PVC or Acrylic – Which Finish is Better for Kitchen Cabinets?

PVC Vs Acrylic Laminates For Kitchen Cabinets

PVC Laminate Finish Vs Acrylic Finish: Quick Analysis

ParameterPVC Laminate FinishAcrylic Finish
CostComparatively cheapComparatively pricey
AestheticsNot as glossy as acrylicHighly glossy
DurabilityRelatively highRelatively low

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PVC Vs Acrylic: Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

This blog spells the difference between two extremely popular finishes with which most Indian household furnishings are often surfaced i.e. PVC and Acrylic Finishes. While the two are very commonly used for kitchen cabinets, the struggle in choosing one over the other for any interior job remains real because of their superlative qualities. So, go through this blog and choose the right finish that befits you and your space the best.

What is PVC Laminate Finish?

PVC Laminates

Made by pressing thin layers of plastic resins and flat papers together under high pressure and temperature in factories, this is a multi-layered material which is used for finishing an assortment of furniture, most commonly modular kitchen cabinets.

What is Acrylic Finish?

acrylic laminates

It is a type of surfacing material which is primarily used on modular kitchen cabinets. Made of plastic resins, the acrylic finish has a highly reflective and glossy surface which brings a bright shine to the cabinets and gives them a mirror-like look.

Let’s compare these two finishes based on the below factors.

1. Aesthetics

PVC Laminate FinishAcrylic Finish
PVC laminates are versatile in colour, pattern and texture with finishes like matte, glossy and ultra-high gloss. But, though PVC Laminates have a glossy finish, they are not as reflective as acrylic and hence the end product has a more subdued look.It has a high-gloss finish and imparts a very sophisticated, modern and high-end look to the cabinets. It is also available in a wide range of vibrant colours and does not shake off its lustre for years. However, replacing these finishes can get difficult due to colour disparities.

2. Cost

PVC Laminate FinishAcrylic Finish
PVC laminates are very economical and hence they are ideal for people who are on a low budget.When compared to PVC laminate finish, it comes with a higher price tag.

3. Cleaning & Maintenance

PVC Laminate FinishAcrylic Finish
PVC laminates can withstand everyday wear and tear more easily when compared to acrylic. As a result, they don’t require high maintenance and can be cleaned easily with a soft damp cloth dipped in a mild detergent.Acrylic finishes are also easy to clean and maintain. But, due to their smooth and glossy appearance, imperfections like fingerprints, marks, dirt, stains, smudges, etc. are easily noticeable on their surface and this can make cleaning a regular task on your to-do list.

4. Durability

PVC Laminate FinishAcrylic Finish
PVC laminates exhibit resistance against corrosion, termites, scratch, stain, moisture and water and they are also highly appreciated for their flexibility. These sheets can also be treated for antibacterial properties. For these reasons, PVC laminates last long and exhibit high durability when compared to acrylic.It also exhibits high durability but their glossy surfaces are more prone to scratches and marks, which means with rough usage or poor handling, these finishes may see a considerable drop in their lifespan. However, they do not discolour, delaminate or fade away with time.

So, which finishing solution is better?

Both PVC and acrylic finishes score well in many aspects. Being a high-gloss option, acrylic finishing is visually more appealing than PVC laminates. But, there is also no denying that PVC laminates are more budget-friendly than Acrylic finishes. So, settling on one particular finish will demand you to put three factors into consideration i.e. the look you are after, your maintaining ability and your affordability.

You can also use these sheets in combinations for your modular kitchen. As acrylic surfaces give a glossy and high-end look, it is good to use them on the most visible parts of the kitchen i.e. the upper and overhead cabinets. An added benefit is since most lighting tends to cascade on these cabinets, the light reflected from these acrylic surfaces can make the kitchen feel more airy and spacious. On the other hand, PVC laminates are an ideal choice for the lower cabinets because of their greater ability to against wear and tear, scratches and tough stains. 

We hope this article has been helpful to decide on the best finish. If you need more guidance, please feel free to drop our friendly team a quick email. Our experts will be happy to help you out!

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