What is the Cost of Hettich Modular Kitchen?

Cost of Hettich Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen – the element which is high on the wish list of a lot of homeowners these days for the reason of organized appearance and maximised storage it offers. What makes this kitchen concept inch even more upwards is its sophisticated design and clean finish.

Lately, a lot of people tend to opt for the Hettich modular kitchen in their homes. A major factor when it comes to designing this modular kitchen is the budget. Knowing its price beforehand helps one to avoid hidden surprises and shocks and also a deep hole in his/her pocket, provided there are no major design changes in the future. So, before getting started with your planning session, understand how much does a Hettich Modular Kitchen cost by giving this blog a quick read.

Hettich Modular Kitchen Accessories & Fittings

What is Hettich Modular Kitchen?

Hettich is a German brand which manufactures premium quality hardware and accessories like hinges, handles, drawer systems, drawer runners, pull-out baskets, bottle pull-outs, tall units, corner units, lift up fittings, etc. for the modular kitchen. So, a Hettich Modular kitchen doesn’t mean a modular kitchen by itself but the components that make it.

How much does it cost?

Quite frankly, it is really tough to settle on a single figure. With a rough estimate, the cost of Hettich Modular Kitchen can start from 1.25 lakh and go anywhere up to 6 lakh depending on various factors like what the choice of your products are, how many accessories you require, what the shape of your kitchen is, etc.

Kitchen LayoutSizePlywoodCost of Hettich Kitchen*
Straight5 FtBWP Ply₹1,24,000
Straight6 FtBWP Ply₹1,42,000
Straight7 FtBWP Ply₹1,60,000
L-Shaped6 Ft X 4FtBWP Ply₹2,00,000
L-Shaped7 Ft X 5FtBWP Ply₹2,30,000
L-Shaped8 Ft X 6FtBWP Ply₹2,64,000
U-Shaped8 Ft X 6Ft X 4FtBWP Ply₹3,30,000
U-Shaped10 Ft X 6Ft X 6FtBWP Ply₹3,96,000
U-Shaped12 Ft X 6Ft X 6FtBWP Ply₹4,30,000

*The cost of Hettich kitchen in the table assumes Hettich hinges and channels and standard Hettich Baskets only. It does not consider other kitchen hardware and fittings from Hettich such as Magic Corner, Cosario, Drawers, Carousel, large baskets etc. These fittings can additionally cost about ₹1.5 lakhs to ₹3 lakhs.

To get an estimate of your modular kitchen, please check our calculator here.

What are the factors affecting the cost of a Hettich Modular Kitchen?

Cost of Hettich Modular Kitchen

Size and shape of your kitchen

The cost of the Hettich modular kitchen depends on the size and shape (layout) of your culinary space to a great extent. This is obvious as the size and shape of the kitchen determines the area of the kitchen, number of cabinets and provisions required, storage units used, etc. which, in turn, decides the number of accessories required for each. The common kitchen shapes that are in vogue are

  • L-shaped Modular Kitchen
  • U-shaped Modular Kitchen
  • Straight Modular Kitchen
  • Island layout Modular Kitchen
  • Parallel Modular Kitchen

The larger the kitchen space is, the higher the cost will be.

For eg: A large-sized U shaped kitchen will accommodate more modules than a small-sized straight kitchen and hence, the cost of the U shaped kitchen is likely to be more expensive than the straight kitchen.

Material used for cabinets and shutters

Solid wood, plywood, particleboard, and fibreboard are some common choices of materials which are used for the construction of kitchen cabinets and shutters. These materials exist in different grades with each varying in quality, size, strength, thickness and price as well. The accessories by Hettich can be customised to suit the nature of the material chosen and thus creating a smart cooking environment for the master chef in you is super easy.

Surface finish used

Laminates Finish (Laminate Matt Finish, Laminate gloss Finish), Acrylic finish, Glass finish, Polyurethane finish, membrane finish and veneer finish are some of the surface finish options that give a rich feel to your kitchen. With a wide array of colour options in each, this list gets further lengthy.

Type of accessories used

There are a plethora of accessories that affect the cost of the Hettich Modular Kitchen, which includes

  • Hinges
  • Cabinet hardware like knobs, handles, etc.
  • Flap fittings
  • Drawer systems
  • Drawer runners
  • Drawer accessories
  • Sliding and folding cabinet door systems
  • Tall/pantry units
  • Midway series
  • Base units
  • Overhead units
  • Pull out shelves
  • Corner solutions

In this list, each accessory can vary in its size and shape to match the distinct modules of cabinets (varying in dimensions) in every kitchen. And therefore the cost of each accessory can inch upward or downward on the price scale depending on the module for which it is used. The two major advantages of these Hettich accessories are: they make the storage space easy to reach and help organise the kitchen essentials cleverly.

Number of accessories used

This goes without saying!! The higher the number of accessories used, the higher the cost of the kitchen will be. The factors that determine the number of accessories to be used in your kitchen are the size of the cabinets and drawers, the layout of the kitchen, and your preference for the design.

For eg: If you opt to have an island unit in your kitchen for the purpose of storage, then including cabinets and drawers beneath the worktop becomes fundamental. In such a case, the number of accessories used will see a hike and so does the cost of the kitchen.

Final Words

As discussed above, many factors add up to the cost of the Hettich modular kitchen, from the size of the culinary space to the number of accessories used. In case, if you find it difficult to get started with your budget planning for Hettich modular kitchen, just reach out to a professional interior designer for the right guidance.

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