Quartz Vs Granite Countertops – Which Is The Best Kitchen Option

Quartz Countertops Vs Granite - Which is the best Kitchen option
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Quartz Vs Granite Kitchen Countertops

There are many kitchen interior options available to consumers today. When it comes to material for countertops, the showdown always comes down to Quartz and Granite. Both of these choices are perfect for a kitchen environment. However, they each have qualities which make them perfect in their way. Here we will be looking into the pros and cons of these two materials, compare their price ranges and discuss their aesthetic feel.

Quartz and Granite: What’s the difference

Granite is one of the most well-recognised materials when it comes to construction. It is liked for its low cost and ease of access. Using Granite as countertops add a rustic feel to the kitchen which is preferred by many. Granite is retrieved in a large single slab of 100% natural stone and hence each piece is unique. 

Quartz is a mineral which is most abundant in our planet’s crust. It is mainly recognised for its use in watches. However, it has the right properties to be used as countertops in the kitchen. Quartz slabs are not mined but engineered. Extracted quartz is granulated and then mixed with a resin binder to form the slabs. During this process, pigmentation is added to the slab. 

Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

Pros and Cons of Quartz
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  • Quartz is known for being just as strong and durable as granite. But it has a bonus of being constructed with the use of resin binder. The resin gives it the added benefit of being very flexible. This means it can be morphed and cut in any shape and size with minimum to no chipping and cracking.  
  • As quartz slabs are manufactured a lot of modifications can be made to the countertop when it comes to colour. While granite comes in its natural shading, each quartz slab can be modified as per the buyer’s needs. This increases the number of options.
  •  A kitchen can be a very messy environment. Many different substances may spill during the day. Natural rock has a porous quality which means liquids may seep in and cause damage over time. Quartz is one of the minerals which is non-porous by nature. Also, the resin added during the production process adds to the resistant quality of quartz. Acidic substances like tomato, wine and coffee cause little to no staining on quartz. 


  • One of the main problems that people have had with quartz is discolouration. If quartz countertops are exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged time it will lose its colour and lustre. If you have a sun-facing kitchen then quartz is a poor fit for you. 
  • As quartz is manufactured and the pigment is added during the process, the final product doesn’t look very natural. Though many manufacturers have tried to create a more natural finish on their product, many have fallen short. Currently, Cambria is the ones who have reached as close as possible to a natural finish.
  • After quartz is mined it has to go through a deconstruction process before converting it into countertops. This adds to the price of the final product. Comparative to granite, which is sold in its raw form, Quartz will be pricier. Quartz generally costs about 5000 to 7000 INR per square foot.   

Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Pros and Cons of Granite
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  • Granite is known for being sold in its natural form which it was mined in. They may come as in large jumbo slab sizes. These are perfect if you are looking to make a large kitchen island. Since it comes as a whole there is a chance of having seams or joining lines in the middle of the structure.
  • The monotone aesthetic has taken the world by storm and has become the new look everyone is going for. Granite is mined in beautiful shades of grey and as no two are the same, you have many monotone options available. The imperfections that accompany granite slabs are revered for giving a more natural look to their kitchen.
  • Granite is nothing but a large piece of stone that has all the necessary properties to withstand the elements. Direct sunlight will not cause any form of withering, hence granite is preferred for outdoor settings and a sun-facing kitchen.
  • As a natural mineral, granite has porous properties and overtime may let liquids seep in. however, a properly sealed granite block won’t be affected by spills and will remain stain-resistant for a long time.
  • For all that granite brings to the table, it is surprisingly low cost. Most of it can be attributed to the minimum processing it goes through. A square foot of Granite will cost about 4000 INR.  


  • Though granite is sometimes available in jumbo sizes, it is very difficult to track them. To complete a large countertop job, one will have to use multiple pieces of granite. This leaves a  lot of visible seams which are very difficult to camouflage. 
  • As granite is a porous mineral by nature, it is bound to stain over time if used in a kitchen environment. You may opt for sealing, but an improperly sealed granite block may develop bacteria over time.
  • Though Granite gives the impression of being sturdy and strong, it is very easy to chip during the installation process. It may even develop a crack or break if a heavy object like a skillet is dropped on it.  
quartz vs granite countertops

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Cost of Quartz Vs Granite Kitchen Countertops

Cost of Quartz Vs Granite
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When it comes to cost Granite will always be cheaper than Quartz. Basic granite pieces cost 3000 INR and Quartz cost 5000 INR. However, high-end granite can go up to 15000 INR while high-end Quartz goes up to 13000 INR. It won’t make much difference in price when choosing quartz or granite until unless the area you are working on is huge.


Source: HGTV

The aesthetic feel of quartz and granite are different from each other. Granite is best suited for people who like to go for a rustic and nature-driven look in their homes. In the case of Quartz, it is more for people who like a more uniform and well-balanced look in their household. In the end, it will depend on what best matches one’s needs and final kitchen look.


After looking at all the factors we can come to the following conclusion. Granite is best suited for individuals who are looking for a cost-effective option for their kitchen countertop needs. One must not forget to properly seal the granite to get more out of it. Quartz countertops are for people with a large budget who like to have more options available to them.

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