Hettich Modular Kitchen Appliances & Fittings

Modern day kitchens are highly designed to be sleek, functional and aesthetic-rich.

The three important points to put into consideration when planning out a kitchen are: 

  • Keeping the distances short 
  • Getting the ergonomics right and
  • Taking advantage of today’s brilliant internal fittings

Hettich is a German brand which manufactures hardware, accessories and furniture fittings that are used in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and wardrobes among others.

In this video, let’s have a look at the modular kitchen using Hettich solutions for ArciTech drawers and CargoTech Baskets.

ArciTech Drawer’s timeless, sleek design fits homogeneously into any kitchen and home environment. Made of high quality materials, the components are colour coordinated – for a consistent design thread with infinite potential for creative flexibility.

Some of the features of ArciTech Drawer System are: 

  • Smooth opening and closing 
  • Available in 40, 60 and 80 kg loading categories
  • Minimal Sagging
  • Maximum lateral stability for wide pull-outs

The Pot and Pan solution comes with a wooden option and a PVC or Cutlery option. 

The sizes of the drawers can be modified according to the cutlery.

For the ArciTech kitchen, there are 4 different appliances used in this kitchen:

  • A compact dishwasher with three different modes – the hard mode, the medium mode and the eco mode. The dishwasher uses 15 litres of water in total.
  • The second is the Oven
  • The third one is Combisteam. It has the function of both a microwave and an oven. It has a dedicated water compartment where we can add 1 litre of water.
  • and a Warming Drawer to keep the dishes warm.

The Pantry solution is made with ArciTech Drawers. Each drawer is 4 ft and has a weight bearing capacity of 80 Kilograms. The drawers can be used for storing groceries, food and cutlery.

The overhead cabinets use the soft closing Sensys Hinges

The 4 zone induction cooker is a head turner in the kitchen and is sure to be a talking point in many of your house parties.

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