50 Coffee Shop Design Ideas That You Can Implement For Your Cafe

50 Coffee Shop Ideas That You Can Implement For Your Cafe
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Coffee Shop Design Ideas

When you explore the inspirational world of social media, you often come across thousands of picturesque cafes that you want to visit for the decor more than the food it offers. You may want to revamp your cafe but have no idea where to start. No matter the size of your cafe, by making small changes to seating options or adding quirky decor, you change the overall look. Read on to find out how.

1. Unique Seating

The most important thing in any sort of cafe is the seating. What can you do to make it more exuberant or different? There are many ways to do so. There is not any harm to go old school and take normal comfortable chairs. But instead of that you can take some funky cushion and develop floor seating! Or a normal seating with a twist of your creativity. 

Source: Pixabay

2. Theme It Up

You don’t need to walk with the herd when you can achieve a lot more being unique. Since most of the youth is into Netflix and Pop culture. It would be a hit to incorporate that into your business! With the fan following like GOT and  F.R.I.E.N.D.S you can get a good number of customers as well. So theme accordingly, it doesn’t have to be TV shows. You can opt for anything from movies, anime, or comic characters. 

Source: Pexels

3. Modern Look

Considering the minimalist trend, you can develop a modern look in your cafe. Choose neutral colours for the walls and furniture. You can glam it up by adding plants, and exotic decor like chandeliers. It gives a classic and sophisticated appearance.

Source: Pixabay

4. Keep It simple

If you like simple things, there is no harm! If only they look aesthetically eye-pleasing and don’t forget Instagram worthy. You can add a chalkboard that displays the specials of the day. Go for wooden furniture and earthy tones for walls to complete the look. 

Source: Pixabay

5. Contemporary is the Way to Go

Your interior design can completely change the ambiance of your little place. So add some abstract lighting and wall art to make it part of today’s contemporary world.

Source: Pixabay

6. Light it Up!

Lights play a vital role in the interiors of a place. It’s necessary to have a well lit up space, you can use some decorative lights or get that Bohemian charm by fairy lights. Or even, combine both of them. Even dim lights or spotlights can also give an interesting look.

Source: Pixabay

7. Add some Graffiti 

To spike up the funkiness and drive up youth for Instagram worthy pictures you have to dive in some graffiti walls into your cafe. That will enhance the character and add some spark to old boring walls.

Source: Pexels

8. Offer Recreational Activities

You can include some activities as a part of your decor. Whether carrom, chess, books, or even a snooker table can uplift your cafe’s design. Make sure that they merge up well with the main domain.

Source: Pexels

9. Let the Space Breathe

Cluttered looks are a huge no. Let the natural light up your cafe and save a few bucks on that electricity bill! Secondly, we should embrace natural light and make the most of it. Add stained glass windows, when sunlight passes through it, the whole space looks magical. 


10. Don’t Forget Outdoor Seating

If you’re looking for expanding your busy cafe but don’t want to pay a hefty amount on rent. Then outdoor seating might be one of the best options available to you. Make sure the seatings are placed in a shady environment like a portico. Enhance the space with greenery and some landscape design outside. You can also include some fairy lights for the evening.

Rio Coffee Restaurant
Source: Pexels

11. Go Natural

You can induce boho vibe and natural rawness by lighting up naturally using sustainable materials, and similar furniture. 

Source: Pexels

12. Go Green

Greenery is important inside as well as outside. And having that environment surrounded by green won’t only give you sufficient oxygen but also vibrant up your cafe. You can use it in ceilings or an indoor plant as a part of the decoration. 

Source: Pexels

13. Choose Unusual Colours

Don’t be afraid to experiment, If you’re looking onto some different colors and feel that they can dazzle up space- use it! Use a mix of neon shades and earthy tones to give your a unique vibe.

People in Cafeteria
Source: Pexels

14. Making It Cozy

The hustling life that our generation is experiencing nowadays, would like to embrace a place that gives them a cozy hug with a pinch of a peaceful environment. You can develop that aura in your cafe by placing warm tone colored furniture that looks extra comfy. And just by looking at it, people want to have a cup of coffee with their loved ones and forget about their haphazard day!

Source: Pexels

15. Exposed Brick is fun

It would be a sin to not include exposed bricks in this list. They can change the whole look of any place. Plus it’s versatile. You can paint it any color and it happily adapts to all. You can add some posters to make it look more appealing.  

Source: Pexels

16. Making Imperfections into Art

Who is perfect? No one. So why does any place needs to be on point? You can use your pipeline installations, inductions as a piece of art. Turn on your creativity tap and look- art is all around you. So paint the canvas the way you like!

Source: Pixabay

17. Don’t be afraid of bold colors

People usually want to stay away from dark colors in cafes but  if it suits your style and target audience. You should go ahead. But be careful and try to imagine the larger picture first. Remember to add sufficient lighting so the space doesn’t look uninviting. 

Source: Pixabay

18. There’s no such thing as Too Much Colour

Colours uplift your mood. But make sure that you don’t go overboard with it. Consult with an interior designer and choose the best colours for your cafe.

Cafe, Coffee, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Espresso, Cup
Source: Pixabay

19. The Art of Being Minimal

Minimalism is an art. You can add minimalist artwork, which will give it a classy and simplistic scene. Lots of open space and neutral colours complete the look.

Source: Pixabay

20. Add Funkiness

To get that oomph factor you can have some funkiness mix with simplicity. Make sure that it blends well with the environment. Like a cycle, sports equipment, or even a vintage gramophone. Make sure it compliments your existing decor. 

Source: Pixabay

21. Get that Rustic Charm

Rustic charm is so easy and achievable. Plus don’t forget the eye-pleasing factor too! Use some old furniture, lightning, and exposed bricks. You’re good to go!

Source: Pixabay

22. Get The Vibe

Understand your target audience and what sort of a cafe you want to own. The vibe will be generated according to your regular customers and design accordingly. For example, if your cafe has the most number of visitors from an office then you have to design some sort of private space or a long desk so that they can work easily over there. 

Photograph of Men Having Conversation Seating on Chair
Source: Pixabay

23. Embracing Heritage

With the tech-savvy world, all people have forgotten about their roots and heritage. Since our country is so culturally rich we should all embrace them as much possible. You can add replicas of temple carvings and more for a traditional look.

24. Join the dots

Place your decor that is relatable. And they make good sense together! They should have a good amalgamation of color, jazziness, and some good old stuff. If you’re too puzzled about what to put on display, try table lamps, antiques, or even old books.

Source: Pixabay

25. Use unusual pieces for decoration

If you want to make a statement you have to pump up your design thinking. The unique factor can give a small space a good sense of character. A tree or good crockery can also serve as good decor! But the art lies how you placed it.

Source: Pixabay

26. Wood comes to the rescue

Wood is a flexible material that can be used anywhere. In furniture, ceilings, wall, or floorings and even a sculpture. It brings the classic charm to any place,

Source: Architectural Digest

27. Everyone is welcome here!

The most important point in any cafe is that everyone is welcome. Even a person with a physical disability. Make sure you have slopes, adequate space, and washroom facilities for a wheelchair bound person.

28. Create Emphasis

You need to be vocal in your design about what you want to project. It can either be through signages, paintings, or graphics. So that your message is loud and clear. And it becomes a part of your design too. Bold words and statements complete this look.

Source: Pexels

29. Add Contrast 

Contrast can be added to any place. It can be through both textures and colors. For example, for neutral walls, you can add bright furniture and rugs. Mix it up per your taste. 

Source: Pexels

30. Don’t let anything look out of place

While decorating a space we all tend to go overboard. Try to make the space sensible with placing. And don’t jumble it up that much that becomes too much for some!

Don’t let anything look out of place
Source: Pixabay

31. Utilize Space Carefully 

It’s important to use your space with an optimizing strategy. Make the most of it, but don’t overcrowd it by putting more seating with no space for walking.  

Utilize Space Carefully

32. Old is the Gold

Why is the old era appreciated? Because it was way simpler. You can grasp that by putting up your menu on chalk and board. You can use old, rustic decor items and create a bridge with some contemporary lighting.

33. Find Rhythm 

Display musical instruments as part of the decor. You can also have live music nights and liven up the space. The color palette is an important feature of any interior design. So, make sure that you find the correct rhythm to it. 

34. Use the context of your location

The location is an integral part of your cafe business. Other than the market survey, you can utilize the context of your location. For example, if your cafe is near a lake you can put your seatings there and let people enjoy warm coffee with a beautiful view.

Use the context of your location
Source: Pixabay

35. Use The Hungry colours

The colours yellow and red combined are said to create hunger. These colours could bring in more customers to your humble cafe.

36. Play with the layout

If you’re remodeling your space don’t be stuck in a cage. Invent something with your layout, change it up with some different seating arrangements, or add some unique features like a photo booth or a reading corner.

Play with the layout
Source: Pexels

37. Don’t Overdo

Overdo things never look aesthetically appealing. Even if you have a taste for some eye-grabbing stuff, try to place them intelligently. It shouldn’t look crowded and just part of a family, they should also get along with your colour pallette.

Source: Pexels

38. It is all in the Details

Detailing is a very important aspect. The whole area of the wall and the smallest fork should be in sync with each other. What frames you’re choosing to the artifacts in your cafe is important. The minutest of the detail can trigger someone’s attention.

It is all in the Details
Source: Archtectural Digest

39. A Striking Centre Point

You can create a striking centre point for your space. It can be unique ornamentation, lightning. furniture that screams for attention.

A Striking Centre Point
Source: Archtectural Digest

40. The Past and the Present

Connecting the two ends is very important. If you can retain the charm of the past and evolve it with the current style- Nothing better than that! You can experiment with colors and materials.

The Past and the Present
Source: Archtectural Digest

41. Don’t forget the Exterior

While being engrossed in interiors don’t forget about the exterior. As there is a saying the first impression is the last impression. So use that wall in the most spectacular way that will attract several customers.

Don’t forget the Exterior
Source: Pixabay

42. Royal Chic is in

Mixing elegance with some tasteful colors can do wonders. You can amp up your space with classic furniture, carpets with a modern twist. 

Royal Chic is in
Source: Architetural Digest

43. Find the Balance

One of the most crucial things in any interiors is finding the correct balance with relevance to the surroundings. If you’re going for flashy  walls and materials then your furniture should be mellow.  

 Find the Balance
Source: Pexels

44. Going Vintage

A small space can be easily transformed into a vintage space without reducing your pocket weight. You can use wallpapers and some simple decor items in pastel shades to generate this ambiance.

Going Vintage
Source: Architectural Digest

45. Following the Geometry

You can follow the grid, straight lines, and quadrilaterals if you are not a fan of plain walls. The best part, of it, looks complex and simple at the same time.

Following the Geometry
Source: Architectural Digest

46. Variety of Seatings

If you’re not on a budget, break the monotony and elevate the variety of your seatings. Cause a person genuinely has a mood for every sort of seating. For example, a person looking for relaxation will prefer seating with cushions. 

Variety of Seatings
Source: Pexels

47. Use Sustainable Materials

If you don’t have a fickle mind or do believe that it’s not necessary to change the interiors after one year, then use sustainable materials. They wouldn’t require much maintenance and eco friendly is a definitive yes. Bamboo furniture is one of the most sustainable furniture available today. 

Use Sustainable Materials
Source: Pexels

48. Personalize your Cafe

Every space tells a story. It must tell your story. So incorporate your personal likes into your decor. If you’re a plant lover, add lots of indoor plants. If you’re techy, add some vintage computer parts and CDs to create unique wall art.

49. Developing a work environment

Add some free Wifi and work-station like seating options for the office folk who want to catch up on their work while sipping coffee.

Developing a work environment
Source: Pexels

50. Make it Pet Friendly

Pet lovers often have to leave their beloved pets behind when visiting a cafe. Add some exclusive food for pets, and build a pet play area so people can enjoy their coffee with their pet. 

Make it Pet Friendly
Source: Pixabay

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