How to Choose a Rug for Your Living Room

Choose Rug For Your Living Room

Rugs are a great way to improve the look of any room. They are perfect for entertaining guests in the living room, elevate the decor of your bedroom and create a safe place to play for your children. They are a great investment, but only if some key factors are taken into consideration. Following are some thoughts to keep in mind when choosing a rug for your living room.  


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Size matters, at least when it comes to choosing the right rug. One of the main mistakes made is choosing a rug which is too small for the room. Such rugs are generally known as postage-stamp-size rugs. Rugs generally come in three dimensions; 6×9  feet, 8×10 feet and 9×12 feet. These are sizes that you generally get in every store. If these dimensions don’t fit your needs, then you can get one custom made. This may charge you up a little, especially if you go for an expensive fabric. The thing to remember for custom rugs is to always leave 4 to 8 inches of bare floor around the rug. 


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Rectangular shaped rugs are the norm. It is the standard shape for all rugs that you will find in the market. However, ever since the early 80s, other shapes have also made their way into the rug market. Oval and circular shapes are the most common that you find other than rectangular. These rugs are also handy if you are short on space in the room. If you have a circular shaped dining or coffee table, then a circular rug will be a perfect fit. For children, you can find rugs which are in fun shapes which accentuates their room better. 

Colour and Pattern

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When choosing a rug make sure that the colour scheme and pattern match the room. You can either go for a patterned rug or a solid colour rug. A patterned rug will help add a little colour complexity to an otherwise neutral coloured room. On the other hand, a solid coloured rug will add some balance to an aesthetically ornate room. One advantage of a patterned rug is that spills and dirt don’t stain on it that easy. If you plan for a linear route and get a solid coloured rug for a neutral room, make sure the colours are such that they don’t fight each other. Another thing to make sure is that the flooring and the carpet shouldn’t contrast each other. 


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A rug in your room stimulates two senses; sight and touch. While a rug should be appealing to the eyes, it also feels good to touch. Also, each fabric will suit a different environment. If you are into a soft and warm touch then wool is your fabric. If cool surfaces are for you, then jute is your option. Acrylic, Polypropylene and Viscose are synthetic materials which are blended with natural fibres for better longevity and maintenance. Wool, Cotton, Jute and Sisal are natural fibres, out of which Sisal is made for areas of heavy use.         

Multiple Rugs

While a single rug is enough to add some depth to your room, you can add more dimensions to it by adding multiple layers of rugs. Lay down a base of a large rug, preferably of a darker shade, and keep adding smaller rugs on top. You can use varying shades of the same colour, start dark and grow lighter. You can also use rugs with complementing patterns and layer them over each other. You can play with the shapes too, start with a rectangular rug and place a circular rug. It is a great look during the winter festive season as it adds some cosiness and warmth to the room. 


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When considering function, you should think of your lifestyle. You shouldn’t purchase anything that doesn’t fit effortlessly into your household. Same goes for a rug. Before purchasing a rug make sure it aesthetically matches your home decor. A contrasting rug, no matter how well constructed, would feel like an eyesore in your house. One of the best ways to decide is to analyse how much time you plan on spending in that room and how you plan on using it. Another thing to consider is whether you plan on entertaining people in that room. All of these factors will help you assess the necessary durability and pattern of your rug.      

Correct Timing

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Choosing the rug before the room is done or after makes a lot of difference. It all depends on what you would like to be the centre of attraction in the room. If you plan on a rug to be the star, then place the rug first and build the room around it. Otherwise, build the room first and add all your decor and then decide what rug suits the interior best.   

Consider Flooring

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Your floor acts as a backdrop to your rug. It is the platform on which you plan on creating your painting. You need to make sure that the colours and the pattern do not contrast the floor beneath. You can either go for a rug which perfectly merges with the floor texture and colour. Otherwise, you can go opposite and use a rug which is different in colour but complementing the floor. In the end, make sure that it ties the entire room together.

Think of your Neighbours

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If you don’t live in the suburbs and have an apartment building, you might be sharing a wall with your neighbours next to you and beneath you. Considering their benefit, you might want to go for a rug which absorbs the sound of you walking around. This is also applicable to people with duplex. If you don’t want the noise to carry from the rooms on the first floor to the ground floor, then a plush woollen rug is for you.


As you can see above, there are a lot of things to keep in mind before purchasing a rug. It may look tedious, but following these points will make sure that every rug purchase you make goes perfect with the room you choose it for. 

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