7 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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Kitchen Design Mistakes That Should Avoid

Like a man’s heart goes through their stomach a well-designed kitchen goes through the social well-being of the house. The kitchen is the most used space of any home. It should be designed and altered according to the specifications of the family or any person living there. It’s not an easy space to design as there are multiple factors that play a crucial role in making the place look good. The main aspects are functionality and aesthetics. They need to go hand in hand. But some people might goof up, which hampers the efficiency of the kitchen. Here are some Design Mistakes that you should avoid if you are DIYing your kitchen remodel.

1. Not Allocating Enough space for Circulation

Not Allocating Enough space for Circulation

Circulation of Space is very important in any area. There should be adequate space for the movement of people and the person cooking in the kitchen. Moreover, the spaces need to open the appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, and cabinets also. There should be at least 4 feet of a gap for accessibility. And the busiest areas like the stove, refrigerator, and sink should have ample space. If you decide to have a kitchen island make sure it has adequate space around it and it doesn’t look forcibly imposed. If you have a small kitchen, then avoid it. Same with the dining spot. In short, don’t try to squeeze too much together, to achieve the modern contemporary vision. Workaround the available space you have.

2. Following the Golden Triangle Rule

Following the Golden Triangle Rule

The Golden triangle rule was developed in the early 20th century. The basic is the sink, refrigerator, and stove should form a triangle for a good flow of workability. Any side of the triangle should not be less than 4 feet or more than 9 feet. The sum of all three sides of the triangle should be between 13 feet and 26 feet. If due to some size constraints the triangle principle cannot be followed. Try to do zoning of spaces like the cleanup space, cooking space, storage space, mixing/preparation center, serving center, and the refrigerator. They are the basic building blocks of a good kitchen layout.

3. Not Giving Functionality Priority

Not Giving Functionality Priority

As we know, form follows function (in some cases) so should space. The kitchen space has the most workability in the house. So it has to be the most efficient space that can reduce the workload of the person who is doing most of the cooking. Creating a working flow that reduces traffic in the kitchen should be essential. If you don’t make one you will be running all over the kitchen while cooking. This can be achieved by placing spices, cooking oils near the stove, and utensils near the sink and dishwasher. There are many kitchen organizer products available that make your kitchen more efficient.  Most importantly, to avoid this mistake make sure that you have done planning first before renovating.

4. Cramping Up the Shelves

Cramping Up the Shelves

The key to a good kitchen space is to have “space”. Don’t overload the shelves as much that it diminishes the wall behind and loses the aesthetic sense. Instead, store intelligently- the spices, cereals, pulses, utensils should be segregated. The mechanical equipment like blender, oven, the microwave should be clasped together. If you don’t do this it will eventually increase your time in the kitchen. As you won’t be able to find them when in need.

5. Not submerging with the character of the house

5. Not submerging with the character of the house

During revamping Kitchen, people tend to forget it’s a part of the same house. They go over-enthusiastic with colors of the shelves, tiles that look totally different from the whole theme of the house. The kitchen should resemble your house’s character. Don’t put on blinders for the sake of following the trend and use an out of box color scheme. Moreover, your kitchen must last for a good amount of time. So you should think about sustainable materials.

6. Missing out Ventilation

Missing out Ventilation

Ventilation is essential for the whole house in general. But for kitchens, it is the most important one. In an open space plan, the kitchen smell reaches living areas and affect the soft furnishing. The moisture can also lead to the wall damping. You should always invest in a cooker hood with an exhaust fan to avoid the cooking smells lingering on. The other benefit of the ducted extractor is, it will carry the airborne particles outside. If avoided the particles will be recirculated in the house. 

7. Not enough lights

Not enough lights

Many people neglect the importance of a well lit up kitchen. If you don’t provide light fixtures over the countertops, you probably cut your finger while chopping in shadows. But that doesn’t mean that you will light up the unnecessary places. Be practical, and choose the essential zones. And use lightning spaces that are slightly in front of you, to avoid shadows.


Managing the kitchen is not that easy and it requires great management skills. Especially if one person is doing the cooking for all the people of the family. But we can avoid simple mistakes that will help us to increase the productivity of the place. The kitchen is the most expensive and complicated room to design, so to avoid costly mistakes don’t be cheap and ask for a professional’s opinion. Designing your dream kitchen is no easy task. From cooking up your family’s favourite dishes and bonding with family to providing sufficient storage, our culinary corners are the ultimate multitasking spaces, so it’s crucial to get the design and setup just right. Before you delve head-first into a renovation plan, there’s a whole number of design errors to avoid if you want to save time, money and frustration. Try to keep away from these mistakes to design the kitchen of your dreams.

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