25 Modern & Space-saving Bookshelf Design Ideas For Your Living

Bookshelf Design Ideas

Bookshelf Design Ideas For Living

You prized novels deserve so much better, and should reside on a gorgeous bookshelf, whether you merely have a few valued books next to your bed or cling on to every romantic comedy and have heaps and mounds of them littering about your house. However, you don’t have to go and spend lots of money on a vintage or a medieval-modern knockoff from a big box retailer.

1. Equation Bookshelf

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Marcos Breder’s Equation Bookshelf is based on the basic concept of arranging items in a specific sequence. As you’ll see, the layout is one-of-a-kind, fashionable, and distinctive. In between (parentheses), you could put the books you read most often (or perhaps a framed photograph) — whatever is the main point of your bookshelf.

2. Folding Bookshelf

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These foldable bookshelves are both unique and functional, allowing you to organize your books in a variety of ways, as seen in the image. The bookshelves are composed of strong cherry wood, yet they have the weight of rice paper; they may be used horizontally/vertically and could be put down, stood up, and flipped 90 degrees.

3. Quad Bookcase

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The Quad Bookcase is a multi-sized shelf design that can hold CDs, DVDs, and books- everything in one convenient product. Units may be connected to create even additional storage capacity. Asymmetrical symmetry in perfect harmony!

4. Bench Shelf

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It features a unique and contemporary design. This bookshelf can’t hold a lot of items, but it’s a terrific way to embellish a wall by putting only the novels and items you enjoy within.

5. Wall-length Bookcase

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This unusual bookshelf took up an entire wall, as you can see in this photo. The end result is a unique bookshelf.

6. The Storyline Shelf

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This is a fantastic method to store your books in a contemporary manner. This nicely built bookcase gives sound a tangible form. The physical contour of a word is replicated in powder-coated steel once it has been converted into sound waves. The term that inspired this gorgeous painting was, fittingly enough, “bliss”.

7. FlexiTube

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The FlexiTube is a translucent room barrier that can be moved around. These tubs move about, fit into any space, and transform into a shelf art. The velvety surface provides support to the numerous parts. Each tube has a storage shelf that also functions as a decorative element.

8. Opus Shelving 

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It’s constructed of similar material as vehicle bumpers and motorbike helmets: “expanded polypropylene.” It’s lightweight but durable, may be used indoors/outdoors, and therefore is completely recyclable. This item wasn’t intended to be used as a bookshelf; we’ve seen it used to store liquor bottles, kid’s toys, CDs, DVDs, and records, among other things.

9. The Rolling Shelf

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The Rolling Shelf is composed of various bits of wood that are bound together on one side with fabric. This elastic hinge enables you to construct some unusual and visually pleasing shelf alternatives.

10. The Magnetique Shelf

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Sheet steel and FU plates make up the Magnetique Shelf (birch plywood). The steel can be installed horizontally and vertically on the walls.

11. Sticklebook

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Sticklebook is a creative book storage system that gives the appearance of a line of volumes dangling suspended from the wall. It consists of an aluminum frame and strips that grasp the cover and pages of paperback books, making it a space-saving substitute to a standard bookshelf.

12. The Bookworm Shelf

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The Bookworm shelf is constructed of a flexible plastic that can be molded into any shape. The shelf may be put in a curved shape to expand capacity, and each perpendicular can carry 20 pounds. It’s perfect for compact spaces where a regular bookcase would be too big.

13. Prove Shelves

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The CAVE Bookcase is a shelf unit with a built-in reading area. Because the nook takes up less room than a chair, it’s great for tiny spaces.

14. Icon Design Studio’s D-Mension

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The units, which are in the pattern of lower-case d’s, can be stacked in a staggering, chaotic, or geometric pattern depending on your preferences. This shelf system is an excellent example of contemporary design.

15. Brace Case

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Ward Huting’s Brace Case is a shelf device that holds books, periodicals, and other flattened goods at varied angles using tight wires. The modular design allows the owner to choose how the wires are installed.

16. Ellipse Bookcase

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The bookshelf is built of solid elmwood and slabs of engineered wood, with unrolled bamboo covering the shelves. This bookshelf is not for someone who has a lot of books; it is for someone who is more concerned with how things appear than with the volumes on the shelves.

17. Skateboard Shelf

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The Skateboard Shelf is a fantastic type of furniture for any skateboard enthusiast. It’s especially helpful for students and youngsters because it has plenty of storage room for books, gadgets, or even skateboarding gear.

Ceiling Bookshelves

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As you’ll see, an area that 99.9% of people don’t use may be leveraged in a very logical fashion, saving a significant square footage in any room. The Ceiling Bookshelf is a simple concept that can be implemented, however getting a book requires the use of a chair or ladder.

19. Lovely Rita

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It may be used as a solitary shelf or combined with other modules to create a bookshelf of any length.

20. Glass Shelves

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They come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to create a variety of storage options for books, DVDs, décor, and other goods.

21. Vintage Shelves

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It allows classical furniture to blend smoothly into contemporary advanced houses, resembling a classic bookcase design in a modern incarnation: a unique blending of the old and the new.

22. Lodge Bookshelves

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It is a modular bookshelf with a significant extent of customization since it is made up of pieces of equal height that may be combined in any way. It has a variety of compartments and may be used to store both books and ornamental items.

23. The Dedalo

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The Dedalo is a contemporary room divider that may also be used against a wall. This one-of-a-kind bookshelf lets you store a variety of items in a variety of ways.

24. Cosmo Shelves

Source: livmatrix

These shelves feature rounded sides and come in square and rectangular designs. They are available in black and white, are simple to mount, and can be arranged in any means of creating a personalized artwork or modern bookcase.

25. Rainbow Shelves

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The rainbow bookcase is a simple and effective way to design your bookcase with some imagination. If you really want to recreate this effect and create your personal multicolored bookshelf, all you would have to do is pay a bit more attention to the cover of every book.

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