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ZAD Interiors in partnership with Pidilite Industries (makers of Fevicol) is proud to launch Interior Design Services in Hyderabad. We work on the design and execution of projects exclusively for private residences, focusing on innovation and distinctiveness with constant dedication to various phases, from initial discussion to 3D visualization, to turnkey delivery. By choosing our services you will have at your disposal a group of experts, such as interior designers and contractors from Pidilite (makers of Fevicol), who with a great deal of experience and with state-of-the-art 3D technologies will get you have access to all the design and execution services created to meet your every need for making your dream home a reality.

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Calculate Home Interior Cost

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Get Modular Kitchen Estimate

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Design Consultation

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3D Design Service

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Interior designer: why hire one and what he/she can help you with?

Why hire an interior designer for your project? A question that many people ponder in the run-up to a renovation or interior design project. Here we list why.

An Interior designer creates the whole

One of the most common challenges for home renovators is how to get all their ideas and desires to come together, both visually and functionally. An interior designer is the right person to help with this. They have a good grasp of the big picture and can see how all the details of a space affect the rest of the room. The interior designer can take into account how different colours and materials work together. It is also important that the furniture and decorations chosen are in the right proportion to the space. A stylish living room can easily look silly if you put too small a rug in the middle of it, or even too big and heavy a coffee table. An interior designer can also take into account how the different rooms in the home interact with each other and how to keep the atmosphere consistent throughout the home without being boring.

An interior designer makes it easier to make choices

Everyone probably knows the feeling of being faced with fifty different options and having to choose the right one. The end result is easily anxiety from over-selection. An interior designer makes it easy, narrowing down the options to those that meet your needs and wishes. The number of options is reduced, but their quality is improved. You can choose any of them because the designer would have already studied their suitability for you. Doesn't that sound wonderfully easy?

An interior Designer guarantees Professionalism

When you hire a professional interior designer, you can expect quality service and a professional approach to everything. The extensive study provides interior designers with the expertise, the flair for the profession and, as they say, a "trained" eye. What does this mean in practice? It means that any good interior designer will very quickly find what is missing or in need of remodelling in your home. Based on these insights, they will offer you several different changes that you can discuss together. There is a delicate balance between art and science in interior design, and experienced interior designers will know exactly how to maintain it.

An interior designer saves you time 

Whether it's a small change to your living room or a major renovation of your entire home, a project always takes time and patience. You have to research and explore different options for materials. You have to research different vendors and make requests for quotations. You have to plan a schedule so that everything can be accomplished in the midst of everyday life. For many of us, it's just really hard to find the time to do all this without stress levels rising too high. So, this is one of the main reasons why you should hire an interior designer to help you. A designer will bring the options directly to your doorstep and work out prices and delivery times for you. 

An interior designer saves you money

Interior designing and renovation projects always cost money and are big investments for all of us. Many of us want to try to save where we can. However, the interior designer's fee is only a small part of the big picture, and ultimately a small price to pay for delegating the care and responsibility of your choices to a professional. It is also often the case that using a designer saves you money because the interior design is always done according to the budget given by you in advance. You are also more likely to avoid making mistakes, so you don't spend money on fixing them later.

An interior designer brings in the contacts

As a project progresses, it is often necessary to call in a plumber, electrician, or contractor. Interior designers would have built up a number of contacts through their various jobs and can recommend them when the opportunity arises. An interior designer also gives freedom to search for products for the home from a variety of sources, making use of contacts previously established. They are not tied to a single supplier, so your home is sure to become a more unique entity.

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