Hettich CargoTech Modular Kitchen

Modern Kitchens are sleek, innovative, and tasteful. They speak about you; your dreams, your aspirations, and your taste for the finer things of life.

A modern kitchen, powered by Hettich’s innovative technology and solutions, has the right blend of functionality and aesthetics; sure to mesmerise the chef in you and your family.

The Cargo Series is made of Stainless Steel and comes with a 10 year replacement warranty against rust.

CargoTech Baskets are a range of designer, functional and hassle-free products, which impart an uncluttered look to kitchens. It has well-designed inlets for holding different products such as cutlery, cup and saucers, plates and more.

Hettich offers a range of storage solutions for kitchens which provide optimum space, direct ergonomic access and a wealth of design options.

There are 3 different solutions in this kitchen for storage and overhead
● Cargo Larder
● Cargo Duo and
● Cargo Overhead

a. Cargo Larder is an exquisite larder unit with 300 mm height adjustable & suitable for cabinet widths 300, 400 & 450mm.

b. Cargo Duo, the swing and pull-out pantry unit with 8 or 12 wire bottom baskets is one of the most aesthetically designed pantry units with a deep storage space which can be accessible into a door and pull out shelf.

c. Cargo Overhead Pull Out Shelves provide the convenience of accessing the difficult to access areas at height in the kitchen.

There are 3 different shutter options for the overhead; a 45 ° shutter , a half fold L-shaped angle shutter and a 90° shutter

Cosario is a delightful addition to kitchen storage options with an eye-catching blend of function and design. Cosario communicates style and attention to detail in any kitchen design and creates extra storage space for many smaller items that you use on a daily basis.

The corner units make efficient use of small niches, narrow cabinets and inaccessible corners. The Cargoman is a corner solution that comes with a soft close option and its shelves can be swivelled out individually and completely giving an aura of first-class quality.

With a unique sleek solid looking stainless steel wire basket structure, Spice pull out can seamlessly fit into any design. It has three layers and comes with loading capacity of 22.5 to 30 Kg

Made of brass, the #Hettich gas hobs come with options for 3, 4 and 5 burners. A safety device on the gas hobs shuts down the system automatically when it detects strong winds or water overflowing
If you envision it, at Zad Interiors we build it for you; Modular kitchen that reflects your style!

For Hettich Products, contact Zad Interiors at +91 9007064422

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