30 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Just because you live in a concrete urban jungle, deep in the flats of the inner city doesn’t mean you should stay away from interesting and exciting horticultural experiences. Indoor plants are an ideal way to bring a bit of the outside in and create an amazing green paradise within your adobe. Sitting on your living room table, standing on the rustic ladder or hanging from the balcony rails, these green friends can not only function as a live décor but also an air purifier, positivity promoter, creativity booster, stress buster, and a lot more.  In case, if you are a newcomer to the home plants or if you don’t have a green thumb, then go through this list of 30 best indoor plants, which are mostly the gateway species of the indoor gardening world, and contentedly give life to your gardening dreams. 

  1. Snake Plant

Tied up with works? Can’t devote much time to your green friend? Then turn to this most resilient indoor species, the snake plant.  It is a low maintenance plant which does not lose its cool even if it is denied a little attention. 

Snake Plant

Maintenance tips:

Light: Survives under both bright and low sunlight.

Water: Water it once in two to three days.

  1. Peace Lily

With pretty white flowers and glossy green leaves, the peace lily is one of the best indoor flowering plants that can fill your home with peace and serenity. 

Maintenance tips:

Light: It can thrive under indirect sunlight or shades but needs more light for forcing blooms. 

Water: A weekly watering is all it takes to promote its growth.

Others: Fertilize with organic fertilizers for more glorious white flowers. Remove dried flowers and leaves when noticed.

  1. Lucky bamboo plant

Being a great indoor addition, this plant is said to attract positive energy and bring tons of happiness and prosperity into the home. Though often grown in water, it can thrive both in water as well as soil. As the bamboo can grow up to 2-3 feet in height, make sure you choose an appropriate glass bowl which can well support its height. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: Avoid direct sunlight. Place it near a window to receive indirect sunlight. Rotate it often so that the light reaches the entire plant evenly.

Water: If you prefer to grow them in water, replace the water every week. Avoid treated tap water as it affects the leaves.

  1. Ferns

Hanging from the ceilings or sitting even on an ordinary side table, this non-flowering charmer with lush green fronds can beautify your indoors more than you could imagine. Some of the fern species that can make for excellent houseplants and possess the ability to turn your home into a tropical paradise are Boston fern, Lemon button fern, bird’s nest fern, and rabbit’s foot fern. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They thrive well in low light conditions and shaded areas. 

Water: Flourishes in damp and moist soil. So, keep them happy with regular watering. When overwatered, its fronds can turn yellow. 

  1. Aloe Vera

This plant draws attention for two reasons: 1. for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other various medicinal properties and 2. For their fabulous air purification quality. It is also an easy-going plant which can be a best friend for forgetful waterers and those who don’t have a green thumb. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light:  As Aloe Vera loves dry and warm conditions, it is good to place them near a bright, sunny window.

Water: Water only when the pot is completely dry. Too much watering can make the roots rot. 

  1. Jade Plant

Known to promote wealth and prosperity, these plants are extremely popular among homeowners. Being a low maintenance plant, this is an easy to grow species and generally an undemanding one. With fleshy, oval-shaped leaves, they also provide your home with ornamental values.

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It loves to sit under full sun. So, place them under good sunlight for a minimum of four hours every day. 

Water: Keep this potted friend happy with less watering and even lesser watering in winter. Overwatering is fatal for them. 

  1. Green Spider Plant

This is a hardy house plant which can thrive even on little neglect. It grows fairly quickly and is known to be one of the most adaptable houseplants. Their long, thin, arched foliage makes it perfect for a hanging basket or pedestal. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They do not appreciate direct, hot sunlight as it can burn their leaves. So, put them under bright indirect sunlight. 

Water: It should be watered two-three times a week and also it doesn’t mind a bit of dry ground in between waterings.

  1. Anthurium or Flamingo flower

This is a classic and attractive plant which can add a pop of colour to your space with their eye-catching red blooms.  With the right care, these species can produce fresh flowers throughout the year and keep adding the dash of colour to your space always. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They are more comfortable in bright indirect sunlight and cannot tolerate direct sunlight. 

Water: They like to get watered one to two times a week. 

Others: Use fertilizers to get the best blooms.

  1. Money Plant

This plant is basically a climber and comes with wonderful air-cleansing properties. It propagates very rapidly; therefore, pruning them regularly stands in need to control its length. As per Vastu, these plants are said to attract wealth and bring strong impacts on financial well-being. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It stands well in indirect sunlight. 

Water: Water it once a week.  When overwatered or underwatered, it turns its leaves yellow.

  1. Fiddle leaf-fig plant

These plants are often appreciated for their large, luscious leaves. It is a sturdy beauty which requires low-maintenance. It can grow nice and tall and last for years, so think big when deciding on a pot. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: Place it in a bright and sunny position and let it stay there. Avoid putting them in dark corners.

Water: Water them once the top of the soil is dry. 

  1. Succulents

Succulents are handy plants which can store water in their roots and trunks for a long time and tolerate missing out on one or two watering sessions. So, these indoor plants are a perfect choice for people who don’t find time or go travelling a lot. From aloe vera to cactus, succulents are of many types and each one differs in terms of care. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They love full sun and appreciate maximum sunlight. 

Water: They thrive in dry conditions and hence require very less watering. Not necessary to water them everyday. 

  1. Croton

This multi-coloured, non-flowering plant is an excellent candidate for newbies and beginners who have not got a gardening lesson. Yes, they require minimal care and can even tolerate a little negligence.  These plants can also grow bushy, nice and tall, so when you consider growing croton, opt for a good-sized pot. As their leaves are dust magnets, it is good to wipe them periodically. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It needs considerable exposure to the sunlight. Too little light can make its leaves less colourful.

Water: They love to be kept moist rather than wet and cold.

  1. Indian Basil

Commonly known as Tulsi, this is one of the best air-purifying plants in India with high medicinal values. Being an easy-going plant, this aromatic green holy herb requires little-to-no maintenance. They are content to grow in small pots filled with loamy soil.

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It requires regular sunlight so it is good to place them near the doors or windows. 

Water: Water them regularly but don’t allow the pot to stand in water.

  1. String of Pearl Plants

This is a unique succulent with delicate tendrils of round beads cascading along a slender stem. As with many indoor plants, this beauty grows and propagates fast and requires very little hands-on care. Consider putting them in a hanging basket so that their tendrils can cascade downwards and create a flowy look. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It prefers bright indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight as it can dull them easily. 

Water: Just avoid overwatering to keep your spring of pearls happy.

  1. Bunny Ear Cactus

This is the best plant to complement your desert-themed interior. As they are generally undemanding, these species are perfect for novice and neglectful gardeners. Though these cacti have an interesting appearance, caution is urged when handling them (especially with kids) because of their short bristles and thorns. 

Light: They consume plenty of sunlight so the best place to keep them is near your windows. 

Water: It does best under dry conditions so water them only when the top one inch of the soil is completely dry. 

  1. Areca Palm

These tall leafy plants do well in spacious rooms. It features feathery, arching fronds which have to be pruned out regularly to promote healthier and quick growth of the plant. These plants are sensitive to low temperatures so keep them away from cold windows and air conditioners. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It thrives in bright but not direct sunlight. With direct sunlight, their leaves turn yellowish-green. 

Water: It loves moist soil, therefore, water enough to keep the soil moist. 

  1. Dragon Tree plant

These tree-like houseplants which can grow up to 6 feet tall are fantastic beginner plants. By staying incredibly slim, these plants can stand in any narrow and tight spots. It is a slow grower and naturally sheds its leaves periodically. Tip cuttings can help with its easy propagation.

Maintenance tips: 

Light: Under too much sunlight, their leaves are at risk of scorch. It is good to grow them under bright, indirect sunlight. 

Water: Water them once the top few centimetres of soil dry out. Don’t allow the plant to sit in water.

  1. Donkey tail Plant

It’s a unique flowering succulent that features compactly arranged bulged pointed leaves on a thin slender stem. And because of its cascading stems, it performs well as a hanging specimen rather than a ground sitter. Well-drained containers help with the better growth of these plants by draining excess water which makes the stems rot.

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It loves to bath in bright sunlight and hence it will be at its happiest when positioned on a well-lit windowsill. 

Water: It is a drought-tolerant plant and therefore moderately moist soil works well for them. So, resist the urge to water regularly. 

  1. Heart leaf philodendron

With dark green, shiny, heart-shaped leaves, this climber looks great as a hanging plant. In general, it is a fast-growing plant with a perky appearance. Another great plus is these plants thrive even on the worst neglect. They are capable of removing air-born toxins and help with better breathing as well. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They do fine in low light conditions and prefer indirect sunlight. 

Water: Water it well once when half of the soil is dry. Over-watering leads to yellowing of leaves and under-watering browning of leaves.

  1. Ornamental Corn Plant

This is a slow-growing shrub which produces long, narrow leaves towards the top from one or multi-stemmed bases. It can tolerate a fairly significant amount of neglect and abuse and requires little to no care. Also, it is a great air purifier and removes various air toxins present indoors.

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They thrive in bright as well as filtered sunlight. Avoid dark corners as it can make the leaves lose their stripes.

Water: These plants don’t like to sit in water. Just keep the soil moist and water it when the soil is slightly dry.

  1. Elephant-ear Plant

With gigantic leaves, which reminiscences the ears of elephants, these plants are great for bigger spaces. These plants cannot withstand cold or freezing temperatures as they can kill the foliage. So, it is better not to place them near cold windows and in air-conditioned rooms. The signature benefits of these plants are they make good companions and also serve as a dramatic centerpiece. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It is at its happiest under filtered sun or partial shade. Full or direct sun is not ideal for most. 

Water: They prefer rich, moist soil but don’t like wet feet. 

  1. Ivy plant

This is a climber and an evergreen air purifying indoor plant. With aggressive growth habits, this plant grows long and lush holding multitudes of heart-shape leaves and hence requires regular prune out sessions to control its length. When showered with the right love and care, it can be one of the most beautiful indoor plants cascading from hanging baskets or sitting in pots. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It needs bright sunlight. In low light conditions, ivies become sick and also get more prone to pests.

Water: As with many other indoor plants, this plant too does not like standing water. 

  1. Chrysanthemums

This is a flowering plant which can brighten up any dull spot in the home with its colourful blooms. Being generally ready for interior growth, this plant can easily become pot bound and adapt itself to the indoor environment. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They enjoy bright indirect sunlight and good airflow.

Water: It needs regular watering – enough to keep the soil moist at all times.

  1. Rubber plant 

With waxy leaves, this plant can be enjoyed either as a small houseplant or huge tall plant, depending on the pot you put them in. An added benefit is it is a very hardy and sturdy beauty and hence it does not lose its cool even when it is not kept exactly to its liking.

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They like a lot of bright, indirect sunlight but not direct sunlight. In low light conditions, their leaves lose their luster, and fall off.

Water: Though they can thrive in drought, they love to be kept moist. Their water needs also vary according to the seasons. 

  1. Chinese Evergreen

This is one of the most popular and one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. High humidity and moist soil are their favourite growing conditions but it cannot tolerate dry air. It is primarily grown as an ornamental plant in most homes for their attractive leathery leaves.

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They love low light conditions and do not perform well in excessive sunlight.

Water: They enjoy moderate watering. A bit of drying out between two watering sessions is also good as it helps to avoid fungal problems.

  1. Weeping Fig

Though weeping fig initially takes time to grow, it is a long-lasting and low- maintenance leafy plant. With slender branches, this elegant plant can grow up to 10 feet sprouting out glossy dark leaves. It can be height controlled by regular pruning and trimming sessions. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It thrives in bright indirect sunlight. But it also has a good tolerance for limited light conditions.

Water: It is good to keep them steadily moist. With excess watering, it drops leaves and also develops root rot.

  1. Cast-iron Plant

This plant earned its name because of its ability to tolerate neglect and survive abuse. It is a hard to kill houseplant which can withstand a wide range of temperature and light conditions. So if you are a gardener with a brown thumb, this plant can be your highly dependable choice.

Maintenance tips: 

Light: Keep them in a shady area or low light conditions to make them better perform. 

Water: Though it is drought-tolerant, it grows the best with plenty of water. 

  1. Dumb Cane

This is a lush and showy plant with wide and bushy leaves. It comes with an easy to care for style and hence it can be a good friend for forgetful gardeners. The unique yellowish pattern found on every leaf gives the plant its beauty.                                                                                                                             Note: Its leaves are poisonous so it is not ideal for spaces with children and pets. 

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It needs medium sunlight and cannot tolerate direct sunlight as it can scorch its leaves. 

Water: It drinks a lot of water and remains active in moist soil. When overwatered, its leaves shake off.

  1. Jelly-bean Plant

This is an interesting and colourful succulent with jelly bean-like leaves that look completely green in the shade and turn red at the tips under full sun. Requiring little to no maintenance, it is another best candidate for neglect. When gifted with a well-draining potting mix, this succulent can really last long.

 Jelly-bean Plant

Maintenance tips: 

Light: It does its best in hot environments. So place it in sunny spots. But in extremely hot summers, it needs some shade too.

Water: It hates wet feet. Water it once the top soil is completely dry. 

  1. Bonsai trees

These trees are a heavenly addition to any houseplant collection. Resembling a tree in its miniature size, these dwarf species can easily become pot bound and can take the centre stage in your living room or balcony. These trees are more delicate compared to other indoor plants, so they can survive only in the hands of people who are blessed with the real gardening gene. 

Bonsai Trees

Maintenance tips: 

Light: They are content to grow under low to moderate sunlight. 

Water: Watering them must never be neglected. They are the happiest in damp and moist soil. 

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