20 Modern & Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas For Kochi, Kerala

Modern & Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Contemporary architecture is mostly about generating open, practical, and peaceful spaces with lots of opportunity for character and personalized taste, despite its reputation for being stark and harsh. When it comes to designing a place that everyone will love, the traditional kitchen is among the most popular models. Traditional design appeals to a wide range of individuals, and it is a popular option among many families. As a result, we’ve put together a list of 20 modern and traditional kitchens for Kochi, Kerala; that represent clean and creative design.

1. A One-of-a-Kind Black Range


In this gourmet kitchen, a beautiful black 54″ LaCanche range stands out by a basic marble backsplash. A graphite-black 60 ” canopy with polished brass pulls is tailor made to fit.

2. Vintage White Kitchen

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With its majestic cabinetry and magnificent marble counters, this classic kitchen has an all-white color scheme that gives it a bright, fresh vibe.

3. A blend of traditional and sassy touches

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The wicker chairs’ upholstery is a gently mischievous leopard-print fabric that adds a fun accent. A cozy vintage runner draws the attention away from the rust sink and stoves and through the heart-pine-paneled sitting area beyond.

4. A Kitchen in Navy Blue and White

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The above kitchen has classical lines, yet it mixes basic white with strong blue cabinetry with delicate turquoise overtones in a unique way. The espresso-colored flooring, which has a wood herringbone pattern, is covered with a matched runner.

5. A Conventional Kitchen for the Whole Family

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A central island covered with gorgeous marble creates a wide workplace for the family in the freshly refurbished kitchen. Crème cabinets, wood worktops, and a farmhouse sink provide a fashionable touch to the kitchen.

6. Light and Brilliance

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Spherical lights and stunning golden and glass sconces positioned between the window panes give this kitchen some personality.

7. In a Conventional Kitchen, a Bold Shot of Black

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In this classic kitchen, a ceiling-to-floor cabinet vault with an incorporated refrigerator gives storage and beauty. Cook up a frenzy in those two ovens, then serve directly at the bar – it’s the ideal setting for a get-together.

  1. Sconces add both beauty and functionality to a room.
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This conventional kitchen room is enhanced by a moderate color scheme. The stoned countertop on the kitchen island is constructed of wood.

9. In a traditional look, a coffered ceiling draws attention.

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The family area is separated from the adjoining morning room and kitchen by half-walls with inbuilt storage and columns. A beautiful pleated ceiling runs throughout the residence, illuminating the room and adding intrigue to the ceiling.

10. In this conventional kitchen, shiplap adds a country feel.

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In this pristine, white kitchen, 4 wooden and wicker counter seats surround the big, conventional island. With 2 chandelier pendants hung overhead, white ceiling tiles stretch to the shiplap backsplash at the range. A white-paneled fridge is bordered by cupboards on one side of the typical area, while the dishwashers and kitchen windows are on another.

11. Go Golden

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While stainless steel could be a popular choice for contemporary kitchens, we also like the edgier, high-gloss aesthetic of mirrored islands. The gold mirrored countertop in this kitchen adds a touch of glitz to the fun details everywhere, such as the single overhead lamp, rose marble swirls, and the royal blue loft-railing overhead.

12. Chocolatey Warmth

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In this transitional kitchen by Hecker Guthrie, cozy chocolate stone finishes reign supreme. A relaxing visual stream is created by the truly seamless shift from one surface to the next. This monochrome and dark arrangement is ideal for a kitchenette with limited natural daylight, as it accepts the existing facilities while creating a warm and personal speakeasy atmosphere.

12. Embrace Edge

Source: hearstapps

Studio DB’s kitchen has an unassuming flair thanks to the concrete floors. While traditional wooden panels or brightly coloured tiling would also function well with this family house, the glossy concrete’s sleek edge is a pleasant surprise. This contemporary kitchen also gets some design points thanks to the sculpted light fixture.

14. Strategic Layout

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The arrangement of this kitchen is ideal for cooking, there will be plenty of storage space thanks to the cupboards that stretch to the ceilings, and the modest bar stools nicely segue the kitchen to the dining-living room. The sleek circular cowl provides the ideal amount of interest, as does the countertop surface that extends up the wall.

15. Get Risky

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Contemporary design is simplified, but it doesn’t imply there isn’t opportunity for daring decisions and innovation. Rather than using a traditional pendant lighting over the island, a couple of elongated, slim, tubular pendants were employed to balance the formality of the whole kitchen.

16. Infuse Some Warmth


The rustic wooden paneling and matte green bar stools bring the appropriate blend of comfort and vibrancy into this contemporary kitchen created by Robson Rak.

17. Embrace Asymmetry

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This kitchen has the impression of a welcoming, family-friendly environment that is also sleek and new. With the hood tilting towards the right of the space, the delicate, asymmetrical balance immediately catches our attention. This contrasts nicely with the remainder of the placements, which are tidy, straight, and symmetrical.

18. Choose Minimalism

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Choose textured plaster surfaces, a dramatic light, and hardwood cabinets to lend depth and character to an all-white kitchen, as shown in this kitchen designed by Leanne Ford Interiors.

19. Incorporate Glass in the Interiors

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If you can’t seem to choose between an open and shut floor layout, use inside glass as a workaround. Internal partial walls serve to integrate the kitchenette to the rest of the area while also spreading light across the two spaces.

20. Display it All

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If you have a selection of glassware, dinnerware, or porcelain kitchen staples that you want to show off, go for open floating shelves. To create a complete (and surprising) gallery appearance, place several small-scale framed paintings on the high rack.

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