wire mesh, the plain surface of the plastic base helps to keep the contents more secure. The organizer features larger shelves to hold bottles of different sizes and is simple to assemble, involving only 3 attachment points. They are also usually chrome-plated, and come with a rust-resistance guarantee.

5. Garbage Basket

Garbage Basket
Source: pinimg.com

Its perfect position is under the sink. These baskets are usually affixed to the entrance so that you can simply discard any trash. The baskets come in a variety of sizes, spanning from 6-10 inches in length.

6. Pull-out Basket

Pull-out Basket
Source: flickr.com

These baskets are stylishly fashioned for tall kitchen units and are extremely large, durable, and exceptionally robust. The quantity of doors and cabinet baskets utilised in a unit is determined by the desired number of stacks. They are simple to use, maintain, and install. Such baskets are made to accommodate a variety of bottles, including oil, condiments, and pickles. The structure of the baskets ensure that the bottles will not break. It also maintains a designated position for the bottles in the kitchen.

7. Cutlery Basket

Cutlery Basket
Source: freeimageslive

The tray is divided into different sections to carry several types of silverware, such as spoons, dessert knives and forks. This tray should be placed directly beneath where you cook. It’s made of a polymer that resists corrosion from damp cutlery.

8. Corners Basket

Corners Basket
Source: Pinimg.com

Because corners take up a lot of room in the kitchen, they must be used wisely. These corner baskets could be used to store large, infrequently utilized kitchenware. Some brands provide them in round and square shapes, and they’re used to store potatoes or onions.

9. Vegetable Basket

Vegetable Basket
Source: Pinimg.com

Vegetable baskets give you a place to store all of your newly purchased produce. When it comes to vegetables like potatoes and onions, it’s preferable to keep them out of the refrigerator. Placing the veggies in the baskets instead of scattered about on top of the counter gives the space a neat and tidy appearance. You get to choose from a range of materials for a basket, including wicker and rattan.


In the end, it comes down to personal opinion, because extras such as baskets can add to the expense of designing a kitchen while also making cooking a more pleasant experience. The amount of items that can be included depends on the kitchen size. When there’s not enough room, a towering pantry unit can be used, and multi-level baskets can be used to organise all of the kitchen ware, fruits and vegetables aesthetically.

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