Are Hettich Kitchen Accessories Best?

About Hettich Kitchen Accessories

Cooking three delicious meals a day, baking luscious cakes for birthdays, brewing hot coffee for a rainy evening or preparing cheese pizzas for the in-house party – everything becomes fun if your kitchen is properly equipped and set up with all necessary kitchen accessories. It is because accessories in the kitchen make the business of cooking easier, simpler, smoother and faster by supporting all primary needs like creating more storage space, providing proper organisation, increasing the ease of access to items stored, etc.

There are lots of hardware brands that offer a wide array of accessories for kitchens and one that has gained a notable reputation in the market is Hettich. This would have got you thinking about “What are the kitchen accessories offered by Hettich? How good are they? And Are they the best? “ Well, join us in finding out the answers to these questions in this blog.

What is Hettich?

Hettich is a German brand which manufactures hardware, accessories and furniture fittings that are used in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, corporate office, etc.

What are the kitchen accessories offered by Hettich?

With plenty of design diversity and creative flexibility, Hettich offers the below premium quality accessories for the kitchen.

1. Tall/pantry unit

2. Midway Series

Midway Series

3. Base unit

Hettich Base Unit
  • Bottle Pull out
  • Waste Bin
  • Wicker Basket
  • Under-sink Basket
  • Worktop Extension
  • Detergent Holder
  • Round bin holder
  • Cylinder Trolley
  • Spice Pull out

4. Overhead Unit

Overhead Unit
  • Dish Drainer
  • Bottle Pull out

5. Pull out Shelf

Hettich Pullout self

6. Corner Solutions

7. Door hardware

  • Cylindrical knobs
  • Door handle sets
  • Pull handles
  • Door Closer
  • Door accessories

8. Hinges

Hettich hinges

9. Flap fittings

hettich flap fittings

10. Drawer Runners

Hettich Drawer

11. Drawer Systems

12. Drawer accessories

  • Trays
  • Plate racks
  • Kits for pot and pan drawer
  • Anti-slip mats

13. Wire baskets

14. Inlets for holding plates, saucer, cups, cutlery, bottles, etc.

15. Interior organiser systems for drawers

Hettich Drawer Unit

16. Shelf support and screws

17. Sliding door systems

Hettich sliding door

18. Portable dish drainers

19. Cutlery baskets

Hettich cutlery basket

Are these Hettich kitchen accessories best?

– When your kitchen accessories make your cooking experience more enjoyable and relaxed, then they can be labelled as “best”. That being said, do accessories by Hettich guarantee such cooking experience? Let’s find out.

– Pantry unit, midway series, plate racks, trays, etc. provide a systematic arrangement and easy access to the daily use items.

– This way you know where exactly to find your cooking essentials and don’t have to waste time looking for them during your hurried mornings or busy evenings.

– Accessories like Bottle pull outs, under-sink baskets, detergent holders, spice pull outs, corner units, etc. helps keep the kitchen products organised, arranged and stored while keeping the clutters hidden. They are also appreciated for helping with maximum utilization of space and making the kitchen look pleasant and trendy.

– The under-sink baskets and detergent holders are lightweight and sturdy and come with a unique plastic bottom to avoid spillages and also damage to wire by chemicals/detergents. They have bigger shelves to accommodate bottles of various sizes. An added benefit is they come with a 5 years warranty against rusting.

– Midway series is divided into various racks like

  • Jar racks (for pickles, slat, etc.)
  • Multi-purpose racks
  • Oil container racks
  • Saucer racks
  • Kitchen roll holder (for aluminium foil, wrapping roll, etc.)

all to make organisation and accessibility further easy and simple.

– Are your kitchen drawers messy? Make use of interior organiser systems and divide your kitchen drawers into compartments and allot designated space for everything. This way, you can easily keep your messes at bay.

– Are you falling short on counter space? Then turn to the super-smart worktop extensions and gain some extra space.

– The use of products like soft-close systems helps with the quiet and smooth opening and closing of the drawers every time, even when slammed shut. When you close a drawer or cabinet with this feature, it also reduces the level of wear and tear the drawer or cabinet undergoes. With soft close, you can even prevent the breakage and jostling of any delicate items inside your drawers and cabinets. A gentle push is all it takes to close the units, thus making your job simple.

– Similarly, the soft-close hinges ensure that the door closes in complete silence, even when it is banged or slammed.

– All pull-outs are well-designed to carry heavy loads and provide clear organisation and easy access as well. Selected pull out shelves have a loading capacity of 30-40 kg and comes with a 10 years replacement warranty against rusting.

– Certain drawer runners can carry loads of weight up to 80 kg and also make the work of moving heavy drawers light.
The accessories can be purpose-built and also be made to befit any kitchen design irrespective of its size and shape like big or small, L-shaped kitchen or U-shaped kitchen, or island kitchen, etc.

– Kitchen accessories by Hettich are rich in ergonomics and style. Hence, they offer excellent functionality with a clean, modern and unbeatable look.

– For handless drawers, a light press on the front is all it takes to open the drawer and this is achieved with the Push to Open mechanism.

– Kitchen accessories by Hettich are more durable and have a long life because of their robust design and construction.

– An added benefit is a new range of wire baskets of Hettich come with a 10-year replacement warranty against rusting.

– Through a wealth of options in terms of colours, shapes, and materials, design flexibility and customization lie at your fingertips.


To make any cooking experience relaxed and enjoyable, the kitchen accessories should ensure 3E’s. ie.

  • Ergonomics
  • Efficient storage and
  • Easy access

Kitchen Accessories by Hettich rightly satisfy all the 3E’s and decrease the stress on cooking by a great deal and make the cooking experience a pleasant one. So, if you want to take your kitchen and your cooking experience up a notch, then it is worth considering the kitchen accessories by Hettich.

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