Coronavirus Lockdown: 8 Smart Ways to Make The Most at Home

ways to make the most at home

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“Stay Home” – the most spread message these days. While this is the right thing to do to deal with the global pandemic of Coronavirus, it also raises the concern of staying idle and fighting boredom for the entire period of lockdown. But, why not make the most out of your idle time with something productive and fun? Yes, it is probably the best time and also the best opportunity to spend time with your family, indulge in fitness activities, experiment with new dishes, and try a lot more within your four walls. So, here we put together 8 smart ways that will help you to make the most at home during this quarantine.

1. Arrange the bedroom

If you have been waiting for some free time to clean and organize your bedroom, this is the right time. Pay attention to those overflowing drawers, cluttered beds and messy floors that have been disturbing the aesthetics and functionality of your space for quite a while. Also, do a wardrobe cleanse – Stack your clothes neatly, get rid of the ones that don’t fit, tuck in your seasonal, and organize all the remaining contents. Try to involve your kids too as it will teach them the value of cleanliness and organisation and also keeps them occupied.

2. Make one room creative for kids

Grant yourself some extra time to make a special and creative room for your little ones. While doing so, go behind your kids’ tastes, sort out their likes and dislikes, and let the room be more of their favourites and cherished items. To add a personal touch, display some of their masterpiece drawings, put their growth charts, stack up their interesting books, craft their favourite Disney characters, etc. Besides this, include a play zone for gaming and relaxation, a creative zone for running their imaginations wild and everything else that lies within the realm of possibility during this lockdown.

3. Rearranging furniture to give a fresh look

Are you tired of your furniture arrangement? A high-potential solution for this is obviously its rearrangement. Before rolling up your sleeves, keep the following points in mind: Measure the room and decide what will fit where, map out the traffic patterns of the room, and note all of the outlets, windows and doors. The ultimate goal behind the idea of furniture rearrangement should be giving your space a fresh look and making it open and welcoming rather than crowded and cramped.

4. Experiment with new dishes

Try your hand at preparing new dishes for your family and take their taste-buds on a tour. It may be a truffle cake that your kids have been longing for a while or chocolate chip pumpkin cookies that your partner has been craving for months. This way you can increase your bond with your family as well as satiate their desire for variety in food. And in the end, it’s home-made and healthy too. If you own a modular kitchen, this cooking experience will definitely be a pleasurable one as it makes cooking convenient, cleaning easier, and storing the supplies for the entire lockdown smooth by providing ample space. You can also throw away the boring menu pattern which you have been following for months or years together and bring in some new and finger-licking recipes.

5. Read to stay on top of industry

Yes, it’s the best time to brush up the ideas and polish your skills to stay ahead of the curve and on top of your field. Here are some easy ways to keep yourself educated: Get glued to some informative books, tap on the internet, check out the youtube videos, and go through your social media feeds. These methods of staying in the know can be a great accelerator for your career, business and wealth. To make the most out of this “Me Time”, spend it in a designated home office space that is equipped with ergonomic furniture and sufficient light sources. This set up can improve your productivity by providing the peace to concentrate and keeping the back pain and fatigue at bay.

6. Have ample playtime with kids

As your kids find you at home, they demand your attention and expect you to play with them and take them out. Though the possibility of the latter is nil, you can entertain your kids with several indoor home activities and simple games like board games, hide and seek, toy building, puzzle solving, etc. If you possess a good hand at art and craft, dancing, or any other skill, then try teaching your kids too. You can also make use of the play zone allocated in their creative room and bring out all the games that your kids outgrew over the years. Having ample playtime with kids will keep them engaged, brisk and active, and also greatly reduce their screen time with digital gadgets.

7. Workout at home

As gyms have already closed their doors due to lockdown, for many, their sweating out sessions are out of reach. But, why can’t you get fit without setting foot in the gym? Yes, push yourself out of your comfort zone and engage in some fitness activities inside your own abode. Not only this will allow you to look better, but also feel better and do better. Try some of the fitness activities like physical exercise, yoga stretches, or deep meditation. Start by as low as 10 minutes a day and move higher day by day. There are also many different fitness apps available out there to help you burn more calories; all you need to do is just tap your play store. If these are not your way of doing fitness, try simple things like walking around your home, doing some stair climbing, getting some chores done, dancing around, etc.

8. Dusting and cleaning the home furnishings and furniture

When you get ample time to spend at home, why not spare a little to pamper your home furnishings and furniture? Dust and clean them whenever possible to say goodbye to those tough stains, dark marks, airborne deposits, and filmy layers on their surfaces. While dusting the furnishings and furniture, use only clean, dry, soft cloths or feather dusters as it will avoid scratches and permanent marks. Dampen the cloth with water to avoid scattering of the dust into the air and also to stay away from sneezing problems. Finally dry all the surfaces with a clean, soft cloth. What’s next? Relax and enjoy your spotless home. Your home furnishings and furniture will be thankful for preserving their shine!

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