What Are The Types Of Hettich Wardrobe Designs?

Hettich Wardrobe Designs

Hettich Wardrobe Designs

Do you know what makes a world of difference to your room? Certainly, it’s your wardrobe. From meeting all your storage needs to keeping your room free of clutter, it has multiple jobs to do and becomes an inevitable addition to your home. So, it makes sense to design the right type of wardrobe that can satisfactorily keep your accessories well organised and also enhance the overall look of the entire room. But, without the knowledge of different types of wardrobe designs, choosing the right one is a tough nut to crack. That is why in this blog, we have listed the different types of wardrobe designs offered by Hettich, one of the world’s leading furniture fittings manufacturers and suppliers based out of Germany. Read on and choose your ideal one.

Types of Hettich Wardrobes

Based on the door systems and fittings used, the following types of wardrobes designs are offered by Hettich.

  • Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • Folding Door Wardrobe
  • Panorama Wardrobe
  • Mirrored Wardrobe
  • Swivel Door Wardrobe
  • Sloped Wardrobe

1. Sliding Door Wardrobe

With doors that do not intrude into the room, the sliding door wardrobe helps make the most of storage space and provides unobstructed access to the contents inside it. The three versions of sliding door systems by Hettich are

  • Top-running sliding door system
  • Bottom-running Sliding door system
  • Sliding door systems for customised applications

For all the three systems, the below elements are adjustable.

  • Door height
  • Door offset (distance between the front face of the wall and the front face of the door)
  • Door reveal (distance between the face of the door out and the face of the frame on the push side of the door)

These doors can be opened easily with minimal opening resistance. So, a simple twist of the wrist is all it takes to make your door glide.

The silent system provides you with the luxury of soft, quiet, gentle and smooth opening and closing.

These doors also have very smooth running action to make opening and closing fascinatingly easy.

With new design options, the running and guide systems can be made hardly visible and hence the wardrobe can get a neat and unbeatable look.

To ensure security, these doors come with a push lock which is one of the easiest to use form of door locks.

With a synchronous-action sliding door system, you can synchronously open and close the two doors in opposite directions just with a single hand motion.

2. Folding Door wardrobe

With minimal door protrusion, folding door wardrobes are an excellent choice for efficiently organising your space.

The Folding doors can be installed in two ways,

  • One way – where doors open from one side and fold to the opposite side
  • Bi-parting – where doors open from the centre and fold to both sides

They offer good ease of access to everything inside the cabinet with Push/Pull to move opening mechanism, meaning that with just two pushes you can instantly view the entire contents of your wardrobe.

3. Panorama Wardrobe

These wardrobes give an innovative panorama effect i.e. a wide-angle view of the entire wardrobe.

This Panorama convenience can be achieved with either sliding door systems or folding door systems, based on your preference.

Accessing your contents inside the wardrobe gets extremely easy and simple with a panorama effect.

4. Mirrored wardrobe

As the name says, these wardrobes come with mirrored shutters or doors.

Advantages of installing these mirrored wardrobes are

  • They are an interesting design feature and hence offer stunning aesthetics.
  • They can make your room appear visually larger and bigger and also feel more open, airy and spacious.
  • With a lot of reflections, they can make your room appear well lit.
  • They can also be used as a dresser which can greatly help with your quick look checks.

5. Swivel door wardrobe

With swivel door wardrobes, the doors turn around a point or axis and pave way for extremely easy handling.

Because of such a unique opening architecture, these wardrobes can effortlessly bring a cool contemporary vibe to the room, without any hitches.

These swivel systems can be used for wooden doors or wood/aluminium framed doors.

6. Sloped Wardrobe

Do you have interesting slants at your home? Then turn to sloped wardrobes.

They are the ideal storage solutions for “dead” or “waste” spaces in your home. For eg: the space under the stairs, sloped ceilings, attic bedrooms, etc. Yes, you can easily squeeze in a new closet in these places with a sloped wardrobe.

They help make use of these otherwise inaccessible and hard-to-reach storage spaces with smart pull-out drawers which require just one pull-out movement to reveal the contents inside it.

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