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Gone were the days when interior designing was meant only for imperial and royal expression. The present time seeks this service in almost every space. Through an in-depth study of interior designing, it can be understood how different types of premises require a varied presentation to create authenticity. This is enough to conclude why you must engage the best among the interior designers in Anna Nagar.

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Best Interior Designers In Anna Nagar

Interior designing not only stands with the beautification of the house but rather, it also studies the basic architecture about how a place should be presented. This is why an interior designer always checks the space, running eyes through every corner and roof. Some places may require a particular theme while others would be preferable for mixed patterns, all of these are studied through interior designing.

Wiki defines interior designing as the “art and science of enhancing the interior of a building in order to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.” This can be done through an expert namely interior designer, who plans, coordinates and directs such the task. In a broader term, it can also be called a multifaceted profession with the involvement of conceptual development, planning, programming, research, etc.

Likewise, the interior designing for different types of spaces is different. This can be measured through themes and patterns. It is with the basics of interior designing that one can bind the process and transform assorted space into an organised section. Moreover, going through the basics of interior designing can also help you solve every confusion related to design ethics.

Basic Or Pillars Of Interior Designing

Maintaining Balance

Balance is one of the most important aspects when it comes to design. It is the core part that helps toward creating equilibrium, thus equalising everything for better visual stability. Colour, pattern and texture are integrated to achieve balance in a design presentation. Interiors designers in Anna Nagar are done mostly keeping these basics in mind.

Balance Is Mainly Of Three Types-

Symmetrical/Formal Balance:

As the word defines, something that is made up of similar parts facing one another is symmetrical presentation. For instance, two side tables placed on either side of the bed are symmetric. It is the most formal and organised type of design ethics.

Asymmetrical/Informal Balance:

A more complex yet interesting form of balance is asymmetrical presentation. Unlike symmetrical balance, it does not stabilise colour, pattern or texture with a similar object, but a different object is used to fill the space. For instance, a sofa in contrast with the chair on the other side can create asymmetrical balance.

Radial Balance:

Easy to understand, an object being the focal point of the surrounding can be termed as a radial balance. Here, a table surrounded by a sofa can be the best example.


The creation of patterns in a repetitive form to produce visual contrast is rhythm. Just like in music, rhythm makes design soothing and more appealing. Rhythm in design can be established by repeating a particular shape or colour in at different intervals. For instance, repeating a wall hanging or the same frame on all four sides of the wall can create a rhythm to the sight.


Harmony works just like rhythm but to create restfulness. It is established using elements together to provide a unified charm. Using a single colour even though the form differs can create perfect harmony in design.


Emphasis is created to break down the boredom that may appear to the sight. It is usually achieved with the help of placing an unusual object at the centre or corner of the room. Moreover, the ground for creating emphasis can be best made at the time of construction.

Proportion And Scale

Proportion and scale work together to make the perfect design. While proportion emphasises the ratio between the size of two parts, scale refers to the size of an item and how it is related to space. For instance, one cannot overstuff the sofa in a small room.

Interior designers in Anna Nagar are well-versed with basic or design principles. With the help of the basics of interior designing, you can also have more detailed communication with the interior designer. The designer would love to work with someone who shares the same interest in the field. It will make the contract smooth and help you achieve the exact interior you have always wished for. So, take this opportunity and contact the best interior designers in your place.

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