How To Choose The Right Wallpaper For Your Home?

Choose The Right Wallpaper For Your Home

Choose Wallpaper For Your Home

Wallpapers are great at personalizing spaces and often come as a go to option for people who wish to present their concrete walls as a fine art. These wallcoverings also disguise imperfections on the wall and make adding a bit of whimsy to the space much easier. But when it comes to choosing the right wallpaper for our homes, many of us feel intimidating because of the fact that it can break or make the mood in a room. That’s exactly why our interior design experts are here to tell you how to choose the right wallpaper for your home by touching on various factors like colour, pattern, texture, etc. So, grab some coffee and give this blog a quick read.

Wallpaper Selection For Home

Based on Colours

Choose Wallpaper

The mood of a room highly depends on the hues of the wallpaper. So, before settling on a particular colour for your wallpaper, think carefully about the mood you wish to create in your space. For instance, if you want to make your space feel fresh and sweet, pick wallpapers with soft cool colours and pale hues like blue, green, grey, etc. On the other hand, opt for warm colors like red, yellow, orange, etc. if you want to make your space feel warmer for people.

Check out the below table to understand what coloured wallpaper works best for which room.

Wallpaper ColourRoom
Beige, yellow, orange, red combinations, etc.For living room and foyer areas as these colours are warm and welcoming.
Scarlet red, peach, brown, green or teal, etc.For the kitchen as these colours are a combination of energy and stimulation.
Green, turquoise, subdued orange, saffron, etc.For dining rooms as they influence the appetite.
All lighter shades of pink, blue, green, grey, purple, etc.For the master bedroom as they bring tranquility, and relaxation and also induce sleep.
All happy colours like orange, pink, blue, green, yellow, lavender, etc.For the kids’ room as they are nurturing and bright.
All royal colours like rose gold, emerald green, dark purple, etc.For the guest bedrooms as they can make your guests feel more welcomed and comfortable.

For a more appealing room, choose your wallpaper colours from the colour palette of the rest of your room. And if you have small or low ceiling rooms, it’s good to turn to wallpapers with light and soft shades as they make the room appear larger and the ceiling higher.

Based on Textures

Right Wallpaper For Your Home

Textured wallpapers greatly help with hiding the flaws on the wall by camouflaging with the wall imperfections or any other architectural eyesores. They also do an excellent job of giving your walls some dimension and bring a greater design depth and visual interest. When it comes to choices, they are limitless. Yes, they are available in versatile choices to fit any decor. And your wallpapers can take textures that are either visual or tactile. (Visual texture – felt by visual sense, tactile texture – felt by touch sense). So, which textured wallpaper is right for your space? Check out the below table.

Type of Textured WallpaperApplication
Rough textured WallpapersFor high traffic rooms
Smooth textured WallpapersFor rooms that see less wear and tear
Glossy textured wallpapersFor windowless rooms
Matte textured wallpapersFor rooms with a lot of natural light
Naturally textured wallpapersFor rooms where you want to create a rustic style

Based on Patterns

Wallpaper For Your Home

Next in the queue is figuring out which pattern works well for your space. Patterned wallpapers hide the imperfections on the wall surface and also help make the room look more casual. A rule of thumb in pattern selection is the patterns on your wallpaper should be a good match to the patterns on your window treatments, rugs, cushion covers, etc. And the remaining guidelines are listed in the below table.

Horizontal patternsFor narrow rooms that need to appear wider (but they can also make the ceiling appear shorter)
Vertical patternsFor rooms where the ceiling should appear higher than it really is
Large patternsFor large and spacious rooms and best suited for one wall covering in a large room.
Small patternsFor small and tight rooms
Floral patternsFor dining rooms and more feminine spaces
Geometric patternsFor home office spaces
Bold PatternsFor living room and kitchen
Intricate patternsFor rooms with lots of windows and doors

Note: You can also mix and match the patterns for a more modern and contemporary look.

Based on Materials

Material is one of the major decisive factors in wallpaper selection. Many are the types of materials with which wallpapers are made and each has different property and application process.

Wallpaper MaterialApplication
Vinyl WallpapersFor high traffic rooms because of their highly washable property.
Fabric wallpapersFor luxurious spaces because of their stylish look
Nonwoven WallpapersFor any kind of room because of their user-friendly nature.
Foil WallpapersFor only highly smooth walls as they reveal imperfections easily.
Natural Bamboo WallpapersFor rooms that ask for a more natural look
Grass-Cloth WallpapersFor any kind of space because of their durability and washability
Flock WallpapersFor bedroom, guest room, living room, or dining room because of their fuzzy velvet-like texture

Wallpaper For Your Home: Final Words

We hope this detailed guide has helped you pick the right wallpaper roll in hand for your home.

In case, if these many considerations overload your brain, you can always feel free to reach us. We will make sure that you are settled with the right and perfect wallpaper for your home with our online 3D interior design service.

With our online 3D interior design service, you can experiment with various wallpaper options by trying out different colours, patterns and textures and check out how good they will look in your interiors – all digitally before buying – at the comfort of your sofa.  Want to give it a try? Get started and meet our interior designers online at your earliest.

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