Know More About Hettich Drawer System for Your Modular Kitchen

Hettich Drawer System for Your Modular Kitchen

Hettich Drawer System for Your Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are known to add a lot of value to your home and are aesthetically very pleasing. They are a great investment which will keep giving long after you have installed it. But they can do so only if installed correctly. Hettich is a german company who have been in the business for almost a century now. They have perfected the art of creating beautiful modular kitchens which you can customize yourself. Following is an overview of everything that Hettich has to offer and the drawer systems that you can install in your modular kitchen.

Build Your Kitchen

Source: Hettich

Kitchen is a sacred space where a family and friends gather and create their sustenance. It is important to build this space in the best way possible. Hettich provides its clients with innovative and planned out ideas for their future kitchen. They will help you find the best way to integrate Hettich technology in your modular kitchen. Following are some of the options that they have available. 

Interzum 2019  

The Interzum 2019 is a new addition to their modular kitchen options. It is a selection of kitchen furniture that will help you add to your cooking space. It includes smooth sliding doors, room dividers, a compact kitchen space and a hidden away kitchen with a collapsible door. Anyone of these installations is bound to improve your kitchen experience.

Kitchenette with a Butcher’s Block

Hettich Kitchenette is a small, compact but well-built kitchen installation. They are created for small spaces and come with a refrigerator and a microwave installed. With Hettich, you get two options: with a Wingline 770 folding door or a Wingline L folding door. 

Sliding Doors

Cabinets play an important role in the kitchen. They need to have enough storage space to fit all the required utensils and spices. However, if you have limited floor space to walk around in your kitchen, an open hinged cabinet is an accident ready to happen. This is why Hettich has come up with its sliding doors. These doors are mounted on smooth runners which make the entire experience smooth and silent. It adds to the style and no longer do you need to worry about bruising your head with an edged cabinet door. 

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have become a must-have in a modular kitchen. They have multiple functions. It can either work as a prep station for food or as a table around which you can gather your friends and family. They also act as a great storage space. Hettich creates kitchen islands with handleless drawers. They give an uninterrupted and solid look to the kitchen island.

Highboard with Locking Pull-Out Shelves      

Kitchen space is full of appliances that may get in the way and give a cluttered look. Highboard with locking pull-out shelves are a great way to manage these appliances. The highboard with appliances on them slide out comfortably when you have to use them. When done with it, the appliances go back in their place, creating a lot of space for you to work and move around. 

Drawer Systems by Hettich

Source: Hettich

Hettich has created a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing range of installations that are a must for every modular kitchen. One of the installations that they are popular for are drawers. Hettich has a great line of drawer systems. They have two primary drawer systems; ArciTech and InnoTech. They are a system of double-walled drawers. The production process is cost-effective and requires minimum effort in manufacturing and installation.  


The ArciTech drawer system has exceptional running action and stability. It is designed around the Actro Prism principle and gives smooth action and running performance. Arcitech Drawer systems are designed such that they can handle all of your storing needs. They come in three weight categories; 40, 60 and 80 kgs. The product lineup is based on a single platform. It provides two drawer side profile heights in colours like silver, anthracite, white and stainless steel. It also comes with six rear panel heights. High-end segments come with the option of 126mm side profile height and 250mm rear panel height. 


InnoTech drawer systems have established themselves as the best on the world’s market. The drawer systems come in many variations. You can use a partial extension runner without installing a soft close or use full extension runner with Silent System or Push to open. These variants help create drawers with unique design elements that make it easy to differentiate between models based on function. InnoTech drawer systems are practical and fulfil all your organisational needs. While many may be hesitant to go all the way with Innotech, there is a simple solution available. The partial extension runner is a great way to get a feel for InnoTech and later upgrade to the full extension.        


A good set of hinges can go a long way. A good pair will be sturdy and help prolong the life of the door itself. At Hettich, they use the best of technology to create Sensys, their line of specially built hinges. Sensys hinges are integrated with a soft closing system which provides better comfort when closing cabinet doors. Sensys comes with a self-closing feature which makes the closing action almost automatic. They are gentle on the door and noise-free. 

Drawer Runners    

The range of drawers and runners that Hettich has to offer is vast. They have something to meet everyone’s needs. They have options for loading capacity, established ball-bearing slides and unique Quadro runners provide the best solution. They are a convenient and reliable storing solution for your modular kitchen. 

White Goods  

Appliances in the kitchen most of the abuse. Extreme heat and cold along with heavy wear and tear are common. You require a group of appliances that can take extreme use. Hettich provides hardware solutions with a level of convenience best known amongst living-room furniture. 


Modular Kitchens are a great investment and just as much of a responsibility to be done right. You will not be able to gain much out of it if the wrong pieces of equipment have been installed. Hettich is a reliable source for all things modular kitchen. The above overview is just a glimpse of all that this German Giant has to offer. 

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