Trending Modular Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2022

Trending Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Modular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Trends in the decor of modern kitchens are continually changing. This room was traditionally intended only for cooking and dining, but today it has become a place far more incorporated into everyday life. In addition to the things that the kitchens have been built for, it is not unusual to see people watching television, using the computer or studying. Therefore, since the kitchen has become a multifunctional space, decoration plays a more and more important role. Now is the perfect time to start your research if you are thinking of upgrading or renovating your kitchen, because each year brings new design trends and products. An effective kitchen design should concentrate on its functionality, use excellent ergonomics, robust finishes, and integrate items of high quality. Read on for some color ideas for kitchen cabinets. 

Contrasting textures

Modular Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Source: Snappygoat

The new concepts use contrasting finishes for texture. Dark porcelain or slate with wood, for example, or super-matte black cabinets paired with hot bronze metal sinks. These elegant finishes are balanced with natural organic materials, such as wooden island details or large wood floor planks. Matte black, satin nickel, tin, and antique brass are the most common finishes for cabinet handles. What is popular with all these finishes is that they are matte finishes, not high gloss finishes, and thus do not show fingerprints. But more possibilities are there. The materials used are very varied. And they are gradually mixing together, that is to say, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, stone, and metal, which combine into more original combinations and can already be seen as an exciting trend for the next year in kitchens. The homeowners prefer synthetic materials, which have better quality and are durable.

Black and Dark Gray

Grey Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: pickrepo

For the kitchen, many interior designers have used darker colour palettes, playing with dark grey and black. Black and white are going to be seen a lot too. It has an air of natural simplicity and earthly enthusiasm, but the overall appearance is of elegance and sophistication. 


Modular Kitchen Colors
Source: Piqsells

A winning combo that we will continue to see throughout the year is wall cabinets in a colour that contrasts with the lower cabinets. The contrast of muted navy blue with grey, white or black, for instance. Blue and wood are another prevalent combinations. One of the most used colours in the kitchen will be navy blue. It fits well with fittings made from brass.  


This is another of the colours in the kitchens that are gaining more ground. Forest Green, Teal, or Celery Green are the most widely used colours.

Contemporary White Kitchens

White Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: Pixabay

For kitchens, one of the classic colours is white. This colour brings a lot of light and also offers an impeccable feature of hygiene. It is possible to mix the white colour with natural wood, granite, or concrete. White kitchens can also be fabulous, with tiny touches of black. 

Gray and Beige

Beige Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: Pikrepo

Neutral colours are also gaining ground, and colours such as white, grey, and beige are seen in more and more kitchens. 

Navy and White

Navy Modular Kitchen Cabinets

If you think blue and white seem too marine, opt for navy. In a kitchen, the richer tone is balanced, and with brass hardware that seems impressive. 

Blue and Grey

If the contrast between white and blue feels too intense, opt for grey. The cool tones create a soft, soothing place for you to cook. 

Cream and Grey

Cream & Grey Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: pikpik

Neutral against neutral. This combo is going to steam up the kitchen, but it’s still timeless enough that in a year you won’t be dying to color it over.

Sky Blue & White

Sky Blue Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: Piqsels

Pair a darker base with light upper cabinets so that the space still remains light and spacious. Pro tip: If glass doors are added and it will feel even more spacious. 

Blue & Yellow

Yellow Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: Pikrepo

Maybe this is the most colourful kitchen of all time, and we’re here for it. Go all out and add the colour to create a bold wall, too.

Barn Red and Green

Pick gentle, subdued tones to prevent this complementary colour scheme from being too Christmasy. The overall palette is warmed up even more by wood finishes on the island, ceiling, and floor. 

Black and Red

Red Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: Pickpick

Thanks to a pairing of colours of equal strength, this dramatic kitchen looks balanced. To show off the red island in the middle, black cabinets efficiently blend into the background, while a light backsplash and countertops prevent the painted parts from feeling bulky.

Cool Gray and Warm Orange

Orange Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: pxfuel

This gray neutrality has ample sophistication to stand on its own. But combined with the fiery orange that can be applied to the island, it really comes alive. A lighter tint of the same grey adds texture and reveals the vibrant accessories. It can be painted on the backs of the open shelves. 

Touches of intense colour

Source: pxfuel

Emphasize the integration of strong colours through tiles, furniture, or various decorative accessories. In modern-style kitchens, the powerful and vivid colours often enforce style, with green and orange being some of the most used colours, which when paired with good lighting are even more attractive.

Use Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Colours to it Liven Up 

Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: Pxfuel

To brighten up your place, use two-tone kitchen cabinet colours. It can make the entire mood of the room shift. Even brightening up only one area, say, an island, can be a real mood-booster with a refreshing hue. Combine your cabinets with two colours and you’re on the way to a truly personal look. So break out of the white-and-wood zone and let the room work in colour

Go Minimalistic

Minimalistic Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Source: pixabay

These spaces benefit from the aesthetics and neatness that the minimalist style provides, as you can see more and more. It is dedicated, but applied discreetly, to furniture and minimal decorative elements, neutral or cheerful colours. It also opts for the replacement of tables with bars or countertops that can be made of different materials, but they are obviously dominated by granite, steel, or concrete. Modern appliances, on the other hand, in silver, black, white, or metallic copper, give the rooms a very elegant look.

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