15 Modular Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

15 Modular Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

Modular Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Modular kitchens have made cooking life easy for many by focusing more on space utilization, convenience, storage, accessibility, functionality, durability and also maintenance. A successful modular kitchen is not just about appearance or style but it goes much beyond it. And we hope any serious cook can understand this simple equation i.e.

Great Kitchen Design = Great Kitchen

So, before you embark on the journey of shaping your modular kitchen, settling on a good design that is in conjunction with your needs and necessities is extremely important. To help you with this, we have rounded up some of the best 15 modular kitchen design ideas that work both practically and aesthetically. Keep reading and adopt the one that best suits you and your family.

L-shaped Modular Kitchen Design

If you are planning to have a larger kitchen working space, then an L-shaped Modular Kitchen would be an ideal choice. Besides some extra workspace, there are also a lot of things to love about this kitchen, like – it works well for small to medium kitchen space, accommodates multiple cooks, sits easily at corners as well as open space, remains unobstructed at all times and most importantly grants easy working triangle.

Let’s go ahead and check out some amazing L-shaped modular kitchen design ideas.

L-shaped Modular Kitchen – Design 1


This beautifully unfussy L-shaped modular kitchen with clean lines, sufficient storing space and efficient ergonomic features is a perfect example of beauty and comfort. Since most of the appliances are mounted on one side of the kitchen, this L-shaped modular kitchen frees up a lot of floor and countertop space, which is most essential if you have got a huge family or guests visiting often for a dinner or a party.

Here we present some of the tried and tested combinations of colours for this L-shaped modular kitchen design for you to draw inspiration from! Take a look

  1. Dark Gray L-shaped modular kitchen
  2. Dim Gray L-shaped modular kitchen
  3. Firebrick L-shaped modular kitchen
  4. Wooden shade L-shaped modular kitchen
  5. Yellow green L-shaped modular kitchen

L-shaped Modular Kitchen -Design 2


In this kitchen, the space is actually falling short of sq.ft but the L-shaped design making use of the two adjacent walls gives some extra working space for the kitchen and makes it look more spacious! Its elemental design and perfectly coordinated colour scheme are also to be appreciated.

Let’s take a look at this L-shaped modular kitchen design in some of the warmest shades.

  1. Cadet Blue
  2. Deep-sky Blue
  3. Dim Gray
  4. Royal Blue
  5. White and burgundy

L-shaped Modular Kitchen – Design 3

AZ Polynesian Blue Color L Shape

With deep tones paired with pleasing whites and patterned backsplash, this kitchen space is just fancy! We also spot an open wall-mounted shelf below the overhead units. It’s great for both display and storage options.

Check out this L-shaped modular kitchen design in varied dual tones.

  1. Alabama Crimson
  2. Angels Red and white
  3. AZ Cardinals Red and white
  4. AZ Polynesian Blue
  5. Duck Blue and white

L-shaped Modular Kitchen – Design 4

Pale Violet Red Color L Shape

Don’t you just love this compact kitchen?! If you have got a smaller space, we recommend you to keep it aesthetically light and practically convenient with this kind of design. Don’t forget to look at the two open overhead units which break the monotony of closed cabinets.

Here are some unique shades for this L-shaped modular kitchen design.

  1. Asparagus
  2. Braves Navy Colour
  3. Dimgray
  4. Pale Violet Red Colour
  5. Sienna

L-shaped Modular Kitchen -Design 5

Dolphins Aqua Color L Shape

We love the frosted glass cabinet in this kitchen along with the in-built appliance unit. Though the kitchen is relatively medium-sized, it is packed with plenty of cabinets to conveniently hold all the kitchen supplies and utensils. The colour options for this kitchen design are

  1. AZ Cardinals Red Colour
  2. Burlywood colour
  3. Cambridge Blue Colour
  4. Dolphins Aqua Colour
  5. White and olive colour

Straight Modular Kitchen Design

If you are living in a small apartment or studio, having a straight modular kitchen may just be the right option for you. It is the most basic type of modular kitchen and holds all the kitchen ingredients, from monthly supplies to crockery items, in a linear fashion. This single-walled kitchen is also very economical and very much suitable for single users. It does not employ any work triangle and hence works well for compact and linear spaces.

Now, let’s have a look at its design options.

Straight Modular Kitchen – Design 1

Straight Kitchen

With a plain run of cabinets, this kitchen crisply sits on one wall. Though the glossy cabinets make a statement, the showstopper here is the uniformly patterned backsplash. On the whole, this visually as well as practically light kitchen is perfect for bachelors and small families.

This straight modular kitchen is gracefully recreated in various shades. Let’s take a tour!

  1. Yellow
  2. Gray
  3. Dark Pink
  4. White
  5. Wooden

Straight Modular Kitchen – Design 2

Straight Kitchen

Look at the out-of-the-ordinary open shelving among the closed overhead units! These shelves are calculatedly kept open to make the narrow kitchen space feel wider. Brilliant, isn’t it? We too love this unconventional yet smart design!

How does this straight modular kitchen look when colour swapped? Check it out below

  1. Dark Gray
  2. Red
  3. Light green
  4. Light Gray
  5. Dark green

Straight Modular Kitchen – Design 3

Straight Kitchen

Minimalistic kitchens look like this! With a vertical scheme and a streamlined look, this one slays in dual-tone. The tall, narrow overhead cabinetries with modern handle-less features and single tone finish are also on-point for this simple yet elegant kitchen!

Here are some of the best hues for this straight modular kitchen.

  1. Gray
  2. Maroon
  3. Duck Blue
  4. Braves Navy
  5. Burgundy

Straight Modular Kitchen – Design 4

Straight Kitchen

This simple kitchen sharing the same layout as our previous one turns gorgeous with its layered lighting. This well-lit kitchen is a good example of how a little thought on the lighting schemes can add a wow factor to an otherwise plain and boring space.

Lighten up the mood in this straight modular kitchen by adopting any one of the adorable hues shown below.

  1. Beige and gray
  2. Dark gray and yellow
  3. Maroon and White
  4. Wooden
  5. Teal blue

Straight Modular Kitchen – Design 5

Straight Kitchen

This straight modular kitchen design shakes things a little by opting for open overhead shelving and sink position interchanges just like as shown in the pictures. This kind of open shelving gives way for more function and space in this compact kitchen – thus resulting in a more fabulous and delightful culinary space.

Some of the experimented colour schemes for this straight modular kitchen design are

  1. White and Wooden
  2. White and Braves Navy
  3. White and graphite
  4. Beige and Light Gray
  5. White and Wooden

U-shaped Modular Kitchen Design

These kitchens have one of the most practical layouts offering lots of storage space and work surfaces. They also provide plenty of design flexibility and not to mention – a unique opportunity for symmetry. With a single entry and exit point and no through traffic, this layout makes for a more safe and comfortable culinary space as well.

While the design ideas for a U-shaped modular kitchen are almost endless, we present here the top best picks. Keep scrolling.

U-shaped Modular Kitchen – Design 1

Green U Shape kitchen

With a sleek design and minimal look, this kitchen is just stunning! The subtle focus on the backsplash also gives this beautiful kitchen a lot of breathing space. And don’t you think unloading the sink will get much easier if there are glorious windows like these to capture the views outside?

Looking for colour schemes? Just scroll down.

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Brown
  4. Green
  5. Wooden

U-shaped Modular Kitchen – Design 2

Silver U Shape Kitchen

This design highly resembles the previous one except for the new facing and increased attention on the backsplash.  And the successful colour schemes for this kitchen include

  1. Black
  2. Brown
  3. Maroon
  4. Silver
  5. Wooden

U-shaped Modular Kitchen – Design 3

Red U Shape Kitchen Design

With a blend of open and closed cabinets, this kitchen makes the best use of space available. Also, note the lift-up cabinet shutters on the overhead units – they are a brilliant addition to busy kitchens. A frosted glass makes these shutters transparent which, in turn, makes the job of spotting things easy.

Speaking of hues, here are our best choices

  1. Black and yellow
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Green
  4. Red
  5. Steel

U-shaped Modular Kitchen – Design 4

White & Jungle Green U Shape Kitchen

The straight central window in this kitchen welcomes people with open arms – thanks for its perfect placement. Note the countertop, and backsplash also – we just love them! Don’t you? This kitchen has got a perfect work triangle too!

Some of the most eye-catching colour combinations to dress up this kitchen are

  1. Maroon and White
  2. White and Blue
  3. White and jungle Green
  4. White and Wooden
  5. White

U-shaped Modular Kitchen – Design 5

White & Pear U Shape Kitchen

Not having a preference for a completely open kitchen? Then this half wall partition is a great alternative. And the cute sliding pass-through????…. It’s a perfect complement for this partition and a good helper for you as you do not have to walk from one room to the other to serve the food; all you have to do is just slide it. This design also allows a dedicated space for the wicker baskets – which most of the kitchen designs miss out.

Here are some unique shades for this kitchen design

  1. White and Blue
  2. White and Maroon
  3. White and Olive
  4. White and Pear
  5. White and yellow

Modular Kitchen Design Ideas – Final Words

We hope this collection has been a good inspiration guide for you. Which one of these kitchens inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments.

If you are finding it hard to settle on a modular kitchen design that would be a perfect fit for your home, reach out to our interior design experts at ZAD Interiors. Get started today.

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