Hettich Innotech Modular Kitchen Interior Solution

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The Innotech Channels by Hettich is a highly spacing-saving and ergonomically effective organizing solution. It comes with extremely flexible separators and dividers which allow you to plan your drawer contents like cutleries just as you wish. And the best part is you can choose either PVC or metal finish.

This pot and pan solution by Hettich comes with a great height measuring about 174 mm including all the organisers.

Dedicated solely for the bottles, the bottle pull out comes with different sizes starting from 150 mm to 300 mm.

Carousel is a corner solution which has revolving shelves that can be rotated up to 360 degrees. It is easy to fit and holds no possibility of peeping out. This solution is fitted with special hinges which have an opening angle of 165 degrees.

With innovative design, the corner unit, otherwise called magic corner or moving corner, makes reaching the tight corners almost effortless. It has four layers and its orientation can be changed as per the kitchen design.

With roll-out prevention technique, the wicker baskets can be used to store vegetables or any other fresh produce from your kitchen garden.  They are available in three different heights i.e  – 120 mm, 210 mm, 300 mm.

Slideline 66 is a sliding solution. It comes with a weight bearing capacity of 10 kgs and can be used as an overhead unit.

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