What Is Marine Ply and Its Uses?

What Is Marine Ply

Does the name “Marine” Plywood get your mind picturing the docks and boats stationed in the nearby waterfront? Maybe, it does. But, it’s not just the projects by the seafront or oceanfront that are perfect for a sheet of marine plywood. Yes, one should not simply judge marine plywood by its stamp and confine its uses to waterfronts. This range of plywood has incalculable uses and applications, especially in places where the hazard of moisture is high. Just have a good look around from where you are sitting, whether it’s your office space or your modern home, strong possibilities are there will be a whole lot of marine plywood around you. From office floorings to home kitchen cabinets, this plywood can work wonders for all types of projects and hence the world of interiors is dominated by this marvellous material.

What is so remarkable about this specific type of plywood anyway, you might ask. So, here we are back with another blog post to let you know a little more about the world of Marine Ply. Read on and find out what marine plywood is, what its uses are and how beneficial it can be for your next project.

What Is Marine Ply?

It is a man-made material produced by binding two or three layers of naturally moisture-resistant hardwood veneers using a strong adhesive. The combination of already moisture-resistant hardwood and strong adhesive makes marine plywood resist the moisture and humidity more. Therefore, this kind of ply performs well in humid and wet environments and also in areas where it receives prolonged exposure to moisture. (However, Marine Plywood is not completely impervious to water and hence it is not waterproof).

Why is it celebrated by the interior world?

  1. It is highly versatile in nature and can adapt to any structure and shape easily
    • It doesn’t trap water
  2. Resists bending, warping and delamination which often results from too much moisture
  3. Its durability and structural strength guarantee a long life for any construction made out of it.
  4. Shows good resistance against fungal attack
  5. As it doesn’t allow water to permeate its surface, marine ply exhibits good resistance to swell ups, rots and decays.
  6. Maintains structural integrity no matter how much it is bent or shaped. Its outer layer is extremely hard and hence no cause of concern about dent formation and daily wears and tears.
  7. Has an extraordinary surface finish, so used in both residential and commercial projects
  8. As its veneer is free of defects and core contains no voids, marine ply exhibits high dimensional stability.
  9. Its high tensile strength reduces the need for repairs and maintenance.

What are the uses of marine ply?

  1. As it doesn’t trap water, Marine ply is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets and kitchen furniture which get a lot of exposure to moisture, steam and water from the overflowing sink, pressure cooker, kitchen appliances, poor taps, etc.
  2. You can also rely on marine ply for your bathroom furnishings – for the obvious reason of their exposure to water.
  3. It can be used in the construction of furniture that belongs to the laundry areas – where water from taps can seep in easily.
  4. Best choice for lining the floors of damp areas in your property
  5. Can be used to fabricate outdoor furniture that is in danger of being rained on, such as garden furniture like tables, chairs, swings and benches
  6. Ideal for building the decks, especially if the property is situated in moisture-high hilly areas
  7. Works well for porches which are open to air and rain
  8. It is also good to settle on Marine plywood for your Arbour which is nothing but an outdoor structure present in the garden for the purpose of enhancing the outdoor space or just enjoying some shade.
  9. It can also be used to make a wide range of planters for your garden or semi-outdoor environments.
  10. Marine plywood will do the job for fences too.
  11. It is also the plywood suitable for hillside, seaside and oceanfront properties.

Final words

In a nutshell, Marine plywood is nothing but a more water-durable version of the normal plywood. Because of the aforementioned features, properties and uses, it long had and still has the reputation as the best plywood for high humid areas. One can purchase Marine ply in different grades like A, B, C and D, each varying in quality, thickness and cost (A holds the very best quality and D comparatively the lowest). So, if you are considering starting a project that requires the use of marine ply, understand what grade of plywood will work the best for your project. To make sure your plywood is of marine grade, look for Indian standard specification number IS:710 on the plywood during your purchasing session. In case, if you need assistance or support, just tap on us. Our expert team is here to help you out.

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