10 Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen Without Cabinets

Kitchen Design Ideas

Decorate Your Kitchen Without Cabinets

A well-organized, tidy, uncluttered kitchen makes everything from brewing coffee to cooking dinner a thousand times simpler. But what if there are no cabinets in your kitchen? Where else are you going to put your bowls, mugs, and snacks? If you don’t have a straightforward place to store dishes, food, and kitchen equipment, you have to look beyond the cabinet. Here are 10 clever ways to design and plan a kitchen without cabinets.

Use a Pegboard to store Kitchen Tools

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A very well-designed pegboard isn’t just a pretty thing to look at, it really is the secret to preserving your sanity in the kitchen— irrespective of the presence of cabinets. This is because the pegboard helps organize your cooking equipment in an effective and aesthetic way. Resourceful and shockingly sleek, pegboards are a swanky way to keep tidy when you’re not dealing with a lot of cabinets in your kitchen. And while hanging one could leave you with a few unflattering holes in your kitchen wall, there’s nothing that some spackle can’t repair before you move out.

Floating Shelves

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Floating shelves bring charisma and character to your kitchen as well as your favorite dishes. The best thing is that they’re not taking up any of your precious floor space. Go minimal with the racks. Or decorate them with flower pots, cookbooks, and framed pictures. Since they are simply wooden planks supported by braces, they cost just a fraction of the closed cabinets. You should look around for the brackets that suit both your kitchen and your taste. 

Rolling Kitchen Cart

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Kitchen carts were initially used as informal tea carts or as a means of moving treats from the kitchen to the dining room or family room. They have now grown into trendy “must have ” kitchen furnishings featuring shelves, drawers, staves and/or wine racks and display cabinets. Even the smallest kitchen can handle a rotating cart. Surprisingly chic, they can have loads of storage in a limited room. If you need more storage, just roll the cart to your dining table or living room. Or just place your spare dishes and the basics of cooking on the kitchen cart and call it a day.

Use Racks to Hang Mugs

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Don’t have space to store your mugs? Hang them on a comfortable rack instead. If you’re not using a coffee mug rack, use a wooden coat rack or a chic towel bar with solid hooks. Bonus points if you can build enough room for a breakfast nook underneath your mug display. This looks amazing in a minimalist home, and it’s ready to emphasize the lovely things you’ve selected to use in your kitchen. You will build a beautiful look and add warmth to your kitchen depending on the material you chose for your counter.

Add Storage to your Kitchen Island

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You’re going to have to engage a Saturday afternoon to gather your kit and build a kitchen island. However, you’ll be delighted to have a versatile kitchen island with plenty of storage room for food,  towels, cutting boards, silverware, and so on. Besides being portable, these multipurpose islands function as cutting boards, which means that you also get extra countertop space! Certain functions of the kitchen cart/island were expressly designed to enhance its versatility and make it more user-friendly. 

Store Dishes on Bookcases 

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Bookcases are the informal cousin of a sophisticated glass-paneled china cabinet. A multi-shelf bookcase can comfortably accommodate a whole range of treats, plus additional items such as cookbooks, jars of cooking ingredients, and a cutting board. This is a perfect choice for someone who’s searching for kitchen storage and doesn’t have a big budget, since it’s easy to track down bookcases at a wide range of rates. You can quickly upgrade your bookcase if you’d like to change the color of the paint. Bookcases are extremely versatile, allowing you to use a range of buckets, baskets or open shelving.

Maximize drawer space

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If your kitchen has no cabinets, the drawers are your redeeming factor. They’re covering your unsightly but required cooking equipment (like citrus squeezers and meat tenderizers) and making everything accessible. The key to a well-organized drawer is to reap the benefits of every inch of room available. How is that possible? Make use of stacking bins and drawer dividers. Besides keeping your drawers incredibly organized,  mini storage bins are a perfect way to create additional storage space in a crowded kitchen.

Store Food in Baskets on Counter

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Lack room to conceal your food and cooking ingredients? Display them. Buy a set of similar jars and stock them with grains, flours, beans, nuts, sugar and fresh pasta. Get a classy wire or wicker basket, cover the inside with a cloth, and fill it with your favorite food items. Baskets are elegant and can be changed if you want to improve the look of your kitchen without having to resort to replacing the countertop painting the walls. Depending on the kind of basket you have, you will be able to clean it or wash it so you don’t really have to think about it being dirty or stained. You may get some open shelving by cutting a basket or two without having to totally commit to this look.

Open Shelving

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If you’re well-coordinated, but your dishes aren’t simply all worth displaying, open shelving is still a choice. Make use of baskets to arrange any products that may be unflattering to the eye, along with food items that you’d like to keep handy but secret. Open shelving is a lot cheaper to purchase than standard cabinets, which is perfect if you’re on a budget. They make cooking extremely easy, since anything you need is conveniently available. 

Wire Mesh or Screens

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In reality, screens and wire mesh can be very appealing, particularly in a modern farmhouse home where the mesh or screen gives the kitchen a rustic feel. If you prefer this door option, you should be assured that there will be air ventilation in and around the dishes that you have packed in your cabinet. This can help avoid mold or mildew if you want to keep the dishes away because they’re still moist.

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