How To Set Up A Home Office During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Home Office Interior

Home Office Interior Design

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to work from home – not for a day or two but weeks together. And because of not being at the mercy of a proper work-from-home setup, many have turned their kitchen countertops, couches, dining room tables, and beds into their little temporary desks and started hunching over their laptops and other pieces of tech. Though this model has made the commute time less than 3.5 seconds, it has also made several tasks like maintaining work-life balance, staying motivated, following video conference etiquette, tackling the to-do list, etc. all herculean. The best way to deal with these unusual challenges is having a dedicated home office or workspace and adapting to this new normal for a while. That being said, how do you set up the highly productive home office within your four walls anyway? Well, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Find an ideal space

This is the first and foremost step in setting up a home office. Choose a convenient space that works for you, within your own unique environment. It may be an unused corner of your bedroom, empty space under your staircase or a small space in the living room that can bless you with abundant peace to concentrate and carry out the tasks. If you have a spare room that is not used regularly, you can even turn it into your office room. Another easy trick is to take advantage of the foldable furniture and accessories (like foldable bed, couch) that can make some extra space for you when not in use. While defining separate spaces for work, try to keep the space just for office work as this will help avoid losing crucial communication and important papers. We understand, not all of us are fortunate enough to have such a designated space that’s only for working but still it is the need of the hour.

Arrange your furniture

When we think of the perfect setup for the home office, it is expected to have the right furniture. A proper table/desk and adjustable work chair that will facilitate your performance and postural health are the minimal requirement. Here are some simple steps to make the most out of your furniture:

  • Place your tables close to electrical outlets so that it allows for easy and convenient electrification.
  • Try choosing a comfortable and ergonomic-rich chair for working free of undue stress – your back will be thankful.
  • Arrange an overhead light or use a desk lamp or task light (if possible) to increase visibility when the normal brightness drops or the sun goes down.
  • Turn to movable cabinets / racks / drawers (if you have already) to keep all your documents and other accessories well organised.
  • Streamline the cables and cords at the edge of your table and avoid them floating all over the workspace.

Get ergonomics right

Ergonomics is essential, so set up your home office as well as possible. Position your monitor at eye height and your desk at arm’s length. If the monitor is not in level with your eye height, stack some books under the laptop to raise its level. Also, ensure adequate knee/foot clearance to sit or stand close to your laptop and thus avoid back pain and achy legs.

Get creative

As running to the stores is suppressed during this lockdown, get creative and reuse the things you already have. For instance, use your coffee mugs or flower pots as your pencil holder; use your torch as your desk lamp, etc. Table plants and mini succulents are great additions to create a unique green spot on your desk, which can also stimulate your creativity and increase your productivity. If a private office space is not possible for you, consider using the curtains or the longest cloth available at your home to create a room divider and also make sure your family knows that you can’t be bothered when you are seated at your workspace, especially when participating in audio and video calls.

Additional tips

  • Avoid choosing spaces next to the window as it could supply you with too much sunlight and demand for screen brightness adjustment often. In the worst cases, this can also lead to eye pain and headache. And if you cannot avoid such a circumstance, turn to your curtains or blinds!
  • Make sure your wall or any other background is perfect and professional for your virtual meetings and facetime calls. For a better experience, don’t sit with a light source behind you.
  • Maintain a clean desk policy and clean workspace by clearing out the clutters as they happen to avoid distractions and unnecessary mistakes.
  • Try to work behind a closed door if your home environment is noisy and hampers your productivity.
  • Won’t it be embarrassing when your child interrupts or dog barks in the middle of your con-call?! So, try to set up your home office by carving out the space that’s the quietest in your home.

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