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We all leave no stone unturned to style ourselves with the help of the best fashion designers in town. But when it comes to our home, we usually make a compromise and decorate it on our own to save money. Well, there is no room for such compromises anymore as there are professionals who can design your homes just like you always dreamed of. Interior designers in Velachery are efficient in making your home or your workplace look aesthetically pleasing, healthy and beautiful with a touch of your style. 

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Best Interior Designers In Velachery

Interior designing is the art and science of creating healthy home environments that express the style, vision and taste of the people who live in it. Today, this art is not confined to just designing bungalows and apartments of the rich people. Instead, it has reached new heights as people now also hire interior designers for their offices, workplaces, restaurants and cafes, hotels, farmhouses and even museums and art galleries.

In the words of the famous interior designer Nate Berkus, “Your home should be able to tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”. This quote itself expresses the essence and importance of interior designing. Interior designers are the visionaries who create interior environments that can leave the viewers mesmerised. They train their minds in such a way that it goes beyond ordinary imagination and creates healthy interior environments. 

Interior designers manage creativity and technicality parallelly that allows them to do site inspections, research, programming, concept development, space management and construction management togetherly. They have the ability to draw, edit and read blueprints. Interior designers in Velachery are trained in all these skills and possess a good understanding of all the concepts of designing. 

Types Of Interior Designers 

Every profession has certain divisions depending upon the quality and type of work it involves. This applies to interior designing as well and there are different types of interior designers who offer different services. 

Corporate Designers

Corporate interior designers possess expertise in designing workplaces ranging from small offices to large buildings. Corporate designing involves working with architectures, contractors, and engineers. It not only requires the designs to be sophisticated and sleek but also comfortable and healthy for all types of employees. If needed, corporate designers can also incorporate the promotion of a certain brand in their designs.

Home Interior Designers

Home interiors include designing bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen and bathrooms too. These designers possess an exceptional quality of space management as it is extremely important in designing a comfortable home that looks spacious irrespective of its area. They also have expertise in designing kitchen cabinets, fixtures, appliances and electrical solutions in rooms. Most of the time, these experts also work for designing restaurants, cafes and pubs to create an attractive ambience for the customers. 

Healthcare Designers

Nowadays doctors also hire interior designers to design their clinics. The healthcare designers do the renovation and planning of doctors’ offices, clinics, chambers, hospitals and healthcare centres. These designers are experts in creating interior environments that are soft and soothing to eyes in order to create a calm environment. 

Universal Designers

Universal designers possess expertise in almost all types of designs and can create interiors for every place. From a simple doorway to an entire building, these designers have knowledge in almost every department. They adapt to the needs of the clients and understand the concept clearly to deliver the best output. 

Sustainable Designers 

A special category of interior designing includes creating interior environments that are made using environmentally sustainable products such as cork and bamboos for floors. These designers may also be entitled to obtain the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate that is given to honour them for their considerable work in creating environment friendly homes and workplaces. 

These facts are enough to conclude that interior designing is no more limited to apartments of the elites. This work of art and science has reached new heights in the past few years and is becoming one of the most acknowledged professions of all times. 

The interior designers in Velachery are also aware of this significance of their profession and they are bestowed with all the necessary qualities to bring productivity in their work. If you too wish to give a new life to your home or work environment, you can contact the best interior designers in your city. 


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