5 Layout Designs That Suit Your Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design

Although small apartments and homes offer plenty of charm, when it comes to kitchen space, they appear to be lacking. Fortunately, there are plenty of small ideas for kitchens that optimize storage and effectiveness. If your kitchen is confined to a single wall, U-shaped, or tucked in a corner, all is about working with the layout of your room. You’ll want to consider this option, whether you’re renovating and starting from scratch or just looking to refresh your existing space! Read on to find out more.

Look for a Compact, Functional Layout 

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In a small kitchen, your selection of possible layout designs is minimal. That’s a positive thing, though. For one, there would be less wasted dead space by optimizing the space’s usefulness. Open flooring expanses and high ceilings are excellent, but in the long run, they are not useful. The most common layout for the little kitchen is the galley or corridor-style kitchen. Services (dishwater, stove, sink, etc are usually grouped within a small area in this layout. Storage for the upper and lower cabinets is reserved, leaving free counter space for cooking purposes.

A Galley Layout

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In a room as narrow as 8 feet, a galley kitchen will fit. Yet a perfectly functional full-service kitchen is a well-designed galley kitchen. Most homeowners (but not all) find the one-wall kitchen layout too tight for their needs. This layout is basically half of a galley kitchen, with less than half the amount of room for the counter and cabinet. Also, you may find that you can need to compromise services such as dishwashers that are pleasant but not necessary. But a compact, one-wall kitchen may be just the right solution for homeowners who do not especially enjoy cooking, or for large numbers of young homeowners who lean towards takeout or restaurant meals over cooking at home.

Add a prep area

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You may not have room for a full island to extend or add, so think about bringing in a table that can do double duty as a place for preparation and dining. As a place to set instruments and ingredients while you cook, even a narrow console will work. 

Remove upper cabinets

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Open shelves are highly versatile and make access to dishes and glasses so much simpler. You should think architecturally about your kitchen, as having upper cabinets especially if the ceiling is 10 feet tall does not always make sense. 

Add some greenery

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Plants can brighten up any room. Explore which greenery strikes your fancy, check out our air-purifying plants like peace lilies, ivies, or indoor trees, and pet-friendly plants. 

Add extra seating to your tiny kitchen

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For informal dinners or your morning coffee, use the extra counter area. Pull up a few barstools and take advantage of an additional spot for dining.

Organize Your cabinets

Getting organized is necessary for any limited space (kitchens or otherwise). You can’t afford to waste any of it when space comes at a premium, including the concealed space inside your cabinets. Stock up on risers, spice-sorting tools, and everything else that will streamline your kitchen storage and optimize it. 

Add a floating table

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If there is a blank wall facing your L-shaped kitchen, why not make use of it? For an extra counter or dining room, add a floating shelf or table. Tackling a narrow space? Install a table that, when not in use, may fold down to be flush with the wall. 

Keep your tools cohesive

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It can even look elegant and put together in a small room. For a minimalist kitchen, go for panel-ready appliances and fit them into the cabinetry and countertops.

Add a kitchen island

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And if your kitchen is on the narrow side, a slim kitchen island can still be carried in. Consider a rolling island, which once dinner is ready, can be moved out of the way. Don’t think if you have a small kitchen that you can’t have an island. You can; you just need to put it on wheels so that when you’re busy and you need an island, it’s there. When the guests arrive, you can move it over to the side or into the dining room, or living room and let it serve as a bar. 

Make your kitchen island really stand out

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The centerpiece is the island, so why not make it look special? Try to coat a bold colour on the base that complements the other features in the room. If you have special tableware for parties that you would like to hold, consider moving it outside your kitchen to a storage place to free up cupboard space.

Maximize floor space with a dining nook

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The room’s shape can have an effect just as great as the square footage. It’s important to pay attention to your kitchen’s layout. If you have a small dining nook, go for a round table that opens up floor space and seats more people than you would a square one. 

Remove all clutter

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Countertops are prime locations for clutter, which makes space feel smaller immediately. Make a point every couple of months to get rid of all your unused plastic containers and mismatched dinnerware. An effective kitchen design should concentrate on its functionality, use excellent ergonomics, robust finishes, and integrate items of high quality.

Think vertically

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Get rid of the timeworn cookbook or flea market discovery. It will free up loads of space by adding pot racks, knife mounts, and open shelving above your stove.

Add light to shelving and cabinetry

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Flood the room with as much natural and artificial light as you can for an immediate upgrade. There is nothing worse than cooking In a darkly lit area. To brighten up everything, install library lights or LED light strips near cabinets and shelves, if possible.

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