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Kitchen is the heart of the home

Long gone are the days when the kitchen is designated only for cooking. Now it has been slowly morphed into multi-functional space for connecting with family, chatting with neighbours, creating memories, etc. – almost like a new living room. If you love involving in all these activities, then your kitchen being functional and trendy with perfect interiors is vital.

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Kitchen Interior Design Service

U Shaped Kitchen Interior Designer in Kolkata
U Shaped Kitchen Interior Design
This kitchen layout features three walls that are lined with cabinets and appliances. It is an effective design that can maximize wall space and free up floor space.
L Shaped Kitchen Interior Designer in Kolkata
L Shaped Kitchen Interior Design
This kitchen configuration consists of two adjoining, perpendicular walls that form a working triangle. It can easily fit in smaller kitchens and offer an efficient workspace.
Parallel Kitchen Interior Designer in Kolkata
Parallel Kitchen Interior Design
In this kitchen concept, two walls along with their cabinets run parallel to each other with a way between them.
Island Kitchen Interior Designer in Kolkata
Island Kitchen Interior Design
This kitchen architecture consists of freestanding cabinetry that can either match the existing kitchen design or supplement it.
Straight Kitchen Interior Designer in Kolkata
Straight Kitchen Interior Design
As the name sounds, this kitchen layout runs against a single wall in a straight line. It is ideal for narrow spaces and small houses.

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Best Kitchen Interior Design Service

The culinary space or kitchen is one of the perennial favourites for any family. It is the space that holds a special place in the heart of seasoned cooks, bakers, jam makers, toasts lovers, coffee or tea addicts and it is also the place that energises the family through food, chat sessions and shared moments. With so many roles to play, it’s no doubt your kitchen requires trendy and perfect interiors. How do you design it? Are you trying to attempt it by yourself? Ohh! Then there may be plenty of room for errors. Give your decision a second thought and approach a kitchen interior designing company in Kolkata! They can better design and amplify your space!