What is the Difference between Ducted and Ductless Chimney?

Ducted Vs Ductless Chimney

Ducted Vs Ductless Chimney

At this time, there are a plethora of good-quality kitchen chimneys to choose from. You really can not decide which option would be ideal for your home and kitchen because there are so many possibilities. Moreover, you should be aware that you must choose between ducted and ductless versions of kitchen chimneys. The advantages and disadvantages of ducted and ductless kitchen chimneys are typically determined by the layout of the kitchen.

Understanding both Ductless and Ducted Chimneys 

Ductless Chimney

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A ductless chimney, employs an exhaust fan to filter away the filthy air and smoke. Its primary goal is to enhance the air quality of the indoor environment within the kitchen, therefore it mostly removes smoke and stale air. To do this, a ductless chimney includes a hood-mounted filter that cleans the air. The ductless kitchen chimney is attractive and perfect for a well-designed kitchen. This is due to the fact that a ductless chimney requires no wall pipelines or holes to be installed. As a result, to create the ideal kitchen, you’ll want to install a ductless chimney. Ductless chimneys are uncomplicated chimneys that collect smoke, water vapour, and harmful particles from the air directly into their mouth and return fresh, purified airflow to the surface. Solid molecules that contribute to an unhealthy ambience are absorbed by filters, and the air that flows through is purified before being discharged as fresh air.

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Ducted Chimney

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A duct, also known as a ducted chimney, is a long pipe that is used to evacuate smoke and warmth from the kitchen. These pipes function by drawing hot air or smoke into the home and releasing it outside. As a consequence, duct chimneys are more efficient in transferring huge quantities of hot air at once, making them great for commercial use. Ducted Chimneys are ordinary chimneys that have a complicated framework. The existence of the duct distinguishes it in this situation because, unlike ductless chimneys, the duct entirely eliminates air from the kitchen. This chimney, also, contains filters that collect particulate molecules and, rather than releasing the purified air, it expels it through a well-designed duct system. Ducted chimneys are more complicated, but they ensure that the air does not re-emerge into the kitchen or any other enclosed areas.

Duct vs. Ductless Chimney: Which one do you Need?

How Much and How Often do you cook?

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It’s an unusual and forthright question, but it’s among the most crucial factors to consider when deciding which model of kitchen chimney is right for you. The concept presented here is straightforward. After eliminating the harmful molecules, the ductless chimneys will return the air to the kitchen, with the same fragrance and odour. Simultaneously, the ducted chimneys gather and exhaust all of the polluted air through ducts that go to an open place outdoors. When you cook frequently, you generate a lot of smoke, odour, and oil vapour. Because ductless chimneys take polluted air, purify it by eliminating solid molecules, refine it, and discharge it directly into the kitchen; it makes little to no impact on the stink and the unsettling scene it generates. Ducted chimneys, instead, provide a path for polluted air to escape to the outdoors while also providing a comfortable and peaceful ambience in the kitchen. As a result, ducted chimneys are much more pleasant and preferable in the kitchen if you cook a lot

Space and Maintenance Issues

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Kitchen Chimneys are enormous structures that require their own area above the stove or elsewhere in the kitchen. Ductless Chimneys do not really require any more room aside from a simple setup that can be readily dusted and managed. At the very same time, ducted chimneys necessitate a massive installation in the kitchens, wherein the ducts are linked to the outdoors via pipes. If you do not have the required room in your kitchen, ducted chimneys might make things worse because they need to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. As a result, ductless chimneys appear to be a preferable alternative here in terms of space and management.


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Although there aren’t too many pricing variations between ducted and ductless chimneys, the cost of installation makes a significant impact. In that circumstance, ductless chimneys are a more cost-effective and economical alternative to consider, whereas ducted chimneys require the construction of extra ducts to expel the airflow from the kitchen area. When you include the installing and maintaining expenses, it becomes extremely expensive.

Heat Reduction and Noise Generation 

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Heat reduction and noise generation are two significant topics to address when comparing kitchen chimney duct versus ductless versions. The ducted chimneys seem to be the way to go if you want to improve the air temperature in your kitchen. It operates by expelling all of the hot air outside of the home, making your kitchen feel much cooler. The ductless chimney, on the other hand, just redistributes the air once it has been purified out. Duct chimneys are also quieter than ductless chimneys. To get the air past the filtration on ductless chimneys, the exhaust fans must spin extremely quickly, which sometimes results in a lot of noise. This is not the case with duct chimneys, because the fans on them simply force the air outside the space.


This in-depth assessment of ducted and ductless chimneys has identified the benefits and drawbacks of each, as well as how they would influence your cooking experience. If comfort and a totally pleasant environment are your top priorities, a Ducted Chimney is an excellent choice. Ductless Chimneys are a great option if money is a significant consideration and a bit less comfort isn’t an issue.

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