Which Is Better MDF or Plywood ?


Plywood Or MDF?

Well, answering this question can help you make the right choice. Though both are engineered wood products, they have their own pros and cons. What can make one your superior choice depends on the advantages and disadvantages it has to offer you. So, let’s break down their properties and features and conclude who is the winner.

1. Water Resistance

MDF can soak up water and other liquids like a sponge and becomes susceptible to damage when exposed to water for a prolonged time.
Plywood won’t soak up water and is more water-resistant than MDF.

2. Impact resistance

MDF is not as hard as plywood and so its impact resistance is lower as compared to that of plywood.
Plywood’s impact resistance is high and it can withstand short term overload.

3. Warping and Cracking

As MDF expands and contracts when there are fluctuations in temperature and humidity, it warps and cracks.
With reduced expansion and shrinkage, Plywood shows more resistance to warping and cracking.

4. Weight

MDF is a dense material and so it’s heavy.
Plywood is light in weight when compared with MDF.

5. Cutting

Since MDF is not hard, it can be easily cut.
It is not easy to cut and carve designs out of Plywood because of its splintering property.

6. Strength and Durability

MDF is not as strong and durable as Plywood.
Due to its cross laminated structure, Plywood is strong and durable.

7. Fitting

MDF does not hold fittings like screws as it made up of fine fibres.
On the other hand, Plywood can hold screws tightly as each layer of wood gives the fitting more holding.

8. Cost

MDF is generally less expensive when compared to Plywood.
Plywood is expensive and its price increases as its grade increases.

The verdict

Which one is better ? The area of application and your budget determines it. Yes, based on these two factors, you should make a judicious and rational choice. For example, Plywood can resist frequent splashes of water and so they can be used in Kitchen spaces. MDF can be cut and painted easily, so they can be used for making furniture and bookshelves.

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