What Is The Difference Between Modular & Semi-modular Kitchen?

Modular Vs Semi-modular Kitchen

Modular Vs Semi-modular Kitchen

Okay, the term “semi-modular kitchen” may sound quite new to many of you. It is because, in India, “Modular kitchen” is the term that is used all-purposely by many for any kitchen, irrespective of what actually its design is. But, between the two, modular and semi-modular Kitchen, the differences and variations are quite a lot. When it comes to making a big decision, in terms of selecting between the two, being well-informed about their differences, pros and cons, cost variations, etc. is the key. So, we at ZAD, have got a comprehensive guide to give you all the details that are needed about these two kitchens. Read on and make the best choice!!!

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What is a Modular Kitchen?

What is a Modular Kitchen

A Modular kitchen is one that can be totally dismantled and put together in a new home or apartment as you want and when you want. In this type of kitchen, every module is made in the factory and all that would be done at the site is assembling and fixing.

Pros and cons of Modular Kitchen

Pros of Modular Kitchen

Cons of Modular Kitchen

As modular kitchen units can be completely dismantled and reassembled, you can easily carry them with you, if you shift homes often due to work or travel life.
A quality rich modular kitchen often comes with a heavy price tag.
As everything is factory-made and all that would be done at the site is assembling and fixing, it saves a lot of installation time and effort.
Frequent repair sessions can be expected (if handled roughly), unless high-quality accessories and systems are used.
If a specific unit needs repairs, it can be easily done without disturbing the rest of the units.
With detachable units and fittings, cleaning and maintenance don’t seem to be quite a task.
It is sleek and modern and hence brings a contemporary look to your kitchen.
It is extremely versatile and comes in a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes.
Your kitchen can get a perfect finish, since all the products are machine-made with good edge-banding.
Modular kitchen has designated space for everything and hence it provides more storage space and better workflow.
Kitchen essentials can be well-organised in a modular kitchen and therefore, it offers a hassle-free cooking experience.

What is a semi-modular Kitchen?

What is a semi-modular Kitchen

A Semi-modular kitchen is one that is built around an existing civil structure. A few of its components like counter-top, sink, etc. are already built on-site by civil work professionals and they cannot be dismantled and moved to another location. In simple terms, a semi-modular kitchen is a blend of completely modular kitchen and carpenter-made or civil kitchen.

Pros and Cons of Semi-Modular Kitchen

Pros of Semi-Modular Kitchen

Cons of Semi-Modular Kitchen

Semi-modular Kitchen is cheaper than modular ones and hence it is budget-friendly.
Unlike a modular kitchen, not all the units are machine-made. So, quality and finish can be a concern when it comes to a semi-modular kitchen.
This kitchen lays constraints on design choices and personalization.
As cabinets cannot be dismantled, you will have to leave them behind if you shift home.
In many cases, each cabinet shares its sides with the adjoining cabinets. So, repairing or fixing issues that are specific to a single unit gets tricky.
Space utilization could be questionable as you cannot access every corner of your kitchen, unlike a modular kitchen.
Some accessories that come in standard sizes cannot fit in space after civil work.
As civil structures are already laid, installation becomes a time-consuming and arduous task.

A quick Comparison between Modular & Semi-modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Semi-Modular Kitchen

Completely Movable
No civil work involved
Civil work involved
Design flexibility is high
Design flexibility is low
Dismantling and reassembling is easy
Dismantling and reassembling is not possible
Comparatively costly
Comparatively cheap
Installation is easy
Installation is a bit tough
Cleaning and maintenance is easy
Cleaning and maintenance is slightly tougher
Offers ample and easy customization opportunities
It is hard to customise
More stylish and sophisticated
Not as good as modular ones

What is the best choice?

If your kitchen space is completely empty, it’s best to lean towards a modular kitchen. On the other hand, if your kitchen has an existing countertop or other cemented structures, it’s good to go for a semi-modular kitchen. If the criteria goes beyond the space and structure of your cooking area, then consider the below table to make the best choice.


Best Choice

Cleaning and maintenance
Modular Kitchen
Look and sophistication
Modular Kitchen
Semi-modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen

If you are still stuck deciding between the two, consult a professional interior designer or a skilled carpenter and make a wise choice.

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